The End of Western Civilization

The following speech by Paul Weston was given at a meeting of Swinton Circle in London on July 31, 2015. In it he discusses the “red-green alliance” and the cultural destruction it has wrought on Britain, Europe, and the entire Western world:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

14 thoughts on “The End of Western Civilization

  1. True and powerful. But if we are talking about “Western” rather than European, Red-Green won’t do; it’s not exhaustive enough. The full scope of the alliance in the Western world is Red-Green-Brown-Black-Rainbow. In the U.S., for instance, the following news transpired today, dealing exclusively with the Aztec-Maya deluge (figure of speech, not 100% correct):

    USA To Issue More New Green Cards In Next Ten Years Than Populations of IA, NH and SC – COMBINED…

    Report warns of ‘backlash’ against whites…

    ‘Latinization of United States’…

    29% of population by 2050…

    Fiscal strain on rural counties as Feds release illegals…

    Ankle monitors after detention…

    Aliens work — for $1 to $3 a day…

    Plus, a “Hispanic” majority California town, HuntigntonPpark, where “legal” “Hispanics” on the city council started appointing illegal invader “Hispanics” to city council.

    How long can the United States remain what it was, under this onslaught? How long can Western civilization survive in its territory?

    • “Backlash against whites” — to punish us, I suppose, for all that Spanish-language accommodation, the eager provision of welfare benefits, the “affirmative action” advantages, the worship of “diversity,” the nurturing of ethnic-grievance industries, the constant breast-beating over white guilt, and, of course, the temerity to build a superior society and invite others in to share its riches.

      Yes, there’s so very much that demands backlashing against, isn’t there?

    • Yes I agree with Paul, we all do, but just how do we keep on fighting; to fight means to talk, argue, discuss, and how do we do that with people who will not listen, who are either too dumb, or have just closed their ears?

      I noticed Paul touched on the fact that there are no older people anymore at the BBC, of course not, they employ only younger people who have grown up (?) to accept the present situation as the norm, i.e. they are inured and don’t want to hear about the free, safe country they once had only 50 years ago, which is the reason why only a small crowd of people attended the speech given by this patriot. Depressing.

  2. Looking at the current UK situation as regards immigrant hordes at Calais is very similar.

    Those swarms of migrants are attracted to the UK as there are already others similar to themselves here who have set up networks that enable them to stay here – access to social benefits, asylum advice, housing, illegal employment. In all of our Western nations the ingredients for this recipe for disaster exists and will lead to our cultural downfall. Unless there is radical change and soon our culture will be destroyed.

    It’s not just the downfall of Western culture. It’s potentially the start of the downfall of our species.

  3. Weston has nailed it. One cannot properly comprehend contemporary Western culture and what ails it without understanding the role of the Frankfurt School: Marcuse, Lukacs, Adorno, Reich, etc.

    Weston touches on two points without going deep enough: the destruction of the British automotive engineering industry by trade union militancy directed from Moscow; and the destruction of the British education system. Weston doesn’t state it, but the latter was destroyed by the near complete abolition of the grammar school system. I personally believe this was the greatest single disaster to befall Britain in the post-war period. The effects of socialism and nationalization 1945-79 could be slowly repaired, the effects of the destruction of the education system could not.

    For decades a huge cohort of British working class and lower middle class children received a superb free education through the grammar school system and it contributed mightily to social mobility. The Left, many of the leaders of which were products of grammar schools, sought to destroy it because it was academically selective – kids who did well in their 11plus exams won entry to a grammar school, kids who didn’t didn’t. This was thought to be bad for their self esteem!

    The grammar school system was excoriated as “elitist”, yet its abolition had the effect of widening the class gap by removing the principal mechanism of social mobility and thus entrenching the elites. Who could afford to send their none too bright progeny to “public”, ie private, schools. Think Cameron, Clegg and just about every British political leader from the Tories and Liberals. Margaret Thatcher was a grammar school girl and it showed.

  4. Paul Weston is full of good sense and good ideas. Perhaps the next Churchill, but England is so lost these days. So lost. They have forgotten who they are.

    I remember the old England. What the heck is the Queen doing? Shouldn’t she be defending English Civilization? Isn’t that her job? Or perhaps she is now senile and then her stupid Muslim son will take over and England will finally be dead.

    • I agree. I don’t know if the sovereign’s exercising the slightest intellectual or political independence from the government would be a bona fide constitutional crisis in Britain but I’d think all understandings would be null and void when the government obviously sets out to destroy the historic people of Britain.

      “Oh, that!”

      That her true subjects would be preserved at all costs would seem to me to be a gigantic implied condition of any assent to keeping the royal yap shut.

      A variant exists in the U.S. where one would think that the Supreme Court would interpret the Constitution in such a way as not to inundate white America with “anchor babies” and not to saddle us with millions upon millions upon millions of welfare parasites and competitors for jobs who are ALSO illegal aliens. “Person” in the 14th Amendment applied to newly-freed slaves not Zulus, Arabs, or Mexicans who decide they wish to live in America regardless of our immigration laws. It’s absurd that an illegal alien Cameroonian would be entitled to the “equal protection of the laws.” Could I have an “amen” on that?

      The situations are not identical except for the fact that the government in both countries has embarked upon a course of national, cultural, racial, and political suicide. I can raise my voice in the U.S. but I have nothing like the visibility and authority of the queen and she can do much to frame the future course of Britain by merely raising her pinky. Which she disdains to do. At least she is hanging on for dear life to prevent the pathetic, Muslim-loving son of hers from becoming, ugh, king.

  5. Any “conservative” had better read Hayek’s “Why I Am Not A Conservative”. Without a radical alternative programme, conservatives just end up being slowcialists.

    • Indeed. Leftists are quite happy to argue that a true “conservative” is someone who accepts the status quo, when it means accepting every leftist victory as a fait accompli. Any effort to roll back those victories is deemed “radical” or “extreme.” Trying to block left-socialist designs is characterized as a perverse effort to thwart the natural flow of history.

      Many people who call themselves “conservative” seem inclined to accept this way of thinking, or at least they’re disinclined to argue against it. They’re horrified at the thought of being called radical reactionaries; they imagine that it’s more mature to accept leftist victories and relocate the “conservative” position accordingly. And they’re much too willing to accept the notion that society has simply “evolved” in a certain direction, when that trajectory is actually the result of an aggressive, relentless ideological campaign.

      • True. The left has been shifting the goal posts leftwards for 100 years now, and Conservatives keep playing ball on the same field, acting as though the goal posts are not highly mobile, in one direction only.

        The question is, “What to conserve?” Conservatives have not managed to answer that properly since the early 50s. They crashed and beached their boat on the Left-erected rocks of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Nationality, Gender and Sexual Orientation. And in other things, they stupidly yielded to the Left issues that Conservatives should have owned, e.g. conservation of the environment and nature, conservation of the West’s industries and pools of jobs, protection of the people from the banksters’ depredations etc., etc.

        • Watching the GOP for almost 4 decades I’ve come to conclusion that it isn’t a party of Conservatives but a vehicle for wealthy businessmen and professional politicians to get what they want from the government. They just pretend at being conservative on some social issues but inevitably fold under pressure because they don’t really care.

          And when I look at what they support in terms of policies it’s often at odds for what is good for the country and people. Disastrous trade treaties that only serve to impoverish the working and middle-class(which is now dying). The mass importation of foreign workers to replace Americans(H1-B and L-1 work visas). Mass off-shoring of service work(manufacturing went a decade ago, now it’s help desk and anything that can be done remotely). Their collective silence on illegal immigration(which only stopped when Trump got in). Their collective support for TPP.

          Collectively these constitute a a economic and cultural death sentence for the country. Yet the GOP thinks it’s all good. Good for the those at the very top who often are their paymasters as well, bad for everyone else.

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