Policeman in Germany — A Dream Job

The following video shows what a policeman’s job is like in Modern Multicultural Berlin. Below are the notes that accompanied the original clip, translated from the German:

Published on 24 August 2015

S***head cops Nazis, victims, sons of bitches, freaks”. As a big-city cop, you have a lot to endure nowadays.

The starting point of this video was an everyday emergency: A welfare centre in Berlin-Wedding calls the police for help because a black African on drugs is threatening people.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, there are aggressive, rowdy young “German” professionals with an immigrant background who insult the policemen, harass and attack them and impede their work. Phrases like: “May Allah destroy them, these sons of bitches” are heard. [Note from the translator: Their German is bad with — I think — heavy Arabic accents.]

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:04   What’s happening? Slowly…
0:08   [unclear — the German is broken and
0:12   heavily accented] Fatso (?)
0:16   [unclear]
0:20   Shut your trap, man.
0:24   Do you want to beat me or what?
0:28   Fat one, what kind of people are you?
0:32   What people are you, you sons of whores?
0:36   sons of whores
0:40   sons of whores
0:44   [unclear — Arabic? Turkish?]
0:48   sons of whores
0:52   sons of whores
0:56   s*** dirty cops
1:00   sons of whores
1:04   What miscarriages,
1:08   that’s typically democratic,
1:12   typical democracy.
1:16   These sons of whores, you are Nazis.

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16 thoughts on “Policeman in Germany — A Dream Job

  1. If only we could all be culturally enriched like that. Wouldn’t the whole world be a better place?

  2. Their german is impeccable. They speak the typical rag head german which pronounces the K strongly, and their mouths form always a slight round o, and so I can always immediately tell when a young muslim speaks. They also use slang words like ‘eh alter’, ‘hey old man’, or ‘halt doch mal die fresse mann’, ‘shut your trap man’.

    But the german is very impeccable. Those are young muslims who have grown up in germany.

  3. Oh yeah, “Hurensöhne” is their favorite word. (Sons of whores)

    Everyody is a Hure, a whore. Whenever you get in a spat with a culturally enriched yuf, the first word coming out of his mouth will be HURE. Whore.

    In fact, my then 6 year old daughter was called a Hure because she would not comply with sexual demands from two culturally enriched yufs 8 and 10 years old, on her way home from school in Switzerland.

    • I wonder if the daughters of leading politicians bringing the multi-kulti paradise to more and more towns and villages are also called “Huren” by the Culturally Enriching newcomers?

      • Oh I am sure they are.

        They call everybody whores. Because they’re obsessed with whores.

        • Then why do such politicians encourage more and more of them to arrive – and make the problem worse? Or do they enjoy it, when their wives and daughters are called such names?!

  4. So this is the great German multi-kulti paradise in action…

    And the Germans love it so much, that they’re eager to bring it to small towns and villages all over Germany, and remould them in the style of Berlin-Kreuzberg using reception centres to house the current waves of “migrants”?

  5. Well, Mrs Merkel once said that German people would have to “Grit their teeth” when subjected to unsustainable numbers of islamic immigrants and their behaviour.

  6. These ‘messengers of peace’ were using their mobile phones to record any instance of the police failing to show due reverence to their social, religious, and cultural sensibilites which they know the mainstream media would greedily consume and regurgitate as vomit to be smeared on the police in particular and on white men and western society in general. That’s what they call democracy.

    How close are these police officers to boiling point?

  7. I have enormous respect for the regular police man and woman who tries to do his/her job in extremely difficult circumstances. They get paid an average salary, have to work at night and during weekends and can often not use up their overtime because of shortage of staff. They are confronted with thugs all the time and are supposed to remain calm and composed, and show respect to morons who do not even know what that word means (even though they talk all the time about how we have to RESPECT them). I would perfectly understand if one day some police man or woman would lose his/her patience and beat the hell out of these lowlives who insult them. It would be just what they deserve. And as a matter of fact, when I see these guys in action, I often think that they have not been spanked enough as kids. Now I normally think that physical abuse of children should not be accepted but I think that once in a while, when a kid has done something that is really wrong, a good spanking has a thousand times more impact than whatever dialogue you have with that kid. It is known that there is a problem with the education of boys of North African origin because they are treated like princes by their mothers and the fathers do not care about the education of their sons (whereas in Turkish culture men are said to watch over young boys, even those who are not their son).
    In any case, I think that whoever insults a cop should be arrested and get condamned. Authority figures, cops, the military, teachers, public servants should be treated with respect.

  8. The migrant flows that started decades ago have culminated, because of increasingly stupid policies, into the insane disaster and disintegration we see today. Of course this disintegration is not only being caused by migrant flows but by an un-elected EU Commission, a US-led NATO, a highly mislead public (dumb bought-leaders and a stupid electorate) and social engineering the Nazis would have envied. Speaking as a European about Europeans: most have become soft and spineless and will not stand up for their rights and prefer to give away their freedoms for “security”. Maybe subconsciously they have accepted the extinction of their traditional old style “Europeanism” and their culture thanks also to identity politics and the therapeutic society where everyone is considered weak. Most don’t even attempt to wrap their little minds around it but they will get a shock when the problem actually arrives on their doorstep.

    The main argument by Muslims concerning their Islamic God: if you don’t believe in it then they have the right to treat you any way they want which includes becoming your masters.

    When will we Europeans learn? Probably when it is too late.Like Cicero said, fools learn by experience.

  9. The states of Europe don’t seem to grasp that if immigrants from Muslim countries can initiate the verbal abuse of police officers without any adverse consequences the whole fabric of their societies will be torn apart.

    Such immigrants hold the police of those societies and representatives of law and order in utter contempt, precisely because the police are obliged to tolerate their abuse. This contempt extends to the whole of those societies.

    Try abusing a police officer in Morocco, Turkey or Pakistan by calling him a son of a whore and you’ll wake up in jail in serious pain. Or not wake up at all. This is the comparative mental benchmark immigrants from such countries living in Europe have. That is: Wow, you can say anything you want to the police here and they don’t do a thing to you!

    Imagine if the police response was: endeavor to arrest the verbal abuser and, if resisted, a blow from a truncheon/nightstick to the collar bone, upper arm or shin, handcuffs slapped on and taken away to holding cells with the verbal abuser is brought into court the next morning facing charges of “Using offensive language to an officer of the law”, “Disturbing the peace”, “Resisting Arrest” and (where there’s a group of abusers) “Affray”. You’d never see such a video again.

    • However, you may see a riot… Hence the police are instructed to go easy on them, and avoid being “provoked”?

      Agree totally though – the lack of a police response must be seen as a weakness (what would such an immigrant do, if words like that were used about his family?!), which in turn emboldens them into acting similarly towards the rest of society…

      Perhaps even an occasional riot could serve to get people talking, discussing the root causes, and waking up to what’s happening? Otherwise, by the time the Germans become aware, could they already be a minority in their own country?!

  10. Europe is very much to blame for this, for European governments supported the ‘Arab Spring’, the destruction of Libya, and now they are working against Assad instead of helping him to fight ISIS.

    European leaders must stop destabilising Muslim countries in the name of ‘democracy (democracy is simply impossible in a Muslim country). They must support secular dictators and do what they can to stop the genocide of Christians and other religious minorities.

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