A Refugee Crisis in the Western Hemisphere

Our Colombian correspondent Diego sends this account of a refugee crisis brewing half a world away from Europe, on the border between Venezuela and Colombia:

The last 48 hours have been outrageous. My best friend and I have to watch Europe soak herself with gasoline before smoking… and we all know where that leads.

The target of my wrath today is not really Europe, or at least Europe is not the only one. As you might guess, the target is President Juan Manuel Santos.

Maybe you have heard about this: for the last two weeks President Nicolas Maduro’s regime has been expelling Colombians from Venezuela. Most of them arrived in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez and had been invited in by the PSUV regime so they could vote for said party. Many others, however, have lived there for twenty or even fifty years.

That, however is not the problem. The problem is the way the Santos Government treats them. So far most of them are crowding makeshift refugee camps in Cucuta and the two Santander departments (Santander and North Santander) Santos has, as always, promised swift government action to help them and to stand up for their rights…

If you thought he did not do it, then you guessed right.

Add to this the news of the German government’s provision of €140 for food on top of all the other expenses already paid, and you get the source of my anger.

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  1. From what I understand, albeit very limited info, the V gov’t is doing this to take the news off the rioting over the food shortage. It is a tried and true strategy. Look at the incursion into our country/culture… Pay no attention to the failure of the gov’t. Meanwhile, the opposition is jailed…

  2. “had been invited in by the PSUV regime so they could vote for said party”

    And I bet people in Europe and the U.S. thought that this only happened in Venezuela.

    Wrong! It is happening everywhere.

    I wonder how many Venezuelans are escaping Venezuela?

    • Well, the emigration had been in a lull lately as the opposition people who was not disposed to live under the circumstances left around ’07-12 but there are still a lot of Venezuelans crossing into Colombia with the hopes of escaping…

      the fact that lately, many of those were supporters of Chavez but not of Maduro is worthy of note…

  3. As the global financial debt balloon implodes, there will be masses of economic refugees – including us in the West! But we’ll have nowhere to go!

    I guess the global banks and bond markets and the financial cartels have given Merkel and the EU the order that they HAVE to take the Muslims, so that the above cartels can sort out where to make a profit in the failed state of Syria. Right now the Russians and Iranians are lined up on one side and the Saudis and their rich Arabs neighbors on the other. The Iranians are buying up Syrian property and have already got contracts to rebuild infra-structure, which their credit pipeline to Assad has helped to destroy. It’s a win-win situation.

    I’m sure there is plenty of financial maneuvering going on and the drug and arms cartels are managing to make a profit from the misery of war. Plus there will be terrorists pretending they are refugees so more mayhem in Europe down the line and then there is the wonderfully profitable organ harvesting industry from wounded soldiers picked up by Turkey on the battlefield.

    It’s a merry-go-round of profit! Obama is leading from so far behind he’s not visible on the horizon and he’s buddy with Iran now anyway! What the heck!

  4. Last summer we almost had an armed conflict with mr Maduro, Diego. My prime minister/government was to scared to seize the opportunity and teach this Maduro guy a lesson.

  5. Correction

    The Do Gooder Vampires are feeding tonight en masse to fill their fake guilt.
    Europe is finished. “Christianity” had nothing to do with it. It was lack of Christianity that destroyed Europe. These bloodsuckers don’t believe in God and have no concern for their fellow Europeans. A Christian would realise the evil of doing away with the future of unborn generations….

    Feelings- Just their personal feelings and victims to feed them…..

    Suck suck suck…….Ah that’s better…….

    Where is our Van Helsing?

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  6. This not a “refugee crisis.” This is a Barbarian Migration.
    The West needs to do everything in its power to stem the flow of barbarians into its lands, or face destruction.

    • May I know what is there of a Barbarian Invasion in the expulsion of Colombian citizens who have been living for decades in their neighboring country…

      The migration of Arabs/Africans/Pakistanis into Europe however… on that I entirely agree with you

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