Sunny’s Baaack!

One of my favorite satirists was is a young woman named Sunny. She disappeared a while ago, much to my disappointment. And now, after making, producing and raising a baby, she has returned. Motherhood hasn’t changed her inimitable style, though she may be a bit more bleepy than used to be the case. Or maybe it’s the subject matter…

She’s got them White Privilege Blues. That means she’s frustrated trying to ‘reason’ with people who don’t use reason to make their arguments:

I’m glad she hasn’t lost her satirical edge, but her work is certainly more of an uphill battle than it was even in the relatively short time she was away from the screen procreating.

You go, girl! Please make another one just like the one you mentioned. Yes, you may wait a year or two, but, please! we desperately need more Sunnys in the world.

7 thoughts on “Sunny’s Baaack!

  1. Speaking of white privilege, the most white-privileged people in the world are the Albanians. Their very name means “white”, being derived from the Latin adjective albus/alba/album, which means “white” (and which is related to “albino” and “albedo”). And Albania is a majority-Muslim country, so in addition to their skin-tone superiority, they enjoy the privileges of the world’s most superior religion.

    Other privileged whites include the residents of,_New_York
    and .

  2. Very charming and unassumingly incisive. I know quite a few supposed non-Leftists (hence I call them “PC MCs”) who would likely squirm uncomfortably in their seats whilst watching this.

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