We’re All Bogans Now

This video is funny even while it’s disturbing.

[For any wusses in the crowd, your fellow wuss Dymphna doesn’t do violence. Thus the easily-triggered (moi) can watch this without worrying something ugly will come up in the video.]

The schoolmarm part of my soul smiles at the fact that this is his second edition because the first had a very obvious spelling error. Good on ‘im, sez I.

This bit of entertainment proves that while the whole of the Anglosphere is under attack – and sometimes can even be found patting the hand of their abusers – there are pockets of resistance. For example, while this is popular in Oz, I doubt it would last long in Britain before some order came down to shut it off…a fact so sad it is almost beyond words. How far underground will we be forced to go in order to secretly enjoy what were once ordinary liberties?

Carry on, mates.

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  1. Out of all of Alinsky’s Rules, I like #5 the best:

    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.”

  2. I looked in to the whole halal thing in Oz several months ago. To say it is a muslim racket would be an understatement.
    From what I know, halal refers to the processing of meat in a certain barbaric manner. But, it has morphed into control of the entire food industry in Australia where even candy bars are halal certified.
    Why has this happened? From what I understand in order to export food stuffs from Australia to muslim controlled countries they must be halal certified. So, pressure is placed on every kind of food producer to halal certify their food, even if it has nothing to do with the slaughter of animals.
    If Cadbury wants to sell their products in muslim controlled countries they must be halal certified.
    In other words, a kickback must be given to the muslims in order to do business. What do we call that? Zakat, I believe.
    On the bright side, as far as I know and this video claims, all food is labeled halal or not in Australia. At least the shopper in Oz can check. Here in the US none of the food is labeled. I would NEVER knowingly buy halal food. I’d be down to matzos and water and what I could grow on my property before I knowingly bought halal food.
    Why would I kick back to a group that wants to kill me?

    • I’d be down to matzos and water and what I could grow on my property before I knowingly bought halal food.

      And pork. Don’t forget pork.

    • And beer, wine, etc. The “Proffitt” commands followers to eschew all alcohol.

      So now the non-halal menu has expanded to include:

      Pork and other porcine products (e.g., bacon)
      Alcoholic beverages

      What a mess!

  3. I wonder if there is a business opportunity to set up a chain of halal free supermarkets

      • Closest northern hemisphere equivalents would be redneck in the US and chav in the UK I think, but perhaps wound back a tad in emphasis, i.e. one can be a bogan even if from an otherwise somewhat conventional middle class environment.

    • “Wear” is an Australian colloquialism for tolerate/accept. It is used similarly to “I won’t put up with it!”. The “it” is halal products on supermarket shelves.

      • Aha, that explains it. So “to wear” is an Australianism meaning “to tolerate, to put up with”; this meaning is not listed in my (U.S.) desktop dictionary. (At first I thought the reference was to an article of clothing referred to in a passage that had been edited out of the video.) Thanks.

        • Australian English is full of curiosities and oddities, including a marked tendency to, abbreviate words by cutting them in half and putting “ie” or “o” after the first half – something first pointed out to me by a visiting American 33 years ago. (I hadn’t noticed before, like that Monty Python character named “Smoke Toomuch”.) Quite efficient really. Breakfast is “brekkie”, afternoon is “arvo”, aboriginal is “abo” – though this is now punishable by social death, despite it not being in the least derogatory.

          Sadly many evocative Ozzie expressions have almost died out due to PC. “Your mother must have been kissed by a Chinaman!” means that you are lucky, fortunate, blessed, yet bizarrely this is deemed racist. If I were a new Chinese immigrant to Australia and learned of it, I’d be chuffed. I’ve never understood why “Chinaman” is offensive, I can understand why “Chink” is though.

    • “Wear” in this context is slang for “put up with” or perhaps “tolerate”. The “it” refers to halal. “You reckon we should put up with halal?”

  4. We eat a lot of PIG products and I hate to tell you this( this is reportedly “unhealthy” ) I use some lard in greasing/curing my black cast iron cook wear, in all my pie shells and cookies. I know it is supposed to be the kiss of death, but dang it works great!

    BACON is just about a daily breakfast treat along with pork sausage, eggs and grits.

    We love pork barbeque and roast pork and good old fashioned Southern sage sausage patties which I make myself from ground pork and spices. YUMM!!

    I even make a spaghetti sauce with ground pork Italian sausage which I also make myself.

    I am safe from halal crap since I do NOT ever buy BUTTERBALL anything and use very few “prepared” foods.

    • Well it seems according to Kirralee Smith and Larry Pickering over on – http://www.PickeringPost.blog – that Aussie halal certification even covers the packaging and plastic trays of the food item even if the food item, such as pork, cannot be halal certified.

      There is a court case currently underway in the NSW District Court regarding Halal certification – the current status of the case is still in the early stages arguing the legal points. But the case has been brought against Kirralee Smith by the Halal certification board that claims Mrs Smith is against Halal certification because of her anti-Muslim bias.

      According to the Q Society who is assisting with funding the case against Halal certification on supermarket products, the case will probably not be heard until early next year (2016)

    • Attack Cat-

      Pig is good for you. Especially organic. Some farms here are starting to raise tame(ish) boars. They live mostly on acorns and grains…I quit eating pork brains after the BSE scare.

      See here:

      The Heart Revolution

      And here:

      Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

      Eat meat and fish fats, both. Organic butter and dry rub bacon. Coconut and Olive oil (only the kind that gets hard in the fridge. A lot of O.O. is adulterated with cheaper oils. Some nut oils are okay, but they go rancid easily so use quickly and always keep them – and nuts – in freezer.

      Full fat yogurt, drained, is good. Undrained it’s full of lactose.

      I love grits but have mostly given up grains – corn is particularly messed with. I do eat organic tacos on occasion, made with sprouted corn. I make my own sausage patties with organic ground pork (it’s too lean so I add a lump of lard to avoid dryness) and herbs from the garden.Sage is great and so is savory (my savory was killed off last year. Will replace in the Fall).

      I agree with you re poultry. I only buy organic meat and fish so that means we eat less of it.

      Somewhere online you’ll find a fruit and veggie listing Of the good and bad. “The Clean 15, the Dirty Dozen”. Google separately…and yes, food is a minefield.Bagged sugar has a lot of corn – so buy whatever says “Pure Cane Sugar”. The fakes have neurological effects.
      Finally started making my own yogurt. Farmers can’t sell raw milk in VA but a friend raises goats and always has too much milk to use. After feeding her pig as much as she’ll eat, I get the left-overs for free AS A GIFT. the yougrt process down, now i’d like to try feta. I LOVE sheep feta, so I figure goat can’t be too different. Animals are seasonal, though, so it won’t last.

  5. I wish this video a happy and successful life! Many, many views to come (I hope)!

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    (Maybe I’m a bogan??? Not quite sure….)

  6. In SA everything is Halal. Even pork is Halal. Should we be frightened?

    Apparently Halal works for Jews as well.

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