Take That, PEGIDA!

Saxony and Germany have open borders within the EU, and the EU is now committed to accommodating every single illegal immigrant who manages to cross the Mediterranean to Italy or Greece. Despite the wishes of the general public (as expressed by PEGIDA and other anti-immigration groups), the German government has committed to take in the country’s allotted share of migrants.

JLH, who translated the following article about what is happening in Saxony, includes this note:

On the heels of the article that revealed there is still a lot of strength in Dresden’s PEGIDA, and the continued pretense by the mass media that it has sunk out of sight, here is an ominous little article that confirms the movement’s worst fears about the situation and the politicians who control it.

The translated article from today’s Sächsische Zeitung:

Tillich Commits Saxony to New Wave of Refugees

by Annette Binninger and Thilo Alexe
August 13, 2015

“A profound humanitarian duty to meet people without prejudice and treat them accordingly” — In an exclusive interview, Saxony’s governor, Stanislaw Tillich, explains how his administration’s plans are to be carried out.

Dresden: Governor Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) is preparing the Saxon Free State for the dramatically increasing number of refugees. As early as this August, Saxony will have to expect more than 5,000 new asylum seekers, the chief executive told the Sächsische Zeitung. He was referring to calculations of the Saxony regional office. That would mean approximately 200 refugees arriving per day. The federal agency for immigration has promised a new prognosis in the next days.

Tillich said: “We will have to expect consistently high numbers of refugees in the next months.” Therefore, the state intends to expand the capacity for initial reception of refugees. By the cabinet meeting on August 25th, there is expected to be a plan which will also contain sites for accommodations. The governor is not yet giving numbers or possible locations. At any rate, the refugees are expected to be primarily accommodated in Saxony’s three major cities.* Beginning in the autumn, all the refugee tents in Saxony are to be replaced by permanent accommodations, said Tillich. “Tent camps are and will be only an emergency solution.”

Tillich advocated for an orderly intake of the refugees. It is, he said, “a profound humanitarian duty to meet people without prejudice and treat them accordingly.” He was reserved in his comments on the demands of the police union and the Saxon CDU contingent to reinstate German border controls. The first order of business, he said, is to secure the borders of the EU. Should that not succeed, then a debate on other measures would be appropriate.

*   In descending order, the three largest cities in Saxony are Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz.

7 thoughts on “Take That, PEGIDA!

  1. >> to meet people without prejudice and treat them accordingly <<

    By towing all their boats lovingly, gently, and respectfully back to Libya.

    Saxon Governor Tillich inflicts misery on his "own" people, then he repeats this and repeats this and repeats this and repeats this until their lives are an unrecognizable hell with no-go zones, car burnings, rape, and hand grenade festivals the least of any Saxon's worries. All the while, nothing is done to stem the exodus from Africa or change the hellish dynamics of that continent.

    This is state-of-the-art, 21st-c., N. European, first-world statecraft: the knee jerk transplantation of misery from foreign lands to suffocate and destroy one's own home.

    But do not fret. This is done under the banner of "non-prejudicial, profound, humanitarian duty."

    To summon up the most brutally frank, truthful, accurate description of this madness, it is exactly like a physician's introduction of gangrene in the foot of a patient. It is not immediately fatal but the long-term consequences are not a mystery. They really aren't.

    The deliberate act is an unspeakable betrayal of medical ethics, a crime, but would any sane, decent person say this is compassion? But what Western politicians FAIL to say that comparable political actions are compassionate?

  2. Dresden was firebombed during WWII and tens of thousands killed. So they are already familiar what is coming to their city.

  3. The EUSSR socialist army continues in its forced march toward Utopia, ignoring the attrition rate. How long until they realize this destination doesn’t exist?

  4. And yet there is something even more curious than the establishment’s open contempt for the people in whose interest it purports to act, that is the continued electoral support of the establishment by subjects of its contempt. Where’s the sense?

    • …by *the subjects* of its contempt.

      (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wished there was an ‘edit’ function – should take more care I suppose.)

  5. This is “unsustainable,” a concept the left loves to scold the rest of us about.

    These refugees have no intention of assimilating into German culture. German voters will soon turn against politicians and elites who are allowing this to happen and who are stuffing these people into various areas of Germany. This will result in populists being elected to office, and a thus drastic change in the mood of the government. This will be a substantial perturbation of the status quo.

  6. It just occurred to me. Maybe that instead just protesting for this specific issue and asking for the government to change their stance on immigration, PEGIDA should start protesting asking for the resignation of Angela Merkel and her gov because the mishandling of this issue, unconditional resignation, no more “but” or “slightly ok” or negotiations. This way the message is at least clear for the confused ones about whos’ fault it is and who must pay.

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