“Islam is Evil”: Geert Wilders’ Speech in Silicon Valley

Below is a video of Geert Wilders’ speech in to the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley in California on August 12. It opens with a five-minute introduction, and the question-and-answer session following the speeh begins at about 49:00:

See also: The prepared text for Mr. Wilders’ speech

8 thoughts on ““Islam is Evil”: Geert Wilders’ Speech in Silicon Valley

  1. Here ” evil ” is an understatement.
    ” To do nothing in the face of evil is itself evil.” Dietrick Bonhoeffer
    (I may have misspelled his name.)

  2. There were recent studies where primates were observed to quantify ethics and morality. Researchers found that there is an innate sense of altruism – empathy and caring about others. The opposite behaviour in comparison to this altruism and empathy, particularly as a mindful decision could be termed “evil”.

    Doing evil is a conscious decision, against natural instinct. People committing evil acts at the behest of a book written by an unnatural, violent and intolerant psychopath are not even as advanced as a primate.

    • I’ve said before that to understand how Islam operates, we need to look at its tribal nature. The West has long since evolved away from the tribe system, slowly adopting and adapting the Greco-Roman-Judaic rule of law, ethics, and morality. Meanwhile, the desert tribal forms were kept by Islam and they are brutally effective in weaning people away from what ought to be a natural progression toward justice, a balanced view of the equality of all people, and a “do-unto-others” expectation in our common life together.

      We nourish our children, seeing them as individuals. Islam uses children. They are objects – often sexual objects as long as the user doesn’t do any “damage”. Children and women are more or less on an equal footing – they have to watched to avoid having them bring shame on the tribe. That’s why women can be killed by uncles, cousins, etc. without fear of retribution.

      So in a way, it comes down to a profoundly different view of children: they are either individuals in their own right subject in their minority to the rules of the family and community, or they are parts of a tribe subject forever to the rules of that tribe with no way out.

      Islam purports to have ethical rules, but in practice it’s about being punished for being caught…the way a five year-old thinks. The punishment is designed precisely to balance out the crime. We long ago left behind ‘an eye for an eye’ but in Islam that is the pinnacle. Western visitors to Islam countries used to come back with stories (Mark Twain comes to mind) about the backward evil they’d witnessed. Such people keep their mouths shut now…

      • The pinnacle of irony in the situation in which we find ourselves is of course that people such as yourselves who espouse those values that have took humanity to social and technological heights are denounced for telling the truth about an ideology that would regress humanity by thousands of years.

  3. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” – attributed to Edmund Burke

  4. What a MAN! Geert Wilders is today’s Ronald Reagan, telling the truth on Islam. A lot of people need to hear this.

    Thank you, Baron, for posting this speech. The man is simply splendid and long may he live (and I do know he has to move around a lot, due to all the “peaceful” Muslims who would LOVE to kill him.

  5. The Quran explicitly commands punishments such as flogging, amputation, wife beating, and even crucifixion. Anyone that says it’s not evil, needs to wake up. If you defend Islam, you also defend this cruelty.

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