“We Do Not Want Islam in Czechia”

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According to the latest reports, some soccer fans in the Czech Republic are not only showing signs of Islamophobia, they may even be WAYCISTS.

Here’s the report from T-Online. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Investigation of Czechs for Anti-Islam Placard

Jablonec, Czech Republic: Czech police are investigating soccer fans who held up an Islam-hostile banner during an opening game of the soccer league.

As Czech Broadcasting reported, the original charge is hate speech. The banner depicted Europe as a valkyrie booting a pig with a turban and a Koran. This was seen on Sunday, before the fans of F K Jablonec, during the game against Bohemians Prag 1905. The police are waiting for the opinion of experts on extremism. Posters had already appeared in soccer stadiums with the motto “We do not want Islam in Czechia.”

The image in the banner will be familiar to a lot of European readers. A smaller version is featured on the sidebar at Politically Incorrect, among other places.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

4 thoughts on ““We Do Not Want Islam in Czechia”

  1. Our Slavic Brothers and Sisters do not have memories as short as the folks and the political class in Western Europe do. They bear witness to the 500+ yrs. of ottoman domination throughout the Balkans, which ended after WW 1 and the recent formation of Kosovo which is a breeding ground of radical Islam, and a transit point for contraband heading for the EU. Not being totally blind, dupes, or fools, the mess in Western Europe gives them cause to avoid a repeat performance.

  2. This kind of defiant public display is necessary to bypass the Big Media guardians. It lets their fellow countrymen know and gives encouragement that there is active resistance to the ruling class that would sell them out. Good stuff.

  3. I was in Prague nine years ago, with my adult daughter; and I remember vividly walking with her up a street on the west side of the river, very near (three blocks or so) maybe St. Vitus. It was so long ago I can’t remember for sure that that was the historic church the grounds of which we had toured earlier in the day (I have searched googlemaps to identify it for you, but I am not sure that’s the right one).
    What I do remember is that it was a Sunday. And as my daughter and I had stopped for refreshments at a small bistro-type restaurant (on the south side of the street) late in the afternoon, we had front-row seats to observe a series of autos, maybe three or four, pulling up across the street. Black autos. Out of them emerged muscular, dark-suited men who took positions near us as well as on their side of the street. Then from the middle car, the limousine, a couple stepped out — seemingly man and wife — and walked 150 feet or so to a smallish church, nestled down a bit from the main road, into which they entered.
    I’m a dot connector. I have no proof of anything. But I surmised that this couple were not only Christians but that probably the man was in the government. Not many other answers for the intense security — as I see it.
    Let us pray for our fellow believers in Eastern Europe, and all over the world, that their faith will remain strong.

  4. Christian Religious affiliation, black suits and that sort of behaviour are also typical of some of the Balkan mafias, so what you saw may be a Czech variant of that type of organisation.

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