Ilford MP Says: Shut Down Gates of Vienna!

Ilford is the culturally enriched suburb of London where the firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary once had a crash pad. It is also the latest British municipality to feature a local media report in which members of parliament call for the director of public prosecutions to investigate and shut down Gates of Vienna.

One of the two Labour MPs mentioned in the newspaper report is a recently elected fellow named Wes Streeting (whose predecessor happened to be Jewish). Mr. Streeting is reportedly gay. Does he believe that his Muslim colleagues will give him a special exemption when — with his help — sharia becomes the law of the land in the UK?

The trickle-down effect from the Hate Not Hope “report” is interesting. It starts at The Independent — which, as far as I can tell, never published anything, despite their threatened “deadline” — then moves to The Guardian. From there it travels down the journalistic food chain to the locals, first Bradford, and now Ilford. Where next? There are three remaining MPs who want to bung us in chokey, so maybe their local papers will be next.

Here’s the story in the Ilford Recorder, which simply takes the word of HnH and the Grauniad about Gates of Vienna. It quotes Mr. Streeting to the effect that we’re the equivalent of an “ISIL training website”. Also: our blog is still “believed to be hosted on British servers”:

Redbridge MPs call for far-right website “inciting hatred against Muslims’ to be shut

Labour MPs Wes Streeting and John Cryer have asked for an investigation into a website, which Mr Streeting says “has the potential to cause a repeat of the Norway massacre”.

According to The Guardian, six opposition MPs, including Ilford North MP, Mr Streeting, and Leyton and Wanstead MP, Mr Cryer, wrote to the director of public prosecutions (DPP) asking whether The Gates of Vienna website breaks the law.

The website heavily promotes an exhibition in central London, in September, containing cartoons of the prophet Muhammed, which could be designed to incite Islamist violence.

The event has been organised by former Ukip parliamentary candidate Anne-Marie Waters.

Mr Streeting told the Recorder: “It is really clear that the website makes no bones about being a far-right website designed to incite hatred against Muslims.

“It has the potential to cause a repeat of the Norway massacre with Anders Breivik and that is why I have referred it to the DPP.”

The name of the website refers to a battle in 1683 between Europeans and Muslim Ottoman forces.

It details how anti-Muslim paramilitary groups could operate in a future war against Islam.

Mr Streeting said there was no difference between this website — believed to be hosted on British servers — and a jihadi training page.

He explained: “As the tragic events in Norway show, we cannot be complacent about the far-right.

“We need to treat this as we would treat a ISIL training website and get it shut down.”

While I was visiting the newspaper’s website, I noticed a sidebar item that says Ilford is the second unhappiest place to live in the UK. Is there a connection between these two stories? You decide.

Hat tip: Margita, in the comments.

33 thoughts on “Ilford MP Says: Shut Down Gates of Vienna!

  1. It is surprising that Mr Streeting found time in his busy schedule to attack GoV. It is no secret that he has been elected over the previous MP Lee Scott (getting a very marginal majority) because Mr Scott was receiving death threats from Muslims before and especially during the pre-election campaign:
    It is also no secret that Mr Streeting has always appeased the local Islamic “core vote” – so perhaps this is the time for him to pay back to his “electorate”
    And yes, Ilford is a VERY unhappy place to live in if you belong to a white British minority!

  2. I note the three comments on that story so far (tried to login to lodge my own comment, but the system wouldn’t recognize my password) are directed against that young aspiring Left wing politician whose pursuant self-interests preclude him from even hearing, let alone reading, the real story. My guess is that many Britons, British thinking Britons that is, would now see the young Wes as a traitor to his country.

  3. Mr. Streeting shows himself a fool. He obviously did no independent research regarding the content of this site nor even where it originates.
    I’m sure glad he is not my representative.
    Does he suppose he will be the last gay thrown off the roof when sharia is put into law? Kind of like having the croc eat you last?

    • You are lucky indeed not to have him as your MP – we are stuck with him in full glory here, destroying the local communities and pleasing his Islamic overlords

  4. It has increasingly become obvious why it was a miraculous act of heroism, that our 56 delegate forefathers in America committed, prior to and in the Revolution, of committing “high treason”, for a “high reason” at that time in history of 1776, ultimately with the magnificent act of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    Britain, from the mohammadan flirting monarchy to the rabble of the parliament, shows the remarkable continuation of blind ignorant egotistical hubris, with zero foundation for it any longer, on a mission of national suicide, well illustrated by such as this pos mp ilford. It is hard to imagine Britain was ever able to do what it had done more or less well, and at one time heroically, when it had the fortune of Churchill, and later somewhat the great Iron Lady, Mm. Thatcher. Antics of treasonous idiocy so illustrated, explain how she is failing and flailing as she surely is now, and well on the way to disaster, at the hands of the brother butchers of the nazis, unless a truly intelligent leader steps up quickly, and commands. They have well lost their way………

  5. I should add, for Britain’s role as a lynchpin in western civilization, it deserves far, far better, but it is surely not earning to keep its historical place, it acts so well lost and uneducated, as it shows. Nor does she provide a proud and exemplary place for the world to take hope with.

    • Thank all powers that my English grandparents (from Hampshire, both of ’em on the paternal side) have Passed Over to the other side long since. I don’t think either of them could stand to see what has become of their cherished Realm of Great Britain. 🙁

  6. I might include this acknowledgement, one can well imagine some royal of King George 3, around 1770, imparting such thought to some royal’s ear, speaking of the American colonies, and the trouble in Boston and such, “we cannot be complacent about the far-right.”
    We all saw what that behavior wrought, prime hubris, and a great loss to Britain, of the American colonies.

  7. You notice they never worry about the far-left. How many people were murdered by one brand of socialism or another? And we need a website to tell us not to like crazed head-choppers? They really are the dumbest people on the planet. And in America, the left always refers to the Right as anti-Government and Nazis. That would be a neat trick. Being anti-government but still a Nazi. It’s like those communist anarchists I see every so often.

  8. Now that scientific detective-ology has nailed the root cause of the criminal discord inflicted upon world civilization, do you have anything to say for your hopelessly culpable selves. Interpol shall shortly issue its fatwa of unworthiness of protoplasmic existence. You have only yourselves to blame. Your appearance at an EU-subsidized euthanasia clinic will be mandatory. Carfare will not be advanced , nor reimbursed. Show up naked, or bring a container for your possessions. That is all.

  9. Time to reference M. Stanton Evans’ “Law of Inadequate Paranoia”:~

    “No matter how bad you think something is, when you look into it, it’s always worse.”

    Is it possible for an “analysis” to get any worse than this? What am I saying? This is standard fare for all our intelligensia.

    But come now, I have read Soros… let’s try his approach! How ’bout this?:~
    “I for one welcome our new Commintern/Islamic overlords. I would like to remind them that as a racist low-life I am able to help betray other racist low-lifes and spread disinformation to the glory of the free & just New World Order which will be cleansed from all unpleasant truths.”

    Having fed the crocodile I now retire from the field… for a time.

    • “intelligensia” – Reckon that word right there should have a ‘t’ in it. Guess ah proofed they’re point ’bout how stoopid we’all are. Best get back to working up those mule deer hand loads for ma thirty ought six on the porch with cousin Zeek…

  10. “The website heavily promotes an exhibition in central London, in September, containing cartoons of the prophet Muhammed, which could be designed to incite Islamist violence.”

    Doe these people have no sense of irony? Normally, to “incite violence” means to encourage like-minded people to do violence to others. Now, it apparently means doing anything that Muslims don’t like so they’ll respond with violence toward you.

    Is there any other context in which people are accused of trying to “incite violence” against themselves? Is there any group of people other than Muslims who are held to be not actually responsible for the violence they commit against people who do things they don’t approve of?

    • The Imperial Japanese Army projected that attitude from about 1928 until August 15th, 1945.

      They too, believed in the superiority of their religion and of their supreme leader. Their soldiers were all conditioned to die for their God/Emperor, up to and including suicide attacks, and they believed that anyone who didn’t share their beliefs and culture were sub-human, only deserving of slavery, incarceration, or death.

      Check your WWII history to discover just what was required to modify that behavior.

  11. I’m beginning to think more and more that they know very well GoV is run by Americans, and that this whole thing is just a pretext to cancel the London exhibition and overall crack down on counterjihad voices in Britain.

    • I just looked at the Ilford “newspaper”. Left a comment, told them our server “was not, nor had it ever been, located in the U.K. Hint: Try Vienna”…

      Buncha twits, those boyos.

  12. Typical leftists. What a bunch of fools.

    Trying to shut down GoV is nothing more than free advertising for GoV.

    The more you talk about it – the people will look for it on the internet.

    Thanks idiots.

    • I think they helped our fund-raising immensely. Even had we not been in the midst of our Quarterly week of asking for funding from y’all,their ignorance about where we are and their baseless attacks would have resulted in donations of sympathy. It’s a shame for leftists that they believe in coercion as the only way to ‘appeal’ to others.

    • The free advertising is the upside, the trouble is it will also attract trolls. A few days ago I encountered my first here in ten years commenting, on a post entitled “Babel on Thames”. One of the great pleasures of reading this site is the absence of profanity, the temperate tone, the absence of juvenile posts and all the usual rubbish one encounters on blogs.

      • Absolutely agree. GoV is civilized fare run by very nice, kind, well-educated folks.

  13. Here’s my piece on this affair at American Thinker:

    “Hope Not Hate has just published a report ( ‘The Muhammed Cartoons’) on a forthcoming cartoon exhibition which will feature the prophet Muhammed… The exhibition itself is scheduled for the 18th of September and it will take place in London… the main stated worry is that counter-jihadists ‘are hoping for a violent reaction from British Muslims’. As ever, if Muslims do react violently, non-Muslims will be blamed… Hope Not Hate wants to ban the exhibition… the banning of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from the UK was a direct response to Hope Not Hate activism…

    “There will be many Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) supporters who believe in violent revolution… and that ‘racists’ and ‘fascists’ should be imprisoned for what they believe, not for what they do. Many supporters will have also indulged in violent political acts…

    “The fact is that a civil war is very likely to occur in the UK whether or not there are any counter-jihadists or ‘far-rightists’ egging it on… Muslims have already caused civil conflicts in the UK dating back to 1989 and most notably in 1996 and 2001. (E.g., riots in Dewsbury, Bradford, Oldham, Burnley, Birmingham, London, etc.) There have also been Muslim riots in Paris, Oslo, Malmö, Marseilles, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Gothenburg, Stockholm, the Hague, Dijon, Tours, Orleans, Nantes, Grenoble, Toulouse and so on. And then there were the Islamic terror attacks in Europe: in Madrid (2004), Paris (1995, 1996), London (2005), Copenhagen (2015), Brussels (2014), Toulouse (2012), Montauban (2012), Frankfurt (2011), Stockholm (2010)….

    “…. Now we can think globally and see what happens when Muslims live next to non-Muslims in the Philippines, southern Thailand, Burma, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Indonesia, Armenia, Albania, Chechnya, the Sudan, Libya, Nigeria and so on…”

  14. This is an outrage, but there is no point in moaning about it here. Write direct to Wes, and tell him what you think. It’s Monday morning in Britain. Give him something to chew on this week.

  15. Islam, unlike in most areas of the UK, is not the second most common religion in Cumbria. In 2001, 747 people followed the religion (almost 0.2% of Cumbria’s population), with the largest concentration of Muslims being found in Carlisle, Barrow and Kendal. The designated Masjid’s in Cumbria is the Great Border City Masjid in Carlisle ( which is predominantly run & used by the city’s 1st, 2nd, generations of British Bangladeshi community,also used by British Pakistanis, Turkish, Arabs and others, there are however rented out buildings and prayer rooms in Keswick, Penrith has a masjid and also Whitehaven has a masjid too.

    Thats why its the happiest county in Britain. The fewer Muslims, the happier the non-Muslims

  16. How sad is it that the very place where personal freedom and liberty began to flourish via the Magna Carta is now morphing into an Orwellian state.

  17. Mr Scott –

    He said there was “no question in my mind” that the attacks on him had contributed to his defeat.

    “I’d been through a lot with the death threats and other stuff going on,” he said.

    Mr. Wes Streeting would do well to look closer at his own constituency for what he accuses others of.

    Even remotely for any candidate to feel they have lost political advantage to an opponent due to an electoral platform marred by threats of violence brings both democracy and the election outcome into disrepute.

    By what reasoning are the British peoples being asked to accept democratic platforms and outcomes that have been built on and manipulated by threats of violence.

  18. During the occupation of Denmark by the nazis the opposition to the nazi supremacy over Denmark was also deemed illegal by the danish authorities. The traitors and collaborators with foreign forces among the establishment once again have the upper hand, this time also in the UK.

    • The Danes still got most of their Jews out to safety in Sweden (doesn’t that sound ironic now?)

  19. “Does he believe that his Muslim colleagues will give him a special exemption when — with his help — sharia becomes the law of the land in the UK?”

    Around 2012, I attended a conference of gay muslim group IMAAN. The presenter said “we support the Caliphate”. I was the only person, in a hall of around 100 people, who pointed out to them that they were no different from Hizb ut Tahrir (most major muslim organisations in Britain share the same pro-Caliphate views as Hizb ut Tahrir). I asked the presenter, how he squared this support for the Caliphate with islam’s hatred of homosexuals. He replied “We believe we could convince the Caliph not to kill gay muslims”.

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