“The Western Way of Life is on the Verge of Extinction”

The following monologue by Glenn Beck is an excellent précis on Islam, Mohammed, and the Koran. I haven’t read his new book, but it it’s anything like his description, it should be worth buying:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

22 thoughts on ““The Western Way of Life is on the Verge of Extinction”

  1. Following Beck’s show since 2001, before 9/11, he went from being a riotous, hilarious radio comic/commentator, to being a very thoughtful prognosticator. He has changed a lot about his views on Islam. That’s a very good thing.

  2. I’ve been a Beck fan since the very first day of his GBTV but have had no access to his books from where I am.

  3. Any light shined upon the darkness that is islam can only be good. I am very leery of Glen Beck though.

    • Something about Glen. Still he seems to be riding his horsey in the general direction of sanity and making lots of cash along the way.

      • First time I have watched this video. Thank you Glen Beck. Exactly my thinking. I take back any reservations I had about you up to the publication of your book. I will definitely purchase a couple of copies. (And more if it is half way convincing.)

  4. This is a book-promoting rant by Glenn Beck, whose books that I have
    read have not impressed me (they contain too many obvious errors
    that a good editor should have caught; e.g., in his book on Thomas Paine,
    he asserted that July 1776 is seven months after January 1776).
    But in this book-flogging video, take a look at the paraphernalia on Beck’s desk.
    To his left is what look like a bottle of high-class Perrier water, and to his
    right is what looks like some kind of smoke-spewing hookah.
    What is that all about?

    Allah, in his wisdom, wrote the Quran in a jumbled, repetitious, boring,
    incoherent way that is sure to turn off curious readers. Various public-
    spirited infidels have produced “verbessert” versions in which
    the repetitions are eliminated and the narrative is easier to follow.
    One such author is named Bill Warner, and his more-readable
    “Simple Koran” and “Abridged Koran” are reviewed here
    (by Bill Warner himself!):

    But this review too is marred by illiteracy; Warner writes
    “Whom is threatened”, and refers to a best-selling
    book of 20th-century Germany called “Mein Kamph”.
    Judging from the spelling of this title, it is probably about the
    author’s favorite camphor-flavored hookah additive.
    — Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)

    • He has had health issues lately, with his throat and vocal cords. Maybe some attempt at a “holistic” treatment, or something of that nature.

    • Not Perrier

      The bottle looks more like San Pellegrino, and probably is.
      Perrier, however, has a very characteristic shape of the bottle, different from the one in the photo above.

  5. The device looks like an air purifier btw, these have a heating element inside which draw air in at the bottom, then lets it rise through a heated element (which kills the nasties), before releasing the clean air back into the atmosphere.

  6. Well, people are allowed to change their minds and open their eyes! Good for Mr. Beck if he now sees the world situation more clearly. So many have blinkers on and refuse to take them off.

  7. The important thing is the truth about Islam will reach a new category of people: those who listen to Glenn Beck.

  8. Surely it would be more appropriate to comment on the content of the video than what’s on his desk, or his ‘health problems?’

    I don’t like to bitch about this, but it seems to me that Mr Beck is on our side re. islam, after all…

    • Exactly, the fact that the man has had health issues and has an air purifier on his desk is neither here nor there – that is to say the original suggestion made by ‘Mark Spahn’ was nothing more than misleading nonsense.

      The fact is the man has a huge audience, and he’s got a backbone too, if he’s put out a book with that title. So more power to him, I say.

    • That is to say, a bottle of water is hardly ‘paraphernalia’. It’s just a bottle of water.

      Now, what is the title of this new book again?

  9. this guy follows his bank account. that’s what he’s all about. very persuasive
    when the coast is clear. do not like him or trust him or listen to him ..

  10. I’m certain we will see a spate of opportunists who discover that Islam is bad for the West and increase their public profile and bank accounts doing so. Anybody that described Geert Wilders five years ago as a “European fascist” is woefully ignorant of Wilders and fascism. Very disappointing to learn that Krauthammer “echoed” Beck in this regard.

  11. For goodness sake, has no one ever heard of the ad hominem FALLACY? If ANYONE with an audience that big, someone who has a real “brand name” as well, puts a book out with that title, that can only make it easier for other people to discuss openly the same topic. Including this website. That is a good thing.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to read his book, then quote him to certain people?

  12. I admire Beck and thought what he did on Fox on the progressives in the 20th century was most illuminating. It’s the first time I saw it presented like that. Much honor to him for that. He’s a genuinely creative man and his radio program is entertaining.

    He came from behind by conquering alcoholism and please God I should be as successful as he. Not a bad feat to be kicked off Fox and then set up his own media enterprise.

    His habit of wearing tennis shoes with his suit on Fox on occasion was off putting and I could NOT get what he was driving at with his, to me, inane “recapture honor” or “be nice” rallies. A huge expense for no discernible reason.

    Not a bad performance at all, all told. Anybody firing in the same general direction as we are is ok by me. I do draw the line at friendly cannibals though I dare say they’d receive a friendlier reception from conservative media than Donald (“You May or May Not Agree With Him But . . .”) Trump.

  13. Thanks for posting. I have generally had the impression that Glen Beck is a clown following the money, and who knows this here. I ordered the book. Hopefully, it can do some good.

    An odd thing is I believe Thomas Jefferson had a copy of the Koran for a purpose. He wanted to understand the threat better, and that was then the Barbary States. That is little spoken of these now, but I remember a little of it in my junor/high school years – before pc became an issue. There was a Islamic element to it. I just recently looked at a database for collegiate libraries for my state – there was next to nothing for the Barbary issue. We need to understand Islam.

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