The Lord’s Prayer, Updated

Below is a revised version of the Pater Noster, updated for a Modern Multicultural Germany. It was origiannly posted in the comments at Politically Incorrect (#1 roland_w, 23. Aug 2015 18:26).

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Let us pray the Leftist Lord’s Prayer (or Our Father).

Our refugee, who art in Germany,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy enrichment come,
Thy will be done,
In Bayreuth as in Beirut!
Take from us our daily bread
And spread it with our guilt,
As we confess we are guilty.
And lead us not to PEGIDA,
But deliver us from Germanness,
For you are enrichment,
And expertise
And glory
For the enemy of Germany.
Allahu Akbar!

6 thoughts on “The Lord’s Prayer, Updated

  1. Hey! That’s not what Jesus said! I am still praying for God’s will to be done on earth. I am not holding my breath but praying none the less.
    BTW, I have a prayer closet that is portable and can be carried with me.

  2. Germany will consider its job done, and its psychological fetters finally unlocked, when it hands out its six-millionth passport.

  3. Psalm 23
    Ja, unserer Hirten und Ältesten sind viele.
    Sie versprechen fast alles,
    aber lagern uns auf öder Steppe
    oder führen uns an bittere Wasser.
    Sie reizen unsere Begierden,
    Aber füttern unsere Bäuche mit leeren Speisen.
    Sie leiten uns auf linken Pfaden,
    treu ihrem Schicksal.
    Wandern wir in glitzernden Schluchten aus Stein,
    So fürchtet wir alles,
    denn uns treiben zahllose Stöcke
    und Irrlichter leuchten uns.
    Sie decken unseren Tisch ab
    und zechen mit unseren „Freunden“.
    Sie leeren unsere Becher,
    scheren unser Haupt
    und verteilen unser Gewand an andere.
    Auflösung und Ablösung
    ereilen uns in ihrem Haus in kurzer Frist
    bis zum Letzten des Stammes!

    I gave my best to translate it:

    Psalm 23 for our days:
    Oh, so many Lords are our shepherds!
    They promise all, but make us lie down in bleak pastures.
    They lead us beside bitter waters.
    They make suffering our souls.
    They lead us in paths of dhimmitude
    for Allah`s name.
    They lead us in the valley of the shadow of death
    and we will fear multiple evil,
    for they betray us.
    Their rod and their staff,
    are beating us.
    They prepare a empty table before our eyes
    and feed our enemies;
    They cut our hairs with knives;
    our cup they gave away.
    Surely hell and pain shall follow us
    all the days of our life,
    and we shall dwell as slaves in the house of these Lords
    forever – not only for 12 years!

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