Knives, Machetes and Iron Bars: Cultural Enrichment in Dortmund

Nash Montana, an occasional commenter here at Gates of Vienna, has translated an article about culturally enriched violence against school students in Dortmund. The translator includes these notes:

This of course fits right in with every other theme about how Germany has betrayed her own people, and left them to be fed to the wolves. There is a huge problem with Albanian and Turkish family clans. This particular clan here is made up of about 40 to 50 members. And every single member of the clan will harass, rape, beat and murder their way through German society.

The German police are “Machtlos”, powerless. They are afraid. This is much like “no-go zones” in other countries in Europe, only these zones are flexible and ruled by family clans instead of just ethnicity or “religion”.

The translated article from the Dortmund Echo:

They came with knives, machetes and iron bars: Albanians attack German public school and heavily injure students

Eyewitnesses report that on Friday, the 28th of August, 2015, a mob of twenty to thirty Albanians attacked students of the public school “Hörde”, just as the students were leaving the front doors of the school.

In the days previous to the attack there were provocations and threats through the Albanian family clan. The police knew of the threats, but for some reason they felt no need to show more presence at the school.

The result of this abandonment is that several students were injured, one student suffering a serious head injury. A police car that coincidentally just happened to be in the neighborhood was able to arrest three men. But the majority of the attackers escaped.

The school has seen repeated attacks on German students at that school in the past week.

Although the police started to investigate the incident and take witnesses’ statements, they immediately worked very diligently to minimize the attack. They also deny any linkage with the migratory backgrounds of the attackers, and are not willing to make any connections to the criminal multicultural enrichment segment of the population in that town.

From the translator: Now I would also like to include a link to “Politikversagen”, a system-critical press watch. It’s an excellent source for all things new in terms of cultural enrichment and “Lügenpresse”, Liars’ Press:

Politikversagen — Die systemkritische Presseschau

Das tägliche Politikversagen in Deutschland und in der EU. Themenschwerpunkte sind Asyl, Ausländerkriminalität, Islamisierung und Eurokrise.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

41 thoughts on “Knives, Machetes and Iron Bars: Cultural Enrichment in Dortmund

  1. Mongrel Islamic Albanians , the unlovely of people who just keep on causing murder and mayhem where ever they squat … Code of Lek and all that ROT!

  2. I love Gates of Vienna. But are you sure we want to be putting up a post with a banner ad on the right? Or am I missing something in translation. More curious than argumentative.

    • There was no anti-Semitic content to the article, so I had no problem with it. If you find out that the text was not translated correctly, please let me know.

      • I can see what Oakes Spalding is referring to. It’s an ad for a company named ‘, to the right of the article:

        The company is not antisemitic. It has nothing to do with antisemitism. In fact they’re selling t-shirts stickers and posters against the Antifa movement in Germany, the so-called ‘anti fascists’ who harass and insult Pegida whenever they march.

        Their material is clearly geared towards the conservative crowd in Germany. But there is no antisemitic material.

        I have tried to find out where the name ‘Antisem’ comes from. I have sent a direct email to the company and asked them to explain. I will let you know if I get an answer.

        • I have googled and found other links about the site ‘Antisem’, and have now come to the conclusion that it is a national socialist propaganda link.

          Although they are “conservative” in their appearance, conservative to american standards anyway, and they are against the extreme left ‘Antifa’ movement, this is a good example of how the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ in Europe are so confusing in Europe.

          They do not sell any anti semitic material on their website. But they affiliate with the NPD, the National Democrat Party Deutschland.

          Unfortunately the website that this was advertised on, from which I have the article, ALSO seems to be leaning towards the NPD.

          But when I followed the source to the article, it took me directly to the Dortmund Police report here:

          The police report is legitimate, and they’re going to post follow ups to the incident.

          So yes, the website that the article is on, is problematic, but the article is LEGITIMATE.

          I apologize for this.

          • It seems that in Germany, people are still only given the choice between International Socialism and National Socialism. Everyone is assumed to be socialist and so it’s assumed that everything is about how nationalist or globalist the socialism will be?

    • Hi Oakes Spalding,

      Fighting Jew-Hatred (often euphemised as “Pro-Palestine”, “Anti-Zionism” “BDS” and diverse “Bla-Bla-Bla”) wherever it raises its Hydra-Head, your comment sent me to the “Dortmund Echo”.

      You are right, there is an advertising banner named: Antisem-it. I followed the smelly trail and found, among the “items for sale” quite a few “anti-antifa”, “anti-islamic” etc. messages, but there is also one poster/sticker for sale with the message: “Solidarity with Palestine – Israel is so Yesterday” (or words to that effect). With all those anti-left, anti-islamist, anti-antifa messages for sale, whoever is behind this advertising banner seems to me to be rather confused, perhaps an IQ-challenged wannabe worthsmith who thought that “” was just oh-so-clevahhh. Or perhaps just a nasty Jew-hater.

      What is important though, I think, is (as the Baron said) there is no anti-Semitic content in the article.

      Perhaps the “Dortmund Echo” is really totally strapped for cash and will take anyone who pays an advertising dollar, unaware of the message, or it is not innocent. In any case one should, perhaps, venture into its pages with a good dose of (smelling) salt 😉

  3. With a situation in the U.S. people would probably arm themselves–depending upon what area of the country this took place. Those living in politically progressive areas might be more helpless, both because of their anti-gun attitudes and the difficulties of purchasing weapons.

    Is this possible in Germany? Can citizens purchase weapons?

    • While in the army and stationed in North Bavaria, I joined several shooting clubs and had a European hunting license (1968-1972). The place was swimming in WW II weaponry, and the US .45 (reblued, with serial nos. milled off) was prevalent (EVERY bomber shot down came with several) along with all WW II 9mm sidearms. The Garand (again, reblued, milled) was a popular hunting rifle.
      Post-war occupation rules pre-1955 forbid arms ownership–so the Germans were VERY good at hiding them from the ‘authorities’.
      I doubt that has changed much–no matter present-day restrictions. Maybe the time just is not ripe.

      • yes,Flintlock, they were very good at hiding wwII weapons. It makes me feel safer in my home.

      • Last few governments have seriously curtailed right to have guns in your home, let alone carry them.

        That’s why availability of firearms is low even to criminals, and most street murders happen by knife or repeatedly kicking someone’s head, an Islamic custom.

      • No, it has not changed. Getting a permit for a gun is nearly impossible. The only chance is if you are a member of a Shooting Club or by applying for a licence as hunter.

        And forget about concealed carry. I know of only one Person who has such a licence and it is Mrs Refugees welcome Claudia Fatima Roth.

        So the ordinary german can get a gun only by using illegal means.

        So I ask a question I always wanted to ask:
        When you Americans occupied Germany in 1945 and told some politicians to make a new constitution, why the …. did you not demand that we Germans get a 2nd Amendment like you?

        • Very good question. It seems that our own government doesn’t really like the 2nd amendment and is constantly trying to get rid of it here. So it isn’t surprising that they wouldn’t want one in Germany, Japan, Iraq, or anywhere else. The days of George Washington, John Hancock, and all that are long gone. The virtual oligarchy in the U.S. hasn’t wanted any restrictions on its own power for quite a long time and they’ve been doing their best to try to get rid of them.

          • When our own government participated remorselessly in Operation Keelhaul and left Poland in communist hands, it’s no surprise that we had no visceral understanding of freedom, or interest in limiting the power of any government. Eisenhower’s treatment of German POWs was just vicious.

            As someone observed elsewhere, the war involved a fight involving two totalitarian socialist powers, a military dictatorship, a socialist military dictatorship, a democratic socialist power, and an imperialist power. Full marks if anyone can figure out how a love of freedom would somehow appear out of that toxic stew.

            The authoritarian, anti-democratic E.U. is a uniquely European mistake that is a disgrace to the free people of Europe, not only to their dead but to themselves for meekly allowing it to be born.

            Americans, of course, disgrace ourselves in similar ways, not least in the avalanche of scurrilous lies we tolerate from the left. E.g., Hillary (“We came. We saw. He died.”) Rodham’s boxcar, Benghazi, and email absurdities and evasions.

  4. How much longer does Ms. Merkel intend to flood her nation with illiterate savages, under the guise of humanitarian relief, before a civil war erupts?
    How many more does she think the German population can absorb before they are unable to function as a cohesive society?
    When native Germans can no longer send their small population of German children to school without threat of violence, well the tipping point has been reached…
    I understand that the Western population has forged a suicide pact with demographics. However, what I don’t understand is why they want to drill themselves into poverty…

  5. We refer to the under 50’s generations as “Les Petits Choux”. The Little Cabbages.
    -Brainwashed, green and stupid and immune to reason.

    They’ll simply “revert”.

    The rest of us will either fight back or simply go into the Gulag.

  6. One would have thought, that with such incidents occurring on a regular basis, Germany would have learnt something?!

    But in spite of all this, the people still hold welcoming parties for new “migrants”, while Merkel and her government promise new housing, and no end to the “free stuff” – which, naturally, attracts yet more migrants!

    Yet – at the same time – the German government and its newspapers blame Eastern European states for “not taking their fair share” of “migrants”. And now they threaten to cut off EU funding for Eastern European countries, which don’t take in more “migrants”. Countries barely richer than Turkey, or some North African countries, through which the migrants have passed on the way to the riches of Germany… apparently, the thought of Germany tightening it’s asylum policies to match those countries has never occurred.

    Yet if the German government loves these migrants so much, and think they contribute so much to society, why would they want others to take their “fair” share?

    • The German people, if only they realized it, are the single biggest threat to the ‘United States of Europe Socialist Tyranny’ sorry, republic.

      It is vitally necessary to keep them ‘TUBMIN’ (‘thumb up b** mind in neutral’ in Royal Navy slang) or they can bring the whole thing down with a just twitch of their ballot papers. UK threatening to leave the EU is an annoyance, Germany and UK leaving takes 85% of real EU revenue.

      Diluting the vote with dependent migrants resolves this problem.

      • Yes, exactly. Nothing is ever done for its ostensible reason. The “refugees” are not being taken in due to human rights concerns. If “they” thought taking in refugees would cause the EUSSR to come apart then they’d be bombing the boats and keeping the stories out of the news. As it is, they see this as a way to cement their position.

  7. Germany is now getting a wee bit of a taste of what it wreaked on other people. At the same time Germany is the number one assistant of the other Aryan Nation, Iran, in its quest for nuclear weapons. German industry is the first to jump into the new “opportunities” of the newly unshackled Iran, and to quote Josca Fischer, German foreign minister, he was a “protective shield” ( for Iran against Amrican pressure to counter Irna’s nuclear ambitions. so at this time Germany is getting a dose of divine retribution, and much more is coming with millions of Muslim invaders headed for Germany

    • Your theology of collectivist divine retribution is functionally no different than the Marxist concept of collectivist “social justice” retribution that is causing this whole situation.

      Am I correct that you believe that as long as a sufficient plurality of a population supports a degenerate political phenomenon that the *whole population* actually *deserves* to suffer based on the views and actions of that plurality?

      Josca Fischer is unlikely to be the one suffering here. Do you honestly believe that anarcho-tyranny that punishes the little people while leaving the tyrants unharmed is some sort of act of God?

    • The youngest German to have voted for National Socialism is 95 years old. The youngest German to have fought for Nazi Germany is 88 years old – if we exclude the children of the Volkssturm “conscripted” at gunpoint – and they were drafted by a dictatorship.

      The assigning of collective guilt to the Germans of today for the deeds of dead Germans is intellectually and morally bankrupt. The German state has made strenuous efforts starting in the early 1960’s to atone for its nation’s historical wrongs, including financial assistance to Israel (which very significantly helped a young struggling Israeli economy) and individual Jews. The German education system fully acknowledges the evils of Nazism. Israel’s long range ie, maritime, nuclear capability is due to state of the art German designed and built “Dolphin” class submarines.

      Absent the threat from Islamic immigrants, Germany is probably the best place in Europe to be a Jew in 2015 and its Jewish population has for decades been growing accordingly in response to these benign conditions.

      • I believe Yuval is a drive-by commenter and will probably not come back to read any of these responses. I can’t remember seeing him post a follow up reply to any responses to his comments.

        • That’s cool with me. One doesn’t hope to persuade the Yuvals of the world that the German nation is not the font of evil by way of genetic inheritance. I’m content if people who might reflexively “hate the Germans for what they did”, stop and think about their position if reminded or informed of a few salient facts.

  8. After exploring a few stories at the included “Politikversagen” link (via google translate), the following stories caught my attention:

    * Authorities warn of ‘missing cat’ ruse used to gain entrance to homes by criminal mischief groups/youthful clan members preying on seniors

    * Despite completion of 175 kilometer border fence between Serbia and Hungary, 2700 refugees from Syria managed to cross again on Saturday.

    *Serious problems in the districts of Duisburg, Marxloh, Hamborn, Beek, Laar, Hochfeld, and Deliviertel where immigrants control entire streets, intimidating local residents and businesses through massive presence on public roads, paths and squares…residents refuse to report crimes in fear of retaliation…police face ‘high aggressiveness and disrespect”/particularly against female forces

    * 8/31/2015 article: “Xenophobic statements may be grounds for termination rapidly in Germany and Austria.

    * “Left stimulates seizure of private dwellings” for the accommodation of refugees.

    * “Berlin Mayor will proclaim disaster” given the refugee onslaught advancing towards capital.

    *“Mazyek expects over half a million refugees Islamic” this year alone, 600,000 Muslim asylum seekers Germany will achieve. Some mosque communities have doubled by the applicants already within one month.

    ******Yet to notice, and become alarmed by these reports would render one

    *“Thoughts behind bars- the re-education of the German” Once you just say a word of criticism against the invasion…you will be labeled as “xenophobes”, reminiscent of the last days of the GDR

    • “Serious problems in the districts of Duisburg, Marxloh, Hamborn, Beek, Laar, Hochfeld, and Deliviertel where immigrants control entire streets, ”

      It is a local paper for NorthRhine Westphalia. Other such no go areas are in Berlin, Kiel, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Cologne, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Heidelberg, and Offenbach and Pforzheim are completely no go.

      I call it the Crescent and the Star, the crescent is a semicircle from Hamburg to Southwest then to the SouthEast to Munich; the Star is of course Berlin.

      • Who was it who wrote or broadcast from London that the lights are going out all over Europe? Murrow?

        Your list sounds like a new, daily list of cities that have fallen on the BBC.

        • Sir Edward Grey, British Foreign Secretary, summer of 1914, after the shooting in Sarajevo and before the Guns of August:

          “The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our time.”

          • I am beginning to see this summer as the turning point in Europe’s collapse. I was hoping the brown stuff would not clog up the fan for another few decades until I croak, but now even that small mercy is looking unlikely. Europe is led by traitors and peopled by selfish, arrogant idiots and cowards. Selfish because they are handing their children over to islamised mongrel states where they will not only lose their birthright but will be minorities; arrogant because modern Europeans are pxssing on the graves of their fathers, who built the countries they are giving away; idiot and cowards because .. but why go on? Europe is getting what it deserves. All that is left is flight.

        • Ed Murrow famously broadcast for CBS radio, from Europe before WW2, then from the UK; during the Blitz, he adopted the British saying “Good night, and good luck”.

          On CBS tv postwar, he helped destroy an already weakened and discredited Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

  9. A bit harsh on the Little Sprouts as the blame lies more with the over 60s that pushed the post world war 2 progressive agenda.

    • Here in Italy, where I happen to be atm, people still believe it is a case of ‘all you need is lurve’ and ‘Imagine’ and anybody and everybody will respond and become ‘good’, and yes, these are the memes of my generation.

      And the bad (white) guys “go out shooting with their elephant and gun, and in case of accident they always take mummy”

      Yes we too have been brain washed……

      • Hey MCin Italy always thought JL was mocking the audience he omitted the best line – imagine all those royalties.


  10. If the police aren’t doing anything about this the situation is likely the same as Baltimore where the police are unable to do their jobs due to the threat of criminal prosecution by the city government.

    If they believe they are likely to be prosecuted or terminated for “xenophobia” for trying to protect anyone from the poor, oppressed, misunderstood, excluded, etc, minority ethnic gangsters then of course they aren’t going to do anything.

    This is the typical degenerate situation caused by the socialist idea that only groups of people have rights, not individual people. According to the socialist mindset, there’s no problem with indigenous Germans being killed as long as the overall group of indigenous Germans is doing better somehow in general compared to the poor, oppressed, excluded, etc, minority ethnic group. If some non-minority people are murdered then that’s just the “cost of social justice.”

  11. Germany is in TROUBLE.

    This just was published today by the Gatestone Institute:

    Germany’s Muslim Demographic Revolution

    The surge in Germany’s Muslim population — propelled by a wave of migration unprecedented since the Second World War — represents a demographic shift of epic proportions, one that critics of the country’s open-door immigration policy warn will change the face of Germany forever.

    “There are 20 million refugees waiting at the doorstep of Europe.” — Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.

    According to Aiman Mazyek, head of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, attendance at many mosques has doubled in the past month alone.

    A large number (40%) are from countries in the Balkans, including Albania and Kosovo. This implies that nearly half of those arriving in Germany are economic migrants, not refugees fleeing war zones. — Thomas De Maizière, German Interior Minister.

    Muslim men residing in Germany routinely take advantage of the social welfare system by bringing two, three or four women from across the Muslim world to Germany, and then marrying them in the presence of an imam. Once in Germany the women request social welfare benefits, including the cost of a separate home for themselves and for their children, on the claim of being a “single parent with children.” — From an exposé broadcast by RTL television.

    “For us today, what is at stake is Europe, the lifestyle of European citizens, European values, the survival or disappearance of European nations, and more precisely formulated, their transformation beyond recognition. Today, the question is not merely in what kind of a Europe we would like to live, but whether everything we understand as Europe will exist at all.” — Viktor Orbán, President of Hungary.

  12. For me it is pretty simple. Wherever there are no-go zones, wherever people on European territory (whatever their nationality, ethnicity, religion,…) threaten the public order and forces the army should intervene and if necessary “shoot to kill”. There should not be one square meter of the territory which is not under control of the governement, we are in Europe after all not in Iraq or Syria. And the status of everyone who lives and moves on the territory should be known. The first thing that should be done with the “migrants” is to take their fingerprints and their DNA and all this information should be put in one big European database, in order to counter the fraud with identities and non-existing family links. On top op that this would be preventive in case these people commit crimes and we all know that a considerable number of them will. I don’t care if that is a breach of the privacy. Human rights are fine but should never prevail over the safety of our countries. I am all for free movement in Europe, I love how easy it is to get from Stockholm to Rome or from Vilnius to Madrid. But that can only be maintained if Europe closes its borders and controls whoever find him/herself within those borders. This is nothing more than common sense. Then why do the politicians not want to apply this?

  13. Ever since communist Albania collapsed, these people have been like wolves on the population of Europe, but especially Italy. The Albanians excelled in burglaries, car break-ins became an epidemic, houses were broken into on an unprecedented scale, prostitution, racketeering and many violent robberies against the Italians went on for years. But now that was only the beginning, when the Islam was not as strong as it is now.
    When you throw Islam into the mix, everything becomes far more sinister and threatening.

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