Persecution of Christians and Rape of Yazidis Are No Concern to Islamists Living in the U.S…

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #182 — Persecution of Christians and Rape of Yazidis Are No Concern to Islamists Living in the U.S…

Except of course to disavow that these atrocities have anything to do with Islam.

Self-styled human rights Islamist activists living in the U.S. are talking about the same Islam that Memphis Imam Yasir Qadhi says deems Christians to be spiritually “filthy.” It’s the same Islam that Knoxville’s Islamic Annoor Academy’s textbook teaches about Christians leading “such decadent and immoral lives…” And the same Annoor Academy textbook teaches that the goal of the caliphate is, without exception, to follow the Quran, sharia law and the example of Muhammad:

“Muslims dream of establishing the power of Islam in the world. Muslims of all types and backgrounds agree that the Islamic system is the best for humanity in this life.”

According to the Quran, the Hadith and sharia law, the “Islamic system” includes slavery and rape of captured non-Muslim women and girls, and persecution of Christians who don’t submit to Islam. (Quran at 9:5, 9:29, sharia law at o9.8).

The torture of Yazidis and persecution of Christians by Islamists in the Middle East is reported daily. Yet, Islamist leaders such as Tennessee’s Daoud Abudiab and New York’s Linda Sarsour, who were publicly honored as human rights activists, remain silent.

Daoud Abudiab

Abudiab is a Palestinian who once lamented to the audience who had watched the anti-Israel film “5 Broken Cameras,” that “he was one of the ones that left.” Instead, he does his jihad in Tennessee by marketing the myth of Islamophobia to apologist Christians who prefer to ignore the very real and deadly persecution of Christians in Muslim majority countries.

Linda Sarsour

Sarsour, head of the Arab American Association of NY, was born in New York after her parents, both Palestinians from the West Bank, immigrated to the U.S. Identifying herself as a Palestinian-American, Sarsour’s platform of victimhood is twofold: alleged abuses of Palestinians by Israel and American discrimination and Islamophobia directed at Muslims living here. An “Open Letter to Muslim Feminist Linda Sarsour” asked her to speak out about the real victims, like the girls and women being enslaved and raped by ISIS jihadis.

Even Sarsour’s hometown newspaper, the leftist Jew- and Israel-hating New York Times, was willing to publish a lengthy expose on the issue — “ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape.”

Instead of discussing the reasons for the persecution of Christians and rape of Yazidis, Islamists in Tennessee try to buy a sympathy card for the Chattanooga jihad.

Islamists in Tennessee try to buy a sympathy card

After the jihadist murders in Chattanooga, Daoud Abudiab created a very public and self-congratulatory event in an effort to purchase goodwill for Tennessee’s Muslims. Twenty-two thousand dollars was raised by an interfaith group and donated to the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga for the jihadi slain servicemen’s children. Even though the money was raised from an interfaith group, the propaganda was designed to promote Abudiab’s Faith and Culture Center and in order to highlight Muslim participation as good neighbors.

The sole agenda of Abudiab’s Center is “Our Muslim Neighbor,” a project “directed at the public for the positive transformation of views about Muslims and Islam.” Religions for Peace USA (RPUSA) is targeting Middle Tennessee with the “Our Muslim Neighbor” project. Ironically, RPUSA, is itself tied to Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.S., and cites as support for its choice to target Tennessee, CAIR’s pronouncement that Middle Tennessee is “arguably one of the most Islamophobic areas in America.”

CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood operative, was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing prosecution in U.S. history for raising money and sending it to the designated terrorist organization HAMAS. In fact, CAIR’s national director, Nihad Awad, a frequent visitor to the Murfreesboro mosque, has publicly stated his support for HAMAS.

Are Muslims really the victims instead of the persecuted Christians or raped Yazidis?

The Faith and Culture Center’s website persists in the narrative that Muslims are victims of jihadists just like the infidels. But not being liked, being offended or even having your religion and prophet insulted, doesn’t make you a victim — of anything.

Abudiab and the rest of the self-pitying Muslim “human rights activists” who enjoy the freedom of living in the U.S. should take a lesson from the Canadian businessman who is helping to free Yazidi women and girls enslaved by ISIS, or the American Anti-Slavery group which worked for years freeing slaves in Sudan.

6 thoughts on “Persecution of Christians and Rape of Yazidis Are No Concern to Islamists Living in the U.S…

  1. I hate to tell these idiots, but somebody has to do it. Let it be me.

    Your religion is not appropriate in western, free-thinking countries, where people have the right to any religion they want, or no religion at all. That is what freedom of religion means.

    You all need to pack up your bags and go back to Iran or whatever Islamic country you came from. That is the only place in which you will feel comfortable.

    Please don’t let the door kick you in the [derrière] on the way out.

    Bye-bye! And good riddance.

  2. Baron, I would like to hear your thoughts as to what can be done about this invasion. There must be something we can do but I am not smart enough to know. However, if you devised a plan I would support it.

    I don’t actually hate them (I just dislike them) but enough is enough. We have a free country, “if we can keep it” as someone famous said. . . but what do we do?

    Europe is being killed by these feral people and I don’t want to see it happening here, not that it will, since we have guns and can defend ourselves, but it is still a problem.

    Why don’t they stay in their own countries? That is what I keep wondering about — why do they keep going to countries where many people do not like their habits (like rape, robbery, etc).

    I have to give England A+ on being really stupid on this problem, but then England has always been outstanding, right?

    • Like they say in Saudi Arabia and Quatar especially – ‘Screw democracy. Who needs it when we know that money talks and bs walks.’ Lobbyists agree. We vote in the characters who are owned by the Muslims and the lobbyists. All the above mentioned must have a good laugh in private. Maybe if our situation gets desperate enough some ‘thing’ might be done. So far all that’s been managed is removal of borders and buffer zones that checked and balanced ‘things’ somewhat. It seems the further away from WW2, the Cold War, and reading books about real history and the art of war the shallower we get. In the meantime the great not yet banned Koran brain washed keep demanding and getting concessions the Saudis and other oily characters have bought and paid for.

  3. This is a consequence of the miidle class western liberal world view that our leaders still subscribe to: The thinking is that given the opportunity every human being aspires to the liberal way.

    It’s kind of like allowing anyone to enter your house in the expectation that everyone will treat it with the same respect as you do.

  4. A stateside or Euroside Muslim might respond that as regards persecution of Christians and rape of Yazidis this is not his/ her responsibility. His/her brief is to undermine locally in the assigned kufar zone while supporting mayhem in other zones with manpower, financial support, and dissimination of propaganda to further confuse the already misguided, uninformed but still well meaning infidel floater. How CAIR and all the other shifty (shifting sands?) millions of jehadis and their organs have gotten this far is troubling.

  5. I live in Tennessee, therefore, I appreciate the information on the Islamic problem here. Act for America has a chapter here. Keep up the good work. Thanks

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