We Live in a Progressive Left-Liberal Insane Asylum

Paul Weston discusses the endemic and deeply-entrenched genocidal racism of the Socialist Left:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

16 thoughts on “We Live in a Progressive Left-Liberal Insane Asylum

  1. 100% spot on analysis
    And same as the antifa are the prototypical facist Schlaegertruppe.

  2. (The speaker says “of course” a bit too often.)
    At 5:23, he says, “The actress Susan Sontag said [in 1967, nearly 50 years ago] that whiteness is the cancer of human history.” Susan Sontag was an actress? What movies did she star in? He continues, “Is the lovely Susan ever accused of racism?” Susan Sontag was lovely? Well, that’s a matter of esthetic opinion:
    She may not be well known as an actress, but her skunk-head hairdo marks her as a fashion innovator:

    • Mr Weston needs to polish his act – that said, what he says is accurate and that he is prepared to say it in public says a lot about the man.

    • The paraphrase is attributable to Sontag, but when he said actress he was likely thinking of Sarandon, who is equally detestable and has quite likely said something similar.

    • Haha

      “Susan Sontag, the author, activist and self-defined “zealot of seriousness” whose voracious mind and provocative prose made her a leading intellectual of the past half century, died Tuesday . She was 71.”

      “Sontag died at 7:10 a.m. Tuesday, said Esther Carver, a spokeswoman for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.”

      “Sontag did not practice the art of restrained discourse. Writing in the 1960s about the Vietnam War she declared “the white race is the cancer of human history.” Days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, she criticized U.S. foreign policy and offered backhanded praise for the hijackers.”


  3. Thank you, Mr Weston. This was an excellent piece of real telling-it-as-it-is, far too rare in the modern world. I shall visit your site as soonb as I have left this one.

  4. The ‘white man’s burden’ has finally been taken-up by non-whites and used to beat him to death. When the last western man dies the world will assume it’s pre-white mode of mass starvation, mass rape, mass slavery, mass plagues, genital mutilation, cannibalism, deforestation, and mud huts.
    The explanation for this preference lay in the r-vs-K Type genetic disposition:


    One of the most profound and profoundly under utilized tools for predicting Progressive Socialist behavior ever developed it has been actively suppressed by The Left for decades.

    • This is an excellent article and highly recommended.

      The leftists have been doing their best to stamp out not just this but all study of evolutionary psychology. Its funny how they’ll yell “daaaaaaarwiiiiin!” all the time when it’s useful for bashing and stereotyping Christians but then they’ll totally deny evolution if it suggests, for example, that men and women have different survival strategies and thus aren’t exactly the same. These same people love their own Lysinkoist (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysenkoism) anti-science de facto religion even as they claim to be “against all religion.”

    • I see some problems with the rk-selection theory right off.

      The basis of the theory is that in environments of unlimited resources, individuals will focus only on reproduction, to the exclusion of competition or aggression. Once resources become scarce, the aggressive individual with specialized adaptations will win out.

      Socialism in society emulates the environment where resources are freely available, at least until resources run out. Thus, as a society with resources becomes socialist, the individuals focus on early and high sexuality and become less aggressive and less competitive.

      Now, the blacks in the United States have been the beneficiaries of socialism and welfare for a long time. They certainly exhibit, as a group, high rates of promiscuity, low rates of parental care, and low adaptability; but they have a very high rate of aggression.


      But, according to r/K theory, there should be a syndrome of high promiscuity, low rate of pairing, androgynous individuals, low specialization and low aggression among individuals in high-resource environments. While welfare lasts, one can make the case that black welfare recipients are in a high-resource environment, as the amount of resources a family receives is proportional to the number of individuals in the family.

      The high rates of aggression in the black population seems to contradict the theory.

  5. The only difference between National Socialism and International Socialism is which group of people they want to exterminate and how they go about it.

    Well, actually, the International Socialists also want to exterminate Jews, they just want to do it by importing Muslims and giving Iran the means to nuke Israel. Really what they want to destroy is any despot-annoying culture of independent and critical thinking. They just can’t have any people who question the rulers.

  6. OK…. at a risk of sounding like a mean white person, I will say this about racism: I do NOT like all white folks so why AM I expected to like all blacks. all browns, all Asians??
    I worked with many colors of people for years. Some I just adored, had lunch with, gave wedding shower parties, baby showers, attended MANY weddings and baptisms…. they were friends.
    But many , I hate to say were really bad people. Many of those bad people were white people, black people, Asian people and brown Latinos.

    However, I always had the impression from media, the management and PC society that I HAD to like all people of COLORS even those I would not trust with a pen knife or a dollar! Other whites…OH you can hate them…just not MINORITIES.

    A large woman who was lesbian and black pushed me as I walked between two large filing cabinets despite the fact that I walked with two canes at the time.

    It was reported by a white lesbian to management immediately . Because it was wrong for that former US NAVY maintence worker just to push me just because she could.

    First thing the management asks me…do YOU have anything against this gal?? Well, I do NOT know her since we do not work in the same field and I am a supervisor in my dept. Then, did YOU call her a racial slur first ? Well NO! She came out of nowhere and pushed from the back…I did not even see who pushed me till I turned around. in fact I said only : Hey, WATCH IT THERE!!

    Now I was the victim, an older lady, handicapped and not prone to violence or swearing .
    So the gal who reported the attack was also white. Later I found out she was asked the same racially charged questions. She was disgusted and later took a job with our main competitor . She became a manager .

    Here is where I got management… dang I should have sued them… I demanded the security tape that I KNEW was in the area. The questioners faces dropped all at once. VERY funny indeed!!!!!!!
    Well there it was… She pushed me from behind and from the back… I could not have seen her at all. It showed I had to struggle to stay on my feet and did get pushed hard.

    The witch was fired that very day. LIKE I said I should have sued them for having an unsafe working condition. I retired 5 months later because I was ill with a lung problem . I got my pension and unfortunately , a worsening health condition. But I won that round with the BIGOTRY against whites by management which was almost ALL black people.

  7. Let me give another definition of racism: “ignoring the characteristics of the individual by making a judgement based on racial concepts”.

    So, it’s displaying racism by denying entrance to a university to a competitive, qualified applicant because he’s black.

    It’s displaying racism by not pressing charges against a criminal because he’s black.

    It’s displaying racism to admit as immigrants people who are clearly unqualified for citizenship because they are Somalian.

    Taking actions to preserve the “white” race is perhaps fuzzy. If you have a daughter, you’re white, and you urge her to marry a white guy, you are displaying a certain amount of racism, but you probably haven’t trampled on anyone’s rights…unless you use force. Similarly, for urging white women in general to not marry non-whites.

    If you deny immigration status to an Indian of high achievements, stellar citizenship record, and a proven record of embracing the traditional British culture, on the basis that he’s not white…you’re not only displaying racism, but probably dysfunctional selectivity, as most successful species require not only adaptability, but some new blood.

    If you deny the criminality of Pakistani gang rapists because they are Pakistani…it’s not only highly dysfunctional, but every bit as racist as if you had denied university entrance to Abdus Salam, a Pakistani Nobel prize in physics laureate.

    • There are three terms that have become highly conflated:

      Racism – the belief that one “race” is superior or inferior to another.

      Prejudice – jumping to conclusions about someone or something without a full investigation.

      Bigotry – clinging to an opinion regardless of any reason, evidence, or experience to the contrary.

      These terms have been intentionally conflated in order to prevent critical thinking. Really though most of the “intentionality” behind it isn’t an explicit plot but something that naturally emerges from psychological denial (bigots trying to deny that they’re bigots as they cling to irrational beliefs for self-esteem reasons, etc), there’s just a strong tendency to encourage it as part of conflict avoidance.

      • I should add, not just conflict avoidance but also political utility. Sometimes conflict avoidance has political utility, other times intentionally creating a conflict has political utility depending on what faction someone is in.

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