A Human Prayer Chain for Germany

Heidi Mund became famous as the “brave German woman” who was thrown out of a church for protesting at an interfaith service where an imam recited a (typical) Muslim supremacist prayer in Arabic. Since then she has continued her anti-Islamization activism, including a stint with PEGIDA.

Ms. Mund is planning a Human Prayer Chain next week on Germany’s borders, and is inviting everyone to participate. Prayers from abroad in solidarity are welcomed, too. Below is a press release about this important event.

JOIN US! — In seeking forgiveness for Merkel’s Muslim invasion of Europe

Heidi Mund is known as the bravest woman in Germany. She has been attacked many times. She has risked everything for her Christian faith, and the mission it has given her: to oppose the Islamization of her nation.

Running PEGIDA in Frankfurt led to her family’s livelihood being wiped out as a result of political pressure.

But Heidi’s resolve to continue has not wavered with the grim realization that no protest, no movement, no peaceful effort to resist the Islamic conquest of Europe has met with anything other than dismissal and hostility from Europe’s political elite.

The EU’s politicians in particular, as this year’s events have proven decisively, have chosen to answer widespread public alarm about Islamization by accelerating the process, characterizing all legitimate worries as the needless alarmism of “fascists.”

Deaf to the concerns voiced by those who see the inevitability of a terrible and violent future, Chancellor Angela Merkel has been at the heart of ensuring Germany’s, and Europe’s, invasion by hundreds of thousands of able-bodied male Muslim migrants in 2015.
Nobody doubts that millions more will now inevitably follow in their wake.

Heidi has nothing left to fight with, except her faith in God. And she wants you, like thousands of other Christians across Europe, to join her, on October 3rd and 4th.

To pray to God for her country and Europe in Jesus’ name, at the dawn of Christendom’s ultimate demographic conquest by Islam.

Thousands have already agreed to travel to border points across Germany, and Heidi’s vision has also inspired Christians in Venlo, in the Netherlands, to join her “Human Prayer Chain” too.

There are Christian families and friends across Germany, delighted to provide lodging for those willing to travel to the country, to join what is intended to be a dignified, moral and politically neutral campaign.

And the easiest way to find out how to join in, is to visit either the prayer chain’s page at SaveEurope.de, or to send a message through the event’s Facebook page.

However, Heidi Mund is not looking merely for people willing to click “Like” on a Facebook page.

She wants people of conviction who feel moved by the need to pray for Europe’s future to get off their backsides and join her.

The politicians will not listen, the German government is determined to accommodate, virtually investigation-free, 800,000 Muslim migrants, more than 80% of them male, from Islamic conflict zones.

And as the German Vice-Chancellor has also confirmed, his country also committed to taking 500,000 of these mostly military-age men, every year, for an indefinite period into the future.

Since this past Tuesday, the European Union now has the power to distribute millions more, year on year, across virtually all the nations of Europe.

There is no way to stop this, democratic or otherwise; the future it will bring with it is inevitable.

Legally, all that we have left, is prayer. JOIN US!

22 thoughts on “A Human Prayer Chain for Germany

  1. God’s mercy and grace and protection definitely needs to be sought. The people of Germany need to seek God in sincere repentance and implore His protection from people who have grown up knowing nothing else than to kill those who name the name of Jesus Christ. I would that the Muslim immigrants turn from Islam and turn to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I will be joining in prayer for both causes.

  2. Under the heading of Theory of Prayer, there are two problems in assessing the efficacy of this prayer effort:
    (1) It is not clear from these videos how success is defined.
    (2) As with all efficacy-of-prayer experiments, we cannot measure the input, not only of the participants, but of those who are praying in other times (past and future centuries) and places (galaxies far, far away), as well as prayer-rug owners who are praying for failure.

    That picture of “Mutti Multikulti” Angela Merkel is striking. She has exactly the mouth contours of a ventriloquist’s dummy. Is this for real, or photoshopped?

  3. I would fly back there right now and lend my support! Ironically, I’m forbidden to travel to the EU until January because this summer I unknowingly broke the idiotic Schengen zone 90 day visiting limit. Arrested at Prague airport. All I want to do is spend money in their countries, and yet they’re deluging themselves with these people! Insane!

    • I have friends in New Mexico who are an American woman and a European man. He was a legal resident but was met (on returning from a visit to relatives in Europe) by an out-of-control immigration agent who threatened him that he was lucky not to be forcibly sent back to the Europe. This hypervigilance where an excellent immigrant was involved was absurd when millions of illegals have been flooding across the border completely without government inspection.

      Western countries are schizophrenic when it comes to who should be there and who shouldn’t.

  4. I admire Heidi Mund. Especially for protesting at the ‘interfaith service’. If Europe wants to avoid islamisation, the first step would be to put an end to interfaith ‘services’. Such a ‘service’ is not an act of Christian worship, but a purely political event which in the faith of anyone who takes his Christianity seriously is simply incompatible with the basics of the Biblical doctrine.

    Christians and Muslims can coexist peacefully, but to achieve such peace you do not need any ‘interfaith services’. You need a State in which Christians are in a position of force, a State that protects its Christian citizens and demonstrates respect for Christianity while being reasonably tolerant of other religions and their followers as long as the latter do not attack Christians or violate the laws of the State.

    • Once Muslims become the majority (thanks to their abhorrence of birth control), there will be no protection of Christians. We will be second class citizens in our own countries and Sharia Law will wipe out Western civilization.

  5. God bless Heidi Mund. Brave men are good but brave women are inspirational. She is a new Joan Of Arc.

  6. We need a new crusade to save Christian morality and Democracy from Islam and Post-Modern PC secular utopianism, both of which inevitably lead to dictatorship.

  7. Time for prayer is over . Action is called for . The type which will make future leaders think twice before they betray their people . Will someone dig Merkels grave please ! And dozens more for invaders who wont turn back and instead commit crimes of rape and robbery , subjugation and religious strife , instability and mayhem . It has started …………..

    • Very true. Now is the time of preparing for what is to come. The German people must learn to defend themselves for protection against the 3rd world hordes Merkel has imported.

      Seriously, they’re gonna be preying on the Germans very soon and the police will not be there to protect them anymore. Because if given a choice Merkel will let the savage hordes do as they please.

      So get a backbone and learn to fight and then depose Merkel and her party of traitors and nihilists.

    • I am as angry as you, Mr. Lawson, and I certainly consider Merkel and many Western leaders to be guilty of treason, but is this the appropriate place to call for anyone’s grave to be dug? Are you suggesting that anyone should just be killed now?

  8. Prayer yes. Then the other half of the necessary equation:

    Blessed be the Lord my strength,
    Which teacheth my hands to war,
    And my fingers to fight:
    My goodness and my fortress;
    My high tower, and my deliverer;
    My shield, and he in whom I trust;
    Who subdueth my people under me.

    Psalm 144, v1 & 2

    The time has come.

    • Thank you sooooooo much for your input using an appropriate prayer. I loved it very much. Thank you also for the support, Germany and the European Nations need it, especially now!

  9. God doesn’t [care]. You have to take arms, and take your country back by force. Praying to an uncaring indolent indifferent [expletive] in the sky IF he even exists will accomplish NOTHING.

    • Let’s assume (and it IS an assumption, not a given) that their prayers are to no one, or to a deity that is unable or unwilling to respond. The social activity of praying in the contemplated manner can still serve to strengthen unity (essentially acting as a bonding ritual) and resolve (God is with us, therefore we will succeed) in the group engaging in it. It can therefore function as a catalyst to further action, laying out the groundwork for other measures of resistance (of a perhaps more “forceful” nature) in the near future.

  10. In light of all the excellent news recently, anti-Muslim parties riding high in the polls, every single person you meet at work or socially, muttering (under their breath admittedly) how they do NOT want this mass invasion of Europe, and on and on ….

    Well who wants to go back to the slow invasion, slow enough for the masses to ignore at least?

    Who still thinks ” oh dear, this will end badly”?
    Since when has our peoples starting to awaken, to rise up and fight back been described as “ending badly”?
    Things were set to end badly. The slow death of our woirld, our societies.
    We now have a better chance than ever.
    I have not been so optimistic for a long time.

  11. Prayer is all very well, but nothing fails like it. What Germany really needs isn’t Jesus, it is DAS REICH SS.

    • Some of those who will be in that global prayer chain don’t pray to Jesus. Meanwhile, your alternative to prayer is one that far beyond the reach of those who write and read this blog.

      Vlad Tepes has designed a beautiful sterling silver Counter Jihad cross. See it on his sidebar: http://vladtepesblog.com/. Above a photo of his design he describes it:

      This is an original modification of the classic cross of St. James Matamoros, the patron saint of the Reconquista of Spain in its war to reclaim its own people, culture, religion and lands from the Muslims who had conquered and ruled it with an iron fist and boot.

      All counter jihadists ought to have one.

      • Dymphna,
        I don’t personally know you, But I believe you are a lovely lady, and that you are knowledgeable, widely read, sensitive and with great “common” sense. However there are situations that require mindless violence on a massive scale, if civilization is to be protected and saved. “Gates of Vienna” you call yourselves; the Polish Cavalry who relieved the siege in 1683 were much like Das Reich SS. Sometimes Dymphna, you need to sit back and let the hard men do their work, unfortunately there are no hard men in sight today.
        Best regards, rif.

  12. Heidi Mund you are a bold woman of God and I stand with you in prayer . God bless you !

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