The German Army Has Been Mobilized… To Help Migrants

The German army has been mobilized. But no goose-stepping this time. And Poland has nothing to fear: the Germans are simply using their military forces to help set up camps for migrants and provide logistical assistance for processing them.

Move aside, Hans and Heidi: Ahmed and Aisha represent Germany’s future:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

6 thoughts on “The German Army Has Been Mobilized… To Help Migrants

  1. Yep, just some generic migrants. No need to worry about what kind of things they believe in, what their purpose might be, what they’ve done in the past, or whether or not they’re working for anyone in particular. Why scan their fingerprints? Isn’t that just unreasonably paranoid?

    Nothing to see here, Frau, just move along.

  2. I remember some kind of “clock” that one group of scientists or the other used to tell us how close we were to nuclear war. It was always “5 minutes to midnight” or 2 minutes to midnight” or some such rubbish. What is the clock telling us about how close we are to civil war in Europe?

  3. And the British government, unable to stem the flood of muslim immigrants through the Channel Tunnel, has now decided to hit employers of immigrants and landlords who take them in. “The full force of governemnt machinery will be employed”, said a Minister.

    “the full force of the government machinery “. My God ! Immigrants beware ! Although I suspect that the only machinery that our wonderful government is familiar with is a coffee maker. Re the article today which stated German army mobilized. I was concerned about jackboots on the march again, but no worries, the mighty German army has been mobilized – to help muslim immigrants set up camps. It’s a hard world. One day you are marching into Poland intent on taking over the world. The next day you are wiping muslim [posteriors]. I feel for them. I really do.

    • I will believe this, when Tommy Robinson can rejoin EDL and make demonstrations unmolested by the Police.
      And of course if this Demonstration is protected by the Police against the ANTIFA.

      Right now this announcement is to me nothing more than a smokescreen. Something you can see, but not touch.

  4. The flow of migrants must be stopped at the source, the boats must be seized or destroyed before they can be loaded, the level of benefits must be cut. If there is no free lunch the horde will slow to a trickle. None of this will change until the people rise up and vote out the bleeding heart politicians who are all talk and no action.

    • “The flow of migrants must be stopped at the source…, etc”

      HOW?? BY WHOM??

      First, cui bono?Those boat owners are making boatloads of money off these people.
      Second, the welfare state is so ingrained that “free lunches” will be continue to be eaten until there are no more taxpayers left to pony up for the pickles and cheese, and no more pickles and cheese manufacturers bec they’ve all been driven out of business by taxes and regulation…

      No one is willing to “rise up”. They have only to look at Tommy Robinson’s fate to decline such a suicidal mission.

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