The European “Migration” Crisis

Ezra Levant of talks to Simon Kent of Breitbart UK about what is commonly referred to as the “European migration crisis”. The word “invasion” is not generally used. The discussion is aimed at a North American audience that might be largely unfamiliar with current events in Europe:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

18 thoughts on “The European “Migration” Crisis

  1. Disappointingly tame. True, the main facts were there, but altogether too low key to rouse people.

    We are in a third world war, western survival rests on the outcome and Ezra and Simon have all the enthusiasm of a bored newsreader; Canada is soundly asleep and on FOX news south of the border all they can talk about is abortion, Planned Parenthood and the American election which is still over a year away.

    We are in trouble; thank goodness for three Americans, a Brit and a Frenchman who were ‘awake’ and did the right thing. The muslim is reported to be laughing, pity they didn’t kill the sod.

    • The Wall Street crash of 1929. Nobody was listening. Business as usual. Some very stupid evil or evil stupid is betting on Islam. Imagine.

  2. Concerning free movement across Europe for terrorists, Ezra Levant says:
    “That was not contemplated twenty years ago”.
    Actually, it was. As with the EU itself, dishonestly proclaimed as for “economic benefit” by Jean Monnet, the high-sounding “Core Values” of Free Movement, Asylum Granting, and Welfare Provision were and are dishonestly vaunted as of “economic benefit”. Peter Sutherland, UN spokesman on migration, tells the real reason:
    “We will utilize mass immigration and multiculturalism to destroy the nation states of Europe. Because unless we destroy them we cannot politically control them.”
    The migration invasion is EU-driven.

    • Making the ‘rich pay’
      Distribution of wealth = jizya

      European taxpayers are financing the invasion. This is according to the law – of sharia.

      When will The European Taxpayer realize this?
      When will The European Taxpayer realize where his money goes?
      When will The European Taxpayer realize that he will not get the services he was told he was paying taxes to get later?

    • I’m fed up with this reliance on spurious quotes. This juicy Sutherland quote gets zero support in Google searching apart from Paul Weston, who cites no source. If it is genuine, please somebody provide a link with time and place of utterance.

      • Paul Weston is careful with his quotes: I do not know his source for the “destroy the nation states of Europe” quotation.

        Peter Sutherland has scolded already swamped Britain for not “accommodating more readily those from other backgrounds”. He is patronising and dismissive about traditional British identities which for him are just so unfashionable.: “…we… ourselves …who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others…..”.
        “And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”
        This was recorded by the BBC (

      • Sutherland isn’t just a spokesman, he IS the enabling bureaucrat behind Brussels sanctioned mass invasion of Europe by multiculturalists.

        He disgusts me. I literally could not believe this cretin was Irish when I first viewed the following video of his views of destroying the concept of national integrity.

        Peter (money money money) Sutherland – House of Lords “EU home affairs sub-committee” Questions:

        He shatters my perception of the relative universality of the values and morals that were imbued in Irish nationals as a function of being a Christian force for good in the world.

        Many, many Irishmen and women gave their lives over the centuries to preserve Christian, Celtic Irish uniqueness and now this piece of walking human excrement would obliterate it all in a few generations in pursuit of …what? …Money and control.

        I never thought I would see the day where the houndish baying of dysfunctional, anti-humanity degenerates emanating from minarets would be an acceptable component of the Irish mosaic. It has arrived.
        Christian Ireland is dying as the islamic rot that is destroying the cultural underpinnings of continental Europe and the UK and is burrowing in in the USA and Canada and Australia has spread there.

        Dying more slowly than their neighbours perhaps but dying all the same.

        What happened to the ‘Rebel’ Irishman? What happened to the type of Irish man and woman who willingly marched to their certain death in 1916 to fight for what their antecedeants had fought for, century after century – FREEDOM?

        Other videos about this traitor.
        Peter Sutherland: Unlimited immigration into Europe from Africa is a benefit:

        Goldman Sachs Peter Sutherland Confronted at Bilderberg: Sweats BALLS:

    • I think I remember reading somewhere or other back in 1969 about a well known politician’s concern regards the multi cult nightmare unfolding in England. That was over forty years ago. Let’s hope it doesn’t go on for another forty years or so until it’s a Muslim majority politician calling for the eradication of the remnants of that multi-cult nightmare. Who would have thought it could get this stupid. Anything is now possible – it seems.

      • That was Enoch Powell, the best prime misister that Britain never had. An intellectual man, fluent in multiple languages and a war veteran. Aswell as warning against the future of multiculturalism, he also made a similar speech warning against EU membership in the early 70’s.

        Maybe if we had listened then England would still be ‘our green pleasant land’.

      • “I see the River Tiber foaming with blood”,
        (a quotation from Virgil)
        Enoch Powell M.P., former professor of Classics

  3. Immigrants are not swarming upon Europe as a place of peaceful refuge. They seek out those nations with the most generous benefits systems where they think they will receive the most financial support – paid for financially by us European tax payers and politically by our forefathers whose sacrifices enabled us to live in advanced societies.

    They do not intend to integrate into our societies as they cannot (by the dictates of their supremacist religion) add to our cultural mix or contribute to further successes and advancements. They are here to take from us. That is all.

    Which is of course why these immigrants represent a threat to Europe. They have no loyalty to our culture, way of life, and as the majority of these people follow a totalitarian, intolerant theocracy are at odds with our most fundamental concepts of society and individualism. They just want to have their cake and eat it. They want our wealth – but with their own culture.

    Also we besieged Europeans cannot afford to support the third world population of the entire planet. Third world peoples largely have nothing to contribute to our societies, even without considering their cultural background – Islam that is such that these people will unceasingly strive for dominance and superiority – which always leads to conflict.

  4. The rich countries can no longer be a haven for the poor of the earth. Like the Roman Empire the west is being overwhelmed by people searching for a better life-but we no longer have the growing economy for them.

    I feel bad for the citizens of Europe. All we in America have to deel with are the central Americans. At least they will fit in to our culture. But these Muslims are like the barbarians of the romans era–they just want to devour and destroy.

    Also family structure here is dying. Abortion and no-fault devorce are wiping us out.

    • Once the disaster is growing, there will be Europeans asking that the intruders be returned to their own lands. And then the mohammetans will start crying about ‘being victims, the modern day Jews’ – referring to Holocaust, which in turn will prevent European governments from taking action.

      In turn, there will be more tensions by Europeans who cannot sit quietly watching their heritage being redistributed to the intruders.

      No matter what, the Europeans will be blamed, and no matter what, the Europeans will lose.

      Unless, the Europeans themselves, take the lead of their nations respectively.

    • I think you may need to pay more attention. Maybe very soon all we American will have to deal with are Muslims. Already Muslims are creating more concern and chaos than all the God fearing Christian people of the Americas combined.

  5. The political caution is interesting in attempting to reconcile the progressive conservative economic persuasion for the free movement of people across borders with the present swarm reality.

    At this point in time the numbers being witnessed on our TV screens rolling over Europe’s borders are small beer in comparison to what has come before. Over the last twenty years and more the what you don’t see won’t hurt you free movement of people swarm has been more than encouraged as a plank economic policy by progressive conservatives in the UK indeed this is what the left meant by rubbing the rights nose in immigration.

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