The Thought Police Reign Supreme in Austria

“In Austria… there is a joyful willingness to use the EU as an excuse for further strangling human freedom.”

The following op-ed about the Orwellian tightening of “hate speech” laws in Austria was written by Andreas Unterberger and posted on his blog. It has been kindly translated for Gates of Vienna by JLH.

Our Austrian correspondent AMT, who recommended the piece for translation, includes this introduction:

Many people believe that the Austrian Count Metternich and his police state were the worst Austria has seen with regard to suppression of personal freedoms — which the exception, of course, of the years of the National Socialist regime. Our forefathers never would or could have imagined the daily tightening of the noose around our necks, coupled with the loss of freedoms these forefathers had to die for.

The horror we are witnessing today is being exacerbated by the current wave of illegal immigrants into Europe as a whole, and into Austria in particular. One may no longer discuss in any way these poor asylum-seekers other than in officially sanctioned PC-speak: “They are coming here, they are staying, they are persecuted, they are to be welcomed.”

If you disagree, perhaps even on Facebook or otherwise in public, you are immediately reported to the authorities. There are online groups forming as we speak with the sole purpose of grassing on and bad-mouthing these people who are simple venting their frustration and anger. (Mind you, the tone isn’t always that of an aristocrat — in one case a young apprentice for Porsche was sacked this week for using the phrase “a flamethrower would be good enough for them.” These young people are not even given a second chance after apologizing!) Just yesterday, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution reported a steep rise in online hate speech, every single case of which is looked into by police authorities. Obviously, manpower is lost for combatting the danger of genuine crime.

In times like these, one almost wishes for a return of Metternich’s era. Too late!

We are thus left with this wonderful song from 1861, a song still sung by the fraternities in Austria and Germany (see the bottom of this article for the translated lyrics):

The translated op-ed:

The New Law: Only Thoughts Are Still Free

by Andreas Unterberger
July 7, 2015

This week, parliament passes a dramatic constriction of the freedom of expression. However, since there is hardly a liberal-thinking person in this land, the deplorable hate speech paragraph and its most recent intensification are not even being discussed. Of all the deep thinkers in the Republic, apparently only the head of the auditor general’s office, Franz Fiedler, understands what this is about and dares to speak against it. Freedom of expression was already in trouble before this amendment to criminal law. And it is more than significant, to say nothing of ironic that this amendment is passed in the same week in which this parliament brutally shut off the once so loudly proclaimed introduction of direct democracy.

A search for liberal thinking in Austrian politics would be futile. The allegedly liberal Neos have been revealed to be “virtue terrorists,” in which they vie with the Greens. The liberal wing of the ÖVP has long since atrophied or degenerated to a leftist-populist flutter of “modernity.” There is hardly any real liberal thinking even among the “Freiheitlichen” [FPÖ][1] — you can’t win elections with that, after all. And the remnants of Team Stronach[2] are no longer even capable of articulating liberal thought.

Clearly, the most important element of liberal thinking today is freedom of expression. And freedom of expression consists of being able to express your opinion publicly and without concern — not merely hiding this opinion in the convolutions of the brain and — full to bursting with hidden hatred of the powers-that-be — singing: “Die Gedanken sind frei.”[3] Because no one can guess what that means.

Gay Excesses Have Nothing to Do With Liberal

The media and the Red-Greens act as if constantly holding gay celebrations with as much naked skin as possible and mounting new gay traffic lights[4] is the essence of liberal thinking. Actually, the great liberals of history would spin in their graves if they could hear that — whether it be a Hayek, a (Milton) Friedman, a Mises or an Erhard in the 20th century. Or in previous ages, a Voltaire, a Hume a Locke, a Mill or a Smith.

If there were a substratum of liberalism in Austria today, vigorous indignation would explode over the fact that a judge in Eisenstadt, in all seriousness, uttered the statement: “One gets the impression that what you are saying here (in a video), is coming from you, because that is your point of view.” So what is being indicted is no more or less than a person’s point of view.

Or the report of a trial in Upper Austria, where you can read: “Furthermore, the prosecutor accused him of sharing a cartoon which denigrates this religious group, and of insulting a member of parliament who has an immigration background.”[5] And that doesn’t make anyone throw up a little.

In truth, this means that members of parliament may continue to be insulted in the coarsest terms, unless one of them is from an immigration background. In that case, the state’s attorney applies the force of the law. Some animals are more equal than others.

Even more scandalous is the charge by the prosecutor’s office that someone shared an Islam-critical cartoon (in Facebook). For that, the state takes people to court! And no protest from even one of all those who a few weeks ago were using pencils and other foolishness to pretend their solidarity with the Islam-critical cartoons of Charlie Hebdo!

Is There a Charge Against Heinz Fischer?

That was pure hypocrisy. So, will this prosecutor’s office now make a charge against Heinz Fischer?[6] He did say, “Je suis Charlie,” in front of all the accredited diplomats in Vienna, and shared it in Facebook.

And now the new law is accentuating the violation/injury amendment[7], instead of excising it or concentrating on the legitimate punishment for incitement to violence. The paragraph puts certain groups — Muslims. foreigners, gays — under the protection of severe legal penalties. But insouciant hate crimes against other groups — priests, entrepreneurs, farmers, members of FPÖ, conservatives — may continue unabated. Whatever the meaning of that word [Hetzen][7] is. The serial criminal complaints by the Greens will soon instruct us about that.

This inequitable treatment of groups is absolutely disgusting and a violation of the equality principle. Absurdly, it is fully supported by the “People’s Party” (ÖVP), even though its constituent groups are badly discriminated against (apparently only so that Mr. Brandstetter[8] may be entered in the record book of jurists as a reformer.

It is doubly disgusting, since purely mental crimes will be punished.

Saying something that is “apt” to evoke hatred in others is a mental crime punishable with two years in prison. This hate crime paragraph goes far beyond the prohibition statute which once still had a certain justification, after the horrific Nazi crimes, although, there too, purely mental crimes are being punished. And there was reason to see in the prohibition statute a partial compensation for the survivors of the concentration camps and other victims of the National Socialists.

The scandal of this hate crime paragraph is not mitigated by the fact that at one time the Justice Minister of the EU (far left SPÖ member Maria Berger from Austria) — with no democratic approval by the EU parliament or commission — demanded something similar. A state with minimal democratic or constitutional consciousness would ignore the decision of the then Justice Minister, with its extremely dubious juridical quality. In Austria, on the contrary, there is a joyful willingness to use the EU as an excuse for further strangling human freedom.

Taking the insanity of this new criminal law to its limit, it will mandate that certain facts must be believed — viz., genocides that have been recognized by courts. The authoritarian thinking behind this is similar in every respect (“only” two years in prison) to the thought terrorism of ISIS and its massacres, as well as to the fires which once blazed in the name of Christianity, as heretics were burned at the stake.

Historically, millions of people, out of fear, have meekly “believed” what was demanded by the powerful. It’s understandable — they wanted to live. And here we are again.

If it were not all so rotten, we could quietly and cynically wait to see if this state will enforce its absurd laws against certain groups which are actually protected under a different sub-section of this paragraph 283. There are hundreds of thousands of Turks and Serbs in this land (with and without papers). Most of them give no thought to believing in or acknowledging the genocides in Armenia or Srebrenica.

Will they be accused under this system of justice? Will a judge investigate the true “point of view” of each of these people? Of course not. Any more than our president will be charged because of his public solidarity with Islam-critical cartoons. Even if the principle of equal treatment, i.e., justice, would require it.

This brings us to the worst possible conclusion. This country is morphing into an arbitrary state. Arbitrariness almost always consists of implementing only those laws favored by the state-within-the-state. For fifteen years now, that has been a catastrophically politicized state’s attorney’s office. The primary offenders, however, are the legislators who consciously put such instruments of capricious power into its hands.

Where is Sebastian Kurz?[9]

And it is these very legislators who have just decreed that there will be no direct democracy [on the Swiss model] in Austria. In the last election, they massaged it so thoroughly in the loudly supported ÖVP project, that it finally died from their ministrations.

For as long as they have the majority, Red and Black will cling to power, defend their miserable offices and do essentially what the Greens want. The SPÖ, especially, has put itself in an awkward position, but the ÖVP, too, to put it politely, has hardly shown a good-faith effort. As for Sebastian Kurz, who trumpeted his support of Project Direct Democracy during the election — nothing but shame-faced silence.

More and more, the situation in this country is reminiscent of the Age of Metternich. Someday, when it gets too bad, the pressure cookers are going to explode.


1.   FPÖ = conservative, pro-democracy, pro-Israel party.
2.   Team Stronach: Party with a newish platform of pro-democracy, anti-debt, etc. Several members in parliament.
3.   Folk song dating from ca. 1800, “Thoughts are free”. See the bottom of this post.
4.   “Walk” lights using two “affectionate” male or female figures to indicate that pedestrians may cross.
5.   Italics are the translator’s — this is a common euphemism in German.
6.   President of Austria since 2010. Apparently likes to avoid confrontations of all kinds.
7.   The word is “Verhetzung” which carries the general meanings given in the translation, and is related to the often-used term “hetzen” — to rush, hound, stir up hatred — and both have rapidly become the equivalent of US “hate speech, hate crime,” etc.
8.   Wolfgang Brandstetter (ÖVP), Minister of Justice.
9.   Sebastian Kurz (born 1986), Foreign Minister, People’s Party (ÖVP). Appointed in 2013 as youngest foreign minister in the EU, youngest minister in the government, and his portfolio was, at his own request, broadened to include Social Integration.

Song lyrics:

Die Gedanken sind frei
Wer kann sie erraten
Sie fliegen vorbei
wie nächtliche Schatten.
Ich denke was ich will
und was mich beglücket
Mein Wunsch, mein Begehren
kann niemand verwehren
Es bleibet dabei
Die Gedanken sind frei

The thoughts are free
who can guess them
They fly around
like nocturnal shadows
I think what I want
and what delights me
My wish and my desire,
nobody can deny it
And so it will always be
The thoughts are free

10 thoughts on “The Thought Police Reign Supreme in Austria

  1. This political form of bull(redacted scatological reference) must be named for exactly what it is–then treated AS SUCH by all and sundry of the Austrian population in general.
    If there ever was a case for European civil disobedience now is that time and Austria the place. What is the downside here? European jails are a well-known joke, and just how many tens of thousands of protestors can they accommodate, anyway??
    These timorous acts by a craven ‘administration’ are a mere house of cards anyway–and would crumble in a heartbeat to any DETERMINED opposition IF THERE WERE ANY.
    Where were those repeating ESW’s mild bit concerning Mo’s lust for little girls until it was on every lamppost and obliterating signs???
    It would have worked–THEN. Harder now–BUT WOULD STILL WORK.
    The time for Europe to grow a pair is NOW.
    Start with raising a little hell with Porche–as an example. Just how much paint-flinging on buildings (OR SHINY NEW CARS) could they stand before their apprentice is reinstated?? Of course there are other options–just GET CREATIVE.
    You should not fear going down fighting–BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT–but the spectre of loss without any opposition at all is more than Liberty can stand.

    • “Start with raising a little hell with Porche–as an example. Just how much paint-flinging on buildings (OR SHINY NEW CARS) could they stand before their apprentice is reinstated?? Of course there are other options–just GET CREATIVE.”

      Your solution is as bad as the problem. Carry out debate through sabotage and vandalism. Do you think that’s the way to implement freedom of expression?

    • Oh dear.

      Flintlock, I didn’t notice the last part of your comment -all those caps distracted me. [Surely you know the protocol that CAPS ARE A FORM OF SCREAMING and take away from your message?]

      But the content is disturbing. “Creative” violence is not a real solution to this problem. You can’t fling things around without some of splashing back on you. Our strategy and our tactics are, and must remain, non-violent. We have to work smart.

      Defending oneself is another matter. If someone comes at you intending bodily harm then common sense (and the Judaeo-Christian moral teachings which underlie our ideas regarding “common sense”) combined with our DNA push for self preservation would impel an individual to do his best to make sure their assailant is the loser.

      IIRC, Tommy Robinson was jailed for defending himself against his thug attackers. But the UKSSR has become a prison for lower class white people. And bear in mind that in this soviet, one’s class trumps everything. If Tommy had been born of a different class his treatment at the hands of the police would be dramatically different.

      There was a case a few years ago in which an Asian doctor (really “Asian” – as in Chinese Asian) experienced the helplessness of the lower classes. His home was invaded while the family slept and all their Christmas presents were stolen. In addition they took his computer. Of course the police were notified but simply shrugged it off as “another property crime”. The doctor (a radiologist, I think) had all his research on that computer -years of work. One can fault him for not having a back-up I suppose. Since the police wouldn’t do anything, he hung small signs on various poles in the neighborhood asking that anyone who could find his computer and return it with his work intact would receive a reward…

      …but this was the soviet UK. Even Kafka couldn’t have nightmared this far: the police made him remove all the signs because it was illegal to ask for or receive stolen property.

      My question then and now: would the police have acted in such a manner if he’d been a middle-to-upper class English doctor?? If he’d had the right vowels and the necessary social connections??

  2. What a shame the Austrians never learned the meaning of natural rights.

    What a shame Americans have forgotten the meaning.

  3. Camerov is at it too! The Police in The UKSSR (United Kommissariat Soviet Soclialist Republic) are now searching Twitter and the papers for anti-migrant Calais hate speech. The stupid “People” get worked up over some Gob Mechanic who shot an old lion that may not be nice but stay silent in the face of massive paedophile abuse and global persecution of Innocents by ISIS. I am sure these people are mentally ill. British society is sick…….

  4. Brownnosing again, but this piece is another example of just why GoV and its peers are so necessary. I read about the ‘flameflower’ arrest last week with disbelief; this excellent article provides the background.
    This is not just an Austrian affair. All of west Europe is readying to roll out this kind of oppression and censorship; doubtless the EU is watching Vienna closely. I did not realize the Austrians were so deep in it.
    And, of course, xxxx all about this in the MSM.

  5. Part of the problem seems to be the natural evolution of a bureaucracy in a third-world country: show its effectiveness by targeting law-abiding citizens, and avoiding dangerous criminals or politically-powerful groups. I heard a lecture by the developmental economist Peter Bauer who described the situation perfectly.

    A country on the path to socialism: large bureaucracies, government pensions, government health plans, government ownership and control of industries, limits to individual wealth…by its nature will suppress freedom of expression. Bureaucrats always make things easier for themselves, and if they have the power to suppress criticism, they will do so. Since the government owns not only the media but most wealth, there is no way for organized resistance to bureaucratic encroachment.

    Notice that in the US, the sole effective political opposition to politically-correct immigration discussion was Donald Trump, wealthy enough that he could survive the attempts to cripple him economically, like the Macys divestiture of his clothing lines. (I called Macys and canceled my account, citing not their political stance, but their attempt to damage someone with opinions they disagreed with).

    Once the popular socialism suppresses the existence of fabulously wealthy individuals, there will be literally no avenue for real discussion of issues outside the boundaries of political correctness.

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