Police Collude with Terrorists

If you made a syllogism of this story from The Daily Mirror, my headline is accurate.

A computer-printed threat was shoved through the mail slot of a military family’s home in Lincolnshire. Its contents so scared the family who received it that they’ve fled their home.

An image of the letter is at the Mirror’s page, but here is the text:


The Holy War For Islam

A warning to the brides of British Soldier

You have been identified as an unbeliever and a bride of a
murderer of the servants of Allah in the Holy Land

Our peoples have suffered at the hands of your husband
who have murdered, killed and raped our women and

We the servants of Allah intend to avenge our peoples
by destroying the families of unbelievers in the land of hate.

You along with many others will pay the prices
for your husband’s destruction in the Holy Land.

We now know where you live and will begin to destroy the
unbelievers and their families as they have done to us.

The Circle of Allah
Avengers Serving Allah

So what did the police do? They said this was an isolated incident, and then they warned military families to keep their yaps shut on social media. Just as they warned Tommy Robinson not to retweet what was being said/threatened by those thugs. The Anglosphere has morphed into a bunch of peace-for-our-time appeasers.

A reasonable person is bound to ask if the police have made some Faustian bargain with the terrorists: we’ll keep them cowed and in return you leave us alone. Or summat like that.

We Americans are no better off, sadly. The naval officer who wisely took his sidearm to work at the recruiting office is being charged for doing so.

16 thoughts on “Police Collude with Terrorists

  1. ” The Anglosphere has morphed into a bunch of peace-for-our-time appeasers.”

    Neville Chamberlain was not a traitor: He was just simple, innocent, and had some faith in God and therefore humanity. He could not imagine that Hitler, who looked like humans would do something as he did. No one could have imagined western powers would do something as they did to Yugoslavia. No one would have imagined that a friend like Shah of Iran, a friend, would be betrayed as they did and replace him with mullahs. Why? No one knows not even the perpetrators.

    British police have no say under the dictatorship : successive elected governments import invaders relentlessly. Police can only obey. Voters are stupid: they go and vote. For what they don’t know. It is a mindless habit.

    The Church cannot say anything for fear of being blamed as acting the same way as it did in the middle ages: i.e. opposing islam. It is bad to oppose islam because it means no invasion of the west.: and who will want that?

    • At the time, Chamberlain was a member of ‘Chatham House’ the British arm of the CFR.

      Stalin’s rise to power was fraught with strange incidents where he was able to walk away from the Okrana (Czarist secret police) when other ‘terrorists’ were shot. One is reasonably justified in speculating that Stalin had a sponsor, and that he was able to ‘buy’ his way into the Bolshevik hierarchy in some way. Lenin was not stupid, he knew that the position of General Secretary was very powerful, one has to wonder why Stalin, who appears to have been mistrusted, got this position.

      I find the accepted history of the Munich Crisis very unsatisfactory. I cannot help but feel that there was a lot more going on there than just ‘peace in our time’. The acquisition of the considerable Czech military capability enabled the next phase of the destruction of western Europe, France was invaded with Skoda tanks, amongst others.

      The secret codicils of the Hitler/Stalin pact carved up Europe between the two despots, both striving to create a new world order and a ‘new man’. Barbarossa happened because something fell apart, Stalin had decided to stop Germany, and positioned troops ready to attack.

      Was this personal treachery? Or orders from above? we may never know.

      What we do know is that military imposition of the NWO failed, but the cultural (Marxist) imposition of the NWO has been much more successful.

      • Diana West has pretty thoroughly documented in her book the US government was riddled with Communist agents at the time. The Communist influence in Britain has been, if anything, documented even earlier and more thoroughly. Russia and Germany were for all practical purposes allies by that time. It’s certainly reasonable to speculate that the communist agents in the British government encouraged the Munich surrender.

        I’m not sure there is logical support for the proposition that Stalin was taking orders from anyone else, particularly after he achieved power. He may have been an Okrana informant: there is nothing in his history to suggest moral qualms about anything. But, once the Czarist government was eliminated, there was no reason for Stalin to maintain loyalty to anyone but himself.

        Lenin has two top contenders for succession: Trotsky and Stalin, and didn’t like either of them. Once he had his stroke, he was not really able to control events, and Stalin was by far the better bureaucratic in-fighter.

        I have seen several websites make the claim that Stalin/Russia was stockpiling munitions and armor on the boundary between the Russian and German empire, and that Barbarossa was a German preemptive strike. I have no idea how to evaluate that claim.

        But, once Barbarossa began, Hitler went way, way beyond defensive warfare, losing massive amounts of men and material trying to conquer and subdue the Soviet territory. Like Lee at Gettysburg, he staked everything on a massive push, and lost his ability to control and bottle up his enemy. In other words, the hypothesis that Hitler was simply trying to co-opt a Soviet attack is not refuted, but has some serious problems.

    • How about Britain for the British, and Musulmen to Islamdom?
      Now I realize the next call will be Jews to Judea, which is fine by me. Judea will welcome all returning Jews. I dont know if 23 Arab states will welcome their returning-repatriated brothers they had sent on a mission from Allah to Dar Al harb.

  2. The person or persons who wrote this missive are dangerously deranged. I say to them, how many women were raped by British soldiers in the “Holy Lands?” I do not believe there were any. Supporters of islam are invariably liars just as their so-called religion is itself based on a lie.

    I think the time is coming when British people realise how they have been betrayed by their ruling elites and rise up against them.

  3. The establishment in Britain fear the consequences of the great unwashed, us plebs if we unite against those supremacists (steadily, inch by inch taking control of our nation) – more than they fear the invaders themselves. Although this is a balance – which is worse? Allowing an invading culture to take over and ruin our nation, or allowing the innately violent plebs off the leash?
    I’d personally take a third option – Complete control of Britain’s borders and immigration stopped, the cessation of further Islamisation of Britain – managed by our “current” establishment – who can them maintain their material wealth and our national integrity.

  4. I read a piece on Yahoo this morning regarding WWII — another end-times period in history but somebody had the guts to fight it. Where are we today? Anybody in government look like they have any guts?

    In WWII, we (Truman) had the guts to bomb Japan, thus ending the war. Who today has the guts to bomb Iran, thus ending the war? NOBODY. Israel would have the guts, but they are right there, in the midst of all that hatred.

    Oh well, time to KYAGB and just bear what happens next. Glad I am old, but feel very sorry for the kids and grandkids.

  5. It is a statement of some sort that a policy of street politics based upon violence, the very same used by the S.A. to deny the Communists control of German cities, may be the best hope of the indigenous British against the hordes of Bronze Age infiltrators.

    At least, they won’t march in goose-step.

    • Should we hold our breath on this?

      Its source reminds me: on Twitter yesterday there was a BBC tweet saying how shocked they’d been about Jimmy what’s-his-face’s behavior…Jimmy Savil?

      We have a minor version of that here in the U.S. with the Bill Cosby revelations…but what I noticed is that his behavior was every bit as compulsive as Bill Clinton’s was/is. Definitely all of these men encountered some kind of severe sexual abuse themselves in childhood. Sexual compulsion doesn’t just “happen” out of nowhere. In Cosby’s case, his “funny” descriptions of his life with his own dad were anything but funny; I never could understand laughing at a child’s pain but Cosby somehow translated it into a “safe” subject…

      EDITED to say: how come Cosby is being crucified while Billy’s willie gets off scott-free? Normally I find racist resentments tiresome, but I think blacks would have a fair question here if they dared to ask it.

      • Ah, but they can’t ask it, can they? According to liberal, “fake but accurate” lore, Slick Willy was the first black President.

  6. The police in the UK have turned into lazy cowards. The Rotherham situation is proof that the police force has been politicized to a ridiculous degree just as the federal justice department in the U.S. has. The Brits are just further along in the process.

    I wonder…. Are the police in the UK sworn to protect the citizens or are they sworn to protect the crown? Regardless of the formalities, which one have they actually been indoctrinated to serve?

    When I try to search for the oath I get conflicting answers. However I strongly suspect that they have effectively been indoctrinated to serve the hierarchy and not the law or the citizens.

    • Police can be cowed quite easily – just threaten to fire them or put them in jail. That’s what happened in Baltimore after the riots. The mayor and DA threatened the police so they simply stopped enforcing the law to a extent and let the locals kill one another in large numbers. The mayor and DA couldn’t care less how many are killed as a result.

      The same is going on in a number of other American cities as politicians demand the police back off on the cultural enrichers who commit most of the crimes.

  7. The phrase “just an isolated incedent ” was used by a well known politician after the murder of Lee Rigby ,it was Nigel Farage .
    That is why i didn’t vote U.K.I.P we need politicians who will meet this threat head on.
    Paul Weston has shown more courage than Farage but is a fringe player .

    • Agreed. Forage could go a lot further – many are waiting for him to do so.

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