Outreach to the Shinto Community

How did President Bush’s response to 9-11 in 2001 compare with the words and actions of President Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor sixty years earlier?

As it happens, the reactions of the two presidents were surprisingly similar within their contemporaneous context. Vlad Tepes has ferreted out some rare footage from old newsreel archives that shows the longer version of FDR’s address to Congress on the day after the surprise attack by Japan. The first part of the president’s speech will be familiar to most readers, but the rest of his address is not as well known:

(Note: Yes, this is satire. Sort of.)

5 thoughts on “Outreach to the Shinto Community

  1. We recognized Shintoism as a religion of peace in August 1945, after having lost a couple thousand troops and sailors and a couple of hundred ships to Shinto kamikaze warriors, by gifting them with a couple of nuclear recognition presents with a third on its way for celebration in mid August and 11 more scheduled for gifting in September and October. When are we going to likewise recognize the other religion of peace?

  2. Brilliant.
    It begs the question, warlord for warlord, genocide for genocide and kafir for Untermensch, is National Socialism at its core, as we are told Islam is, really an ideology of peace.

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