“NO to Islam! NO to the Replacement of Our Population!”

Christine Tasin is a Counterjihad activist and the leader of Résistance Républicaine in France. Several years ago she was prosecuted and convicted of “hate speech”, but later won on appeal.

On June 30 she was one of the speakers at a rally in Paris held in the wake of the terror attack in southern France in which a man was decapitated by a culturally enriched “Frenchman”. She and Pierre Cassen of Riposte Laïque called for major political leaders to resign for their immigration policies and their failure to protect the French nation and culture.

Below is a video of Ms. Tasin’s speech on June 30. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Hello everyone
00:04   thank you for coming in such great numbers,
00:08   or rather, thank you for being here.
00:12   You are the best, the elite, those who don’t “just take it”,
00:16   and those who get up to say “NO”.
00:20   Thanks, because our work means nothing if you are not with us.
00:24   We need each other, it’s important.
00:28   when we thought about holding this rally
00:32   immediately on Friday afternoon,
00:36   our thought was that something terrible had happened in France.
00:40   A man had just been decapitated, what could we do!
00:44   Should we just write our articles
00:48   analysing, and ring the alarm bell yet once more,
00:52   or should we propose a reaction
00:56   in the street to say to all
01:00   that there are people who do not agree,
01:05   people willing to stand up. We did not know if we would be
01:09   50 or 500 or more tonight,
01:13   but that’s not important.
01:17   What counts is that we are here, all of us,
01:21   and that something is happening and that we are here to say NO
01:25   to the horror, NO to the unacceptable.
01:29   What happened on Friday cannot be forgotten,
01:33   and it is our duty as citizens to react
01:37   for ourselves, but also and even more so
01:41   for our children and grandchildren whose future is more than
01:45   uncertain, and that’s why we will continue to ring
01:49   the alarm bell to the very end.
01:53   This terrorist act in Saint-Quentin could have been avoided.
01:57   The horrific decapitation
02:02   could have been avoided. But for this,
02:06   political will would have been necessary.
02:10   We, who refuse the Islamisation of our country,
02:14   we are very aware what choice they have made,
02:18   Prime Minister Valls and his Minister of the Interior, Cazeneuve,
02:22   with the encouragements of Hollande (President). Let’s not forget it:
02:26   their choice has been to impose
02:30   Islam in France by force,
02:34   to force our children to study Islam in school,
02:38   and to hide the horrors and violence which (Islam) contains
02:42   Their choice is to impose immigration,
02:46   mainly from the Maghreb, which reinforces the balkanisation
02:50   and the insecurity. I remind you that 60% of prisoners
02:55   are Muslims, which demonstrates the violence
02:59   present in the Koran and in Islam. And don’t tell us
03:03   it’s all about “social conditions”.
03:07   We have all been, we, our parents,
03:11   our grandparents, we have all been children of the poor
03:15   children who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths,
03:19   and we have not become fanatics, nor do we decapitate people.
03:27   The choice of Hollande,
03:31   Valls and Cazeneuve is to ban,
03:35   be it by anathema or by justice,
03:39   the telling of truth about Islam and balkanisation.
03:43   Their choice is to deny
03:48   that Islamism is present in the Koran and in the life of Mohammed,
03:52   The “Islamic State” (Daesh)
03:56   does nothing more than apply the texts.
04:00   they invent NOTHING, everything is in the Koran and in the hadith.
04:08   That is why we demand the resignation
04:12   of Cazeneuve (Int. Minister) and Valls (Prime Minister).
04:16   Because
04:20   if they had monitored sensitive sites,
04:24   instead of protecting the mosques against the few slices of ham thrown around,
04:28   we would not be here.
04:32   Because if they had
04:36   refused entry to sensitive places by Muslims on file
04:40   in the security services, we would not be here.
04:44   Because
04:48   if they had given to the defence of our country
04:52   half of the time and energy they expended
04:56   since the 7th January to make us accept Islam,
05:00   perhaps nothing would have happened on
05:05   26 June. (date of Islamic decapitation)
05:09   Because if they had listened to
05:13   those who at Riposte Laique or at Resistance Republicaine
05:17   and at many other associations (you will hear from some afterwards)
05:21   ring the alarm on what is being said
05:25   in the mosques, they would have closed the mosques, at least the Salafist mosques.
05:29   They have not done it.
05:33   Even though Tunisia, a Muslim country, did it, and we accept it,
05:37   and say nothing.
05:41   If they had taken the 7th of January seriously, they would have called
05:45   a parliamentary commission so that the members of parliament
05:49   could listen to testimony,
05:54   inform themselves about Islam, and conclude if yes or no,
05:58   Islam is compatible with the Republic, Democracy, our France,
06:02   freedom of speech, equality between man and woman.
06:06   They did not do it, and they don’t want to hear about it.
06:10   Because
06:14   lastly, if they refused to apply the directives
06:18   from the EU, if they put Schengen into question,
06:22   our borders would not be the sieves they are.
06:26   Sieves through which the IS terrorists rush
06:30   with enthusiasm, vigor and violence. Every day we are invaded
06:34   by jihadists who threaten to decapitate your brother
06:38   your son, your sister, and you do NOTHING?
06:46   It’s high time that this changes.
06:50   That’s why you are gathered here tonight: to cry out together
06:54   NO to Islam, NO to the replacement of our population.
06:59   NO to immigration: Valls, Cazeneuve: RESIGN!

5 thoughts on ““NO to Islam! NO to the Replacement of Our Population!”

    • It is never too late to resist tyranny, even if one loses their life in the process it is better to die resisting than it is to just give in to those who would enslave you!

    • Bishop, with respect, you swing hot and cold. Grab your (metaphorical) sword and lead from the front – like Bishops of old used to do.

  1. Apart from her other virtues, Ms. Tasin bravely risks painful sunburn by failing to wear her burqa.

  2. How ironic that the attack at the Air Products plant in San Quinten Fallavier, mentioned by Ms. Tasin, would involve a decapitation. The town’s namesake, Saint Quinten, lost his head in a similar manner for proselytizing for the Christian faith back in the 3rd century.

    Do you suppose Yassine Salhi, the Salafist terrorist, was aware of that bit of historical minutiae and that it played any role in his choice of targets?

    In any case, history once again sends its ripples down the currents of time, unnoticed by most, but impacting those who stand in the stream. I hope Ms. Tasin and her fellow anti-jihadists are very conscious of their own danger of sharing such a fate.

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