Those Hungry Migrants — A Consumer Society Problem

The following news video illustrates the fundamental disconnect between the illegal Third-World immigrants encamped in Calais and the well-meaning but naïve people who aid them.

It features a local woman named Claudine who provides hot meals for the migrants in their camp. Claudine is a gutmensch who has a certain view of what these migrants are. She cannot see their behavior in normal human terms — that is, opportunism and venality — and can only explain their predation and profligacy as a result of “hunger” and the “consumer society”. In other words, when reality and the Narrative clash, the Narrative must always prevail.

Her model of the migrants’ action renders them childlike. They are not mature thinking beings like herself. Is this not the essence of racism?

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   In Calais, a few citizens wanted to help the migrants.
0:10   In this downtown warehouse, meals are prepared.
0:18   Some ten volunteers prepare 800 hot meals daily
0:25   that are given to migrants around Calais.
0:30   We’re not used to cooking such large quantities.
0:38   A ten-year volunteer, Claudine works long hours.
0:46   Pas-de-Calais citizens donate many items.
0:53   Every day, her small team cooks 50 kg of pasta or rice,
0:57   20 kg of vegetables and 20 kg of meat.
1:01   A hot meal for every migrant.
1:09   Claudine devotes all her energy to her mission.
1:16   I’m revolted by what’s happening in Calais
1:20   and in Italy. They’re hungry.
1:24   They need one hot meal every evening.
1:28   It’s for their well-being.
1:38   Pauline’s work is not easy.
1:42   She has ups and downs.
1:48   Besides food, she also receives clothing and footwear
1:52   that are passed on to migrants.
1:57   But for now, another mission awaits her.
2:00   Claudine just received a food donation delivered in boxes.
2:13   Read-to-eat smoked fish to be given to a camp.
2:19   Claudine and Michel head for a camp in the ‘Jungle’,
2:25   a 1,500-migrant camp set up in the forest.
2:29   Food distribution in these camps is very high-stress.
2:34   Many illegals haven’t eaten in 3 to 4 days.
2:38   Volunteers also fear other problems.
2:42   Migrants grab loads of boxes and sell them to weaker migrants.
2:46   We distribute them ourselves and everybody benefits
2:50   from our donations. The gang leaders don’t take advantage
2:55   and there’s no racketeering.
3:00   The vehicle arrives and is spotted
3:05   by the migrants.
3:22   The migrants are starving.
3:26   They get one box each but they need more to eat or to sell.
3:30   Be careful, he’s already had more than one box.
3:34   Claudine tries to take control of the situation
3:38   but the migrants rush in for food.
3:44   Claudine goes into a panic and the migrants
3:48   take over the distribution.
3:52   The volunteers have lost all control over the starved migrants.
3:56   They decide to leave.
4:00   Some are stocking food.
4:06   And it gets worse. Tension everywhere.
4:15   Let’s go. I’m coming, I’m coming
4:19   To avoid a riot, Claudine and her team leave quickly.
4:24   But the migrants aren’t finished.
4:28   They refuse to see all this food leave.
4:40   It’s crazy. This is so crazy. The door is open, it can’t be!
4:52   Hurry! Go, go!
4:56   The vehicle picks up speed, but in vain.
5:00   The vehicle is emptied. This could be shocking,
5:04   but they’re starving.
5:15   They’re starving. Oh yes, that, they’re hungry.
5:20   It’s a first for Claudine and Michel. And it’s not over.
5:29   The next day, the team prepares another distribution.
5:33   Boxes of ravioli for a Sudanese ‘Jungle’ camp.
5:43   Claudine is part of the team.
5:47   The boxes were donated by a regional grocery retailer.
5:51   We have HALAL raviolis so we’ll give them to a Muslim camp.
5:58   To each its religion, it’s not my problem.
6:02   And I think Halal ravioli will really please them.
6:06   Claudine strives to comply with the religion of migrant groups.
6:14   But in this parking area, nothing goes as planned.
6:21   This is my first time here.
6:25   Claudine heads for the illegal camp
6:30   to tell them they have food for them.
6:52   The camp association can’t supply cooking equipment.
6:56   These undocumented people must eat them as is.
7:00   But there is a problem.
7:06   “BB” means better before this date.
7:13   Thus, the product is optimal before this date
7:17   but is still good to eat for another three years.
7:22   These boxes show a June 30, 2014 expiry date.
7:26   And now, it’s three months later.
7:30   The migrants are convinced the food is expired. They fear poisoning.
7:35   Claudine will try to convince them otherwise.
7:44   Claudine eats the ravioli.
7:59   We explained to them the meaning of expiry dates on cans,
8: 06   they refuse to understand. They’re very careful.
8:10   To eat or not eat, the illegals all agree.
8:14   They think the association is giving them substandard food,
8:18   and a cross-wind of rebellion sets in.
8:28   And then, the worst-case scenario occurs.
8:40   This upsets me. This makes me angry. It was good for 3 years.
8:44   This is shameful. Shameful. Go away… Go.
8:48   I ate some, I ate it. NO. This is horrible. I hate what I just saw, this can’t be.
8:56   NO, I really don’t like this.
9:00   Pauline can’t tolerate that they wasted the food.
9:06   However, only a few of the illegals returned the boxes to the vehicle.
9:13   Most migrants will appreciate this donation with much gratitude.
9:17   June 30th 2014, they would have had this food
9:21   and would not have eaten it.
9:26   For them, it was the expiry date but for me,
9:31   it’s a consumer society problem.
9:35   To empty food from a can on the ground, this angers me.
9:39   I am upset they didn’t eat but I understand.
9:45   Despite difficulties of which language barriers, Claudine does not abandon.
9:50   Claudine and her volunteers feed thousands of illegals
9:54   every day so they can survive.

16 thoughts on “Those Hungry Migrants — A Consumer Society Problem

  1. I wonder if Claudine would be helpful if those migrants were ‘hot’ women from the third world
    I doubt it.
    It’s not a coincidence that most do-gooders are [derogatory term for unpleasant women]

    • Not sure if you’ve seen the video – but Claudine doesn’t really fit that profile. Neither do most of the other helpers. For good reason – how safe would the Calais “Jungle” be for the type of women you had in mind?!

  2. This is nothing to what is to come. These people are “starved” enough to throw away good food? Perhaps now these self-guilt types will come to understand that their good intentions are feeding the Gates of Potential Hell? My wife and I struggled to get me through University 30 odd years ago and we were given “out of date” food by local stores to help us through. My wife is South American too and knew the value of things like this. I was born and raised in England and recall rationing. Yet these “Refugees” treat such offerings with such contempt?

    I never went cap- in -hand to anyone-too proud- not even “Daddy” although he did help even if we did not like asking him. I was self-reliant and never expected anybody to shoulder my responsibility for family. When we received volunteer help, we were grateful. I paid for my own education and never expected the state to bale me out.

    I never stole but I did borrow cask t pay my way and qualify. My parents were not poor but we did it largely on our own.

    • Correction- “I did borrow cash to pay my way and qualify”. I also scrubbed floors and took any kind of employment to get through. We made it on our own.

    • Just another useful idiot too burdened with hate for who she represents and too naïve to appreciate that those she now willingly assists will someday abuse her and her kind, for their own ends.

  3. She is in dangerous territory but choses to ignore that fact.

    If anything happens to her and her driver, IT IS ON HER OWN HEAD for being so foolish as to think that none of those SOLDIERS of Islam will harm her and her driver.

  4. The stupidity and incompetence of the French and EU are overwhelming. These people are not refugees. If they were then they would not be demanding entry specifically to the UK. They most certainly have an agenda that has nothing to do with “refuge”.

    Round these people up and deport them to wherever they came from.

  5. Europe is playing Russian Roulette with an automatic.

  6. Claudine is a microcosm of the West. Kind, compassionate and well intentioned, yet dangerously naive.

    Starving people do not throw away canned food to send a message that their dignity is being affronted by being given food that is beyond its best before date.

    • Did not observer any compassionate in the feigned charitable actions only a deception concealing a political agenda and desire for destruction.

      Dangerously to think people like this are naïve.

  7. Claudine is a truly good woman, as are all of the helpers and those that give donated food.

    But so were all those Christians and Yezidis that the DAESH muslims buried alive and crucified and tortured to death in Syria and Iraq for being what Claudine is, just another Christian.

    She maybe saintly but she is utterly unworldly

    • Claudine is the epitome of Catholic charity. God bless her for the sacred services, food distribution she performs in feeding those feral, savage dogs! The ones who looted cans of fish from her van; stockpiling food to make a profit from others in “The Jungle”. Those Muslim migrants acted like entitled, mistrusting, ungrateful savages when they opened the cans of halal ravioli and dumped them on the ground near Claudine. She had attempted to ease their fears of the 3 month expired (“Expi”) food by opening a can and eating some of the ravioli herself. They showed nothing but contempt and disgust for her efforts to feed them halal food. Yet they are well informed about the welfare benefits of various countries and how England does not require a National Identification Card. They can live like Kings if they get there from Calais through the tunnel.

      This film footage should be viewed at every town council, hamlet meeting in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America! It clearly shows how Muslims are raised with attitudes of superiority and entitlement! These people should be thanking her on their hands and knees! Once they establish a 10% or greater stronghold, their demands will intensify for Sharia compliance. And the left social elites will cave into their demands to keep the peace. Unbelievable!!! Get ready for segregated swimming pools, halal meat only, increase of Muslim gangs and the horrors they bring to indigenous, native females and their own women. Enoch Powell was right! There will be blood in the streets if those hordes of Muslims and illegal migrants continue to invade our countries without impunity.

  8. If Darwin’s theory holds true, people like Claudine will not be around much longer.
    And no, she is not saintly, she is inexcusably naïve and just plain daft, and her lack of historical knowledge actually has her helping the enemy, as muslims have been for their entire 1400 year existence. (not that she is alone in that, virtually all leftists suffer from the same malady!)

    • As Hesperado has pointed out many times, the malady is hardly confined to the Left. Until we can purge ourselves of the notion that PC/MC is solely a leftist disease, we will continue to make no progress against it.

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