5 thoughts on “More on the Islamic Stoning Protest in Prague

  1. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK) is a is a grassroots civil liberties organisation that works to proactively expose and counter the sinister and toxic anti Muslim narrative that permeates mainstream politics and media.
    It also aims to empower British Muslims to counter the result of this propaganda by taking part in their Islamic duty of non-violent Jihad against the resulting oppression caused by this poisonous narrative.

    Yeah right.

    Asghar Bukhari founding member of (MPACUK)
    saying it is just a stunt and to create tension and anti islamic sentiments.
    Wants police to take action To highlight attack against woman.
    1 in 3 woman abused in Europe sexual or physical abuse so why high light muslims Would be great to get him on his deflection as to what is happening in Rotherham and through out UK and then in Sweden with increased % of rapes.
    The same guy who justifies

    two Nigerian Islamists ambushed and hacked a serving British soldier (Murder of Lee Rigby) to death in the streets of Woolwich in 2013 …….., Bukhari was justifying the attack on a BBC news channel.

    So where does he stand with rapes in Rotherham, Sweden and what is done by ISIS. and etc. let alone the executions.

    Yeah right ! ! ! So that is the The Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK)

    • MPACUK)

      The group describes its activities as guided by four overarching principles: Reviving the fard* (obligation) of Jihad, Anti-Zionism, institutional revival, and accountability

      from wikipedia
      *fard is commanded by allah, so a lot more than just a casual obligation,

  2. Two wrongs don’t make a right and the said abused women in Europe are not ritually stoned to death. Many of their abusers are Muslims.

    The Muslim credo is one of barbarity beyond parallel in modern times. They have no concept of universal love or universal respect for all human beings. They only feather their own nests and wish to exterminate everyone else. Their ‘God’ is on a par with the Aztecs who demanded the sacrifice of living hearts.

    They have disregarded everything good within their own souls and death is what they are begging for – and we should be delighted to oblige them!

  3. Somehow, you get immune to all this stoning and beheading, but then again, from time to time, you can’t help but wondering how it is possible that this sort of primitive – pre-human – behaviour is going on amidst us today in our civilized world of the 21 century

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