How Qatar Propels Muslim Gangs Into Europe

Joost Niemöller’s latest essay takes a look behind the scenes in the “migration” crisis, paying particular attention to the role played by Qatar in expediting the movement of Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East into Europe.

Many thanks to GB for the translation.

How Qatar propels Muslim gangs into Europe

by Joost Niemöller

On the Al Jazeera website we found a comment about the illegal immigrants flooding Europe[1]. According to AJ, we are not allowed to speak about “immigrants”, because they are “refugees”:

So far this year, nearly 340,000 people[2] in these circumstances have crossed Europe’s borders. A large number, for sure, but still only 0.045 percent of Europe’s total population of 740 million.

Contrast that[3] with Turkey, which hosts 1.8 million refugees from Syria alone. Lebanon, in which there are more than one million Syrians. Even Iraq, struggling with a war of its own, is home to more than 200,000 people who have fled its neighbour.

Al Jazeera is the state-funded broadcaster in Qatar. Qatar itself takes in ZERO “refugees”, just like the other filthy rich Gulf countries, according to Amnesty.[4].

The six Gulf countries — Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain — have offered zero resettlement places to Syrian refugees.

Nevertheless Qatar wants to teach us a politically correct lesson.

In reality, there is a plan behind the recent movements of these hordes.

The main origin of the panic in the Middle East is ISIS, whose sophisticated and professional PR apparatus has made it abundantly clear that the mass movement of people towards Europe is part of their strategy.

ISIS plays with the “refugees”[5], shooing them away.

In the face of ISIS’ professionalism stands the distinctly amateurish treatment of terrorists by countries such as Turkey.

Turkey doesn’t seem to be interested in fighting terrorism, as explained in the revealing blog of a Dutch traveler.[6] In this “kind” of country, terrorism has a clear field.

Of course people flee: to the EU!

But a diabolical plan is behind all this.

ISIS is being funded by countries such as Qatar.[7]. Turkey provides military training to ISIS troops.[8]. The politically incorrect channel of Al Jazeera in Arabic calls for the extinction of the Alawites.[9]

Furthermore, I urge my readers to look at the pictures and clips you will NOT find in the mainstream media.

As an example, the Dutch NRC Handelsblad deliberately shows pictures of this “lone” woman, preferably with baby and behind barbed wire, as if these were spontaneous snapshots.[10]

The original, non-manipulated images show that the “desperate refugees” are in reality well organized Muslim gangs. Everything is set up. Leaders hiding behind the masses are giving signs to each other. Photogenic babies are kept on standby.

When ordered so, people refuse the Red Cross food and aid packages, because they are not halal.

Western media do show well-orchestrated plaintive stories about the bad treatment of “refugees” in Macedonia, with lack of food and water.[11]

Here in the Netherlands, our unworldly Minister Ploumen is going all-out to draw these “refugees” into our country.[12]

Have another good look at the level of organization in these images [in the videos below]. One only sees a well-meaning Western aid worker, in search of a useful media story; this is neither spontaneous nor desperate.

Immigrants in Macedonia refuse non-halal food:

Illegal immigrants shouting “Allahu akhbar” in Hungary:

Migrants in Macedonia on their way to Germany:


6. Dutch blog. However the relevant link in the text is in English: (GB)
9. Dutch blog, with relevant links embedded.

Joost Niemöller is a Dutch investigative journalist, writer and blogger. His website is

51 thoughts on “How Qatar Propels Muslim Gangs Into Europe

  1. The words of the enrichers are also well crafted and scripted to fool and manipulate the empathy of the average European MSM consumer. They hit all the right aspirational goals and know which political buttons to push.

  2. Any European politician watching these videos should be terrified not only for themselves but their children and grandchildren, I see predominantly young men of warrior age seeking plunder and power.

    • So why don’t they? Why do they not seem concerned about the horror show they are creating for their own descendants by not resisting the muslim invasion? I’m seriously asking. How can an even dimly aware politician not see that these feral aliens will not assimilate and make future Germans, Frenchmen, Swedes and Dutch?

      • Because of two traits found in most politicians:
        (1) they will sell their own mother for votes or money and
        (2) they are actually not the sharpest knives in the box, and I need only look at the four main party politicians here in Canada for confirmation of that; our PM knows the score—the other three are idiots.

  3. Then the dirtiest trick of all will be played on us by our own politicians. Just as the nazis used the excuse of minorities being treated badly in other countries as an excuse to take them over and establish Gleichschaltung, so our own politicians have imported minorities into our country, so they can then play hitlers game and complain about how those minorities are treated, as an excuse for establishing the new Gleichschaltung.

    There really is nothing new under the sun.

    • It’s very easy to repeat this in Germany when history is suppressed. I strongly suspect that if any Germans were to post photos of the Muslim to Facebook in an attempt to spread awareness of history that it would be deleted immediately using the excuse that it is “nazi propaganda”.

      Banning of everything related to the National Socialist German Workers Party has probably made it nearly impossible for anyone to learn enough about how that party operated to be able to recognize when the current government is doing exactly the same types of things.

  4. Time to tell Qatar to shove their sand up their collective [posteriors] as well as their 2022 World Cup. I’m sure that if one followed the money they would find many interesting storylines as to how that sandpile got the World Cup.

  5. Legitimate Islamic movement has been suppressed by the Western powers which imagine that Islamic institutions in modern society will create estrangement and extremist reactions between the Muslim people and the Western nations, and that Islamic thought will muddy the clarity of political relations the West and the Middle East just when they indulge a faulty and politically unreliable notion that the two entities are near the point of developing a politically comprehensive settlement. This, sadly, is a notion rooted in pure fantasy. Primarily because democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or indirectly through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, religious, cultural, ethnic and racial equality, justice, liberty and fraternity. Western spokespersons and leaders have historically declared that every nation is free to adopt whatever organization it wishes within its own borders, provided it does not infringe on the rights of others.

    Accordingly, true adherents of democracy must learn to value and place their trust in legitimate needs and objectives of even practitioners of Islam Mutual trust should logically follow on its own. It is up to Western world leaders to respect, honor its own constitutions and solidly confirmed its principles. Being different should not does preclude protection of human rights. Muslims cannot be the exception to the rule.

    There is no honor in misrepresenting the good intentions of a people because they have chosen Islam as their religion. People likevJoost Niemöller are not historians and they are not political scholars. They are bigots. They are fascist. They speak indistinctly about Islam and terrorism so that the words run into one another creating an intolerance for Muslims and for their religious rights in nations that pride themselves on democracy and multiculturalism.
    It may seem inconsequential political argument based on racism, but religious racist fail to highlight the fact that only a small percentage of Muslims are involved in the commission of terrorism and this does not mean that the whole community is made up of champions and perpetrators of terrorist acts, neither does it denote that Islam condones terrorism.
    The terrorist actions committed by the religious extremist Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma, that killed so many innocent people,, does not suggest that the majority of Americans share his kind of Christian values.
    Blacklisting law-abiding applicants as “national security concerns” based on lawful religious activity is indecent and a display of a mental illness that should be the real concern of societies around the world. Shamefully let us admit the truth, What makes discrimination an effective instrument of devaluation, humiliation and dysfunction, is that it not only exploits our ideas about justice and decency, but it effectively at rips apart the social fabric that weaved together by democracy.

    Khalilah Sabra
    Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center

    • I’m not sure what you said but if you said Islam is 100% incompatible with Western civilization, that Muslims will always undermine whatever infidel nation in which they live, that death for apostasy mandated by all eight schools of Islamic “jurisprudence” is an abomination that cannot be tolerated by civilized people, that Muslims must be denied entry to all Western nations and those already here deported, I agree with you completely.

    • Dear Mme. Sabra,

      You have your point of view, based on legitimate self-interest. We have ours. This is our land. it has been won, ploughed and protected by our ancestors, often under savage attacks from Islam’s armies: Ottoman, Tatar, Berber and. if we include the Christian Middle East and North Africa, Arab too.

      We don’t want you here; can it be made any clearer? That prohibition of Islam and of its Third World practitioners was not included in our Constitutions, it’s because at the time they were written, no one could have conceived in their worst nightmares that such issues would become relevant one day.

      Can you inform me exactly how many Muslims fought with George Washington, or Arabs with Garibaldi? How many Somali signatories are on the Polish Constitution of 1791 or Moroccans on the Czechoslovak Declaration of Independence of 1918? Why won’t you invoke the Constitutions, Bills of Rights and all such “democratic” paraphernalia in the crazed countries and dysfunctional societies you came from?

      A Constitution, such as it is, is not a suicide pact. It can and should be amended to prohibit the replacement of our indigenous populations by widely incompatible aliens from a culture long and still now at war with ours. You are here because our leaders have betrayed us. But that does not give you a license to lecture us, the betrayed ones.

    • As we read the stories of yazidi girls being used as sex slaves often having to ‘do’ up to twenty isis muslim men a day, one is struck by those few who have chosen to commit suicide…one would think most of them would kill themselves before tragically having koranimals abuse/terrorize them. A yazidi mother was shown recently with such emotional trauma knowing that her four daughters jumped from a cliff commiting suicide so that they would no longer be raped by monster muslim men. If this is what Sabra thinks is acceptable for muslim men and women, then there is no place in the west for muslims. We are civilized peoples here and have no need to resort to 5th century brainless dictates of a goat herder stoned most the time and taking a 9 year old for a wife…You have to be kidding!

    • I suspect that English is not your first language, so I will forgive the grammar and composition mistakes in your above comment.
      The outright falsehoods and misconceptions I can not forgive. I think that you knew they were false when you wrote your comment.
      Please don’t lecture me about democracy while your chosen religion and sharia legal system offers nothing like it.
      Mental illness manifests itself in many ways. I believe that democracies that allow immigration of people that reject the host country’s culture and existing governments are surely ill.
      I would like to know what a “religious racist” means, if you have the time.

    • Tell you what, you go and preach to the Saudis first, get them to implement all these ‘reforms’, and when you have turned them into a peaceful, tolerant and open society, come back and preach to us…….

      At the moment, you bring nothing to our dialogue and society, you make no contribution, you only expect to take, take, take. We have a word for this, it is called looting.

    • Khalilah Sabra
      Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center


      The mere fact that you’re allowed to speak freely here should actually make you think, but it doesn’t because the Islam chip prevents it. I’ll leave it at that since other responders have already said all that needs to be said.

    • Islam is not a “race”. Period. Implying that it is one is an obvious attempt to place it beyond criticism. Any rational person who is aware of your rhetorical tactic will refuse to believe in ridiculous claims that equate race with ideology. Nobody is genetically Muslim and nobody is born Muslim. Islam is a set of learned beliefs just like any other political ideology.

      I believe you already know that Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian political system that is inseparable from sharia law. We refuse this medieval system of theocratic laws in this country and we will die fighting before we will allow it to be imposed on us. Therefore it will never be possible for you to practice Islam in our countries because we will never submit (istaslama) to sharia law. You can pray five times a day every day but you will still not be practicing Islam because you will still be living under the laws that we have made, not sharia law which was made by humans (not God) in the 7-12th centuries.

      If you wish to be Muslim and practice Islam, you have no real choice but to go to a place where sharia law is fully enforced. The USA will absolutely never be that place.

      Sharia law also includes the Pact of Umar in which non-Muslims are institutionally discriminated against. For example, a non-Muslim Rosa Parks would be forced to move to the back of the bus if a Muslim wanted to sit down. This is mainstream Islam and it will never be allowed here. The pluralism we have here can and will not allow anti-pluralistic sharia law or it would cease to be pluralism.

      Again, your only choice to fully practice Islam will be in some other country. This country will never be ruled by sharia law.

      The number of Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 is currently 26,755. There is no comparison between the extreme violence of Islamic political ideology and any other political ideology out there. We do not want a foreign political ideology (Islam) in this country that results in this degree of violence. Already the FBI is forced to spend way too much of its time monitoring, investigating, and arresting terrorists the vast majority of which are devout Muslims. Islam creates violent problems and offers us absolutely nothing worthwhile.

    • No, dear, it is muslims who are busy “creating an intolerance for Muslims”.
      Journalists merely report on it.

    • I love it when a follower of the religion of Xenophobia defines anyone who has an issue with their ridiculous political religious ideology as a racist or bigot. The simple fact is that its cultural, we do not agree with their culture and system of government and believe that anyone who follows that nasty xenophobic ideology is not compatible with Western values and laws, if that hurts your feelings then feel hurt.

      Nothing to do with race you [derogatorily modified epithet], simple as that.

    • Timothy McVeigh was not a Christian.

      He claimed that “Science was his god.”

      Why do you assume he was a Christian? Because he was white? Because he had short blonde hair?

      What exactly led you to your conclusion?

      And as with every “refugee crisis,” why are we never allowed to ask the pertinent question: What happened to the countries these people used to live in? Why are those countries so unlivable?

    • Khalilah,

      I like that you attempt a rational, cordial posting on this website.

      I tend to agree with you on the desirability of letting other nations adopt their own system of government, without external interference as long as they constitute no immediate threat. Iran, with its breakneck development of nuclear capabilities, is obviously out of this category, as its governing philosophy is to destroy regimes with which it disagrees, like Israel.

      But, other than that, the US has done great harm to itself, as well as the countries and peoples involved, by trying to interpose its idea of “democracy” on Middle Eastern countries which, due to their Muslim composition, are far more suited to strongman dictatorship.

      Contrary to your statement, the US has been a great friend to radical Islamist movements in the Middle East, trying to wrest control from autocratic governments which were corrupt, not very representative, but which maintained order, safety, and a somewhat hospitable environment for local development and western investment.

      I think you are trying to slide unnoticed from non-interference with the governments of other countries, to tolerating Muslims and the Islamic agenda in our own countries. In truth, they are two, very different concepts.

      Let us dispose of Timothy McVeigh first. You claim him to be a Christian terrorist. In fact, he had no connections with either Christian groups or militia groups. McVeigh attended a few church services, which did not make him a Christian extremist. I attended a few church services myself, but I remain an atheist, nice as the people were.

      As far as Muslims already in our country legally, you bring up several points. One is the assertion that a diverse community is a strong community and for that reason, we need to welcome Muslims wholeheartedly.

      In point of fact, a community becomes progressively less stable as diversity increases. This is expounded at length in the pages of Gates of Vienna:

      It has been extensively shown that Islamic theology is fundamentally incompatible with democracy, and intolerant of deviations from its own theology. In other words, even non-violent Muslims cannot be Muslims and support democracy without trying to implement sharia. It’s a logical and practical contradiction.

      Furthermore, there is no reason relating to citizen rights that prevents the US government from preventing the immigration of Muslims. Muslim applicants for immigration are not citizens and are not entitled to the rights under the Constitution. The US is fully within its rights as a nation and as a constitutional government of laws to keep out people who represent a danger to its safety or well-being.

      As to Muslims who are already citizens, I myself would prefer to give them the assumption of the doubt, as long as no more Muslims are allowed to immigrate or settle in the country. That is, I don’t trust them, but I feel that we are better off assuming them to be citizens, than altering our fundamental rights as US citizens.

      But, in no way does the presence of observant Muslims strengthen our society. Unlike orthodox Jews, say, they not only insist on observing their own customs, but constantly push to get non-Muslims subject to their laws as well. The Muslim concepts of women and family is fundamentally contradictory to the view of women in the traditional US. There is no way the community will be strengthened by mixing the two.

      On the whole, Muslims should stay in Muslim countries, and the US should provide moral pressure concerning individual liberties, but no concrete interference involving financial or military support.

    • “……..because they have chosen islam as their religion”.

      Presumably you have read your muslim terrorist manual, oh er, the Koran, and know very well the delightful passages that deal with ‘terrifying the unbelievers, cutting off arms and legs on opposite sides, beheadings, etc., then may I ask how any SANE person could choose islam as their religion? It is, and always has been forced upon people

      You can’t (and no doubt won’t) answer that with any credibility, and as for Immigrant Justice Centre, you wouldn’t know justice if you tripped over it, muslima trash.

      For far too long have we tolerated the intolerant; it’s time to ‘take out the garbage’.

    • Interesting bio on Sabra (born Christina Cousan, which is likely French in origin). American born it appears and a product of mainly Catholic education.

      Wikipedia entry honours her with label of author and credit as the first and hopefully ONLY recruited female American member of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD which is described following:

      ‘The Muslim Brotherhood is a religious and political group founded on the belief that Islam is not simply a religion, but a way of life. ‘

      Indeed. A life of horror, mayhem, intolerance and subjugation for females, while wrapped in a bag for life.

      I found it difficult wading through the above propaganda. I got the general gist but the construct is appalling which might explain why she is an Author as against a Best-selling Author. My reaction was that it was written by a third-worlder and then was surprized to discover she is American born and educated.

      If you insist on polluting the internet Christina, I recommend less Taqiyya and more use of a Thesaurus.

      • Great find! Thank you very much.

        Yes, Islam offers third-raters who have never amounted to much the chance to re-invent themselves, as spokesliars and grievance mongers for one of the countless Muslim NGOs.

        They can also double-dip as “humanities professor” or “artist in residence” or “community relations manager” or “vice president in charge of outreach” or some such useless activity paid for from our tax dollars and/or “greenmail” dollars.

        Yes, it’s great to be a Muslim in the West! In fact, I think I’m going to convert myself … before all the goodies are taken.

  6. They have had 1400 years to practice their “craft”.

    • Apparently Khalilah Sabra has never heard of the words Stealth Jihad nor has she heard of the Muslim Brotherhood and their plans to take over the west and have sharia prevail over all…so much for democracy. The muslim brohood intentionally made the year 2020 as the year they would take over the US, but have since upped that to 2016. Has not Sabraq heard of the turk Fetullah Gulen with his 125 charter schools in the US where he told his followers, “we must remain silent until we reach greater numbers and then we can takeover’. Right now he and Erdogan are clashing..both have the same goals…both want to play god…and both have fascist ideations which mean a death sentence for all women. Already the moe bro have said their first job would be to impregnate US women to increase the seed of Moo ham ed…ya think so, you stooges? You touch me and watch your private parts disappear faster than you can say mecca hecca. Here for your edification–the strategic plan of moebro.

  7. and, as Sun Tzu exhorted, they are seeing to it that they choose the battlefield and the strategy in such a manner as to prevent any response on our part except for one that reacts to a previous action, a ‘strategy’ that can only lead to a defeat, and they know that.

    • Western nations are just paralyzed by some mental illness or betrayed by our globalists, multiculturalist enemies.

      The mighty Western armies, navies, and air forces are helpless to repel hordes of unarmed invaders carrying bags of diapers and bottles of water.

      • There is something appallingly oxymoronic about that. Maybe the enemy has decided to fight dirty, (with diapers)! (tongue in cheek but not bitten off)

        • So Europe is about to be ‘Qatar-ed’ and feathered, or was that drawn and Qatared?

      • Yes. I imagine it has not escaped the attention of ISIS and others including the mighty themselves. Are those weapons loaded?

    • One of the 36 statgems in Sun Tzu’s Art of War reads:
      ” Take out the burning firewood from underneath the caldron “.

  8. Joost Niemöller must be doing something good when he is called a bigot and a fascist by a muslim.

  9. It is sad that neither the public nor the politicians have the testicular fortitude to stop this mayhem . It will be a heavy price to pay and those politicians involved should be marked now and [intemperate recommendation redacted]. The price is heavy but there is no alternative.

  10. Really too bad that people don’t know history these days. This has happened before and while your site is called Gates of Vienna, so many people do not know that the Muslim hordes were repelled at the gates of Vienna long ago.

    history repeats, unfortunately.

    I was really upset seeing them in Hungary, yelling their allah akbar, as if they had any right to be in Hungary. Why don’t they fix their own countries instead of invading Europe (again) and turning into the same crappy countries they came from. This is mental illness at its finest. Hungary, start shooting. Germany, get rid of Angela — she is a tool or a fool. Europe, defend yourselves!

  11. As soon as she used the word fascist to represent our reasonable resistance to islam, she revealed her hand. Whatever she said after that (and much beforehand) was pure unadulterated taqiyya. What she describes as legitimate islamic movement is clearly Hijira and invasion. This is what we are up against. We must resist it at all costs.

  12. Can’t say I blame Qatar.
    Most of those “refugees” will be Shia or other minority Moslem groups from Syria. Qatar and the other nations mentioned are mostly Sunni. We know how the Sunni/Shia dynamic works out, right?
    What is stupid is admitting them to Europe. What Karl Martel, Charlegmagne, and Jan Sobieski achieved, the EU is throwing away. They are importing a hostile, alien group that will ultimately cause a great deal of destruction within Europe.
    The Syrians effed up their own country with “Arab Spring” (okay, the Euroweenies might have helped them…). Make them stay there and fix it or die trying.

  13. You know, the fact that this one article warranted a comment from someone at the “Muslim American Society Immigrant Justice Center” suggests that the information contained here is something that they’re particularly concerned about. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone from a jihadist front group attempt to post such elaborate propaganda in response to an article on this site.

    Perhaps this has someone particularly worried for some reason.

    We’re dealing with a new type of asymmetric warfare tactic that exploits “humanitarian concerns”. Western countries seem as unprepared for this type of asymmetric warfare as they were for the sort used on 9/11. Will this tactic only be understood and adapted to after another organized mass casualty attack is successful?

    On 9/11 only a small number of operators needed to infiltrate the U.S. because nobody was paying attention. Now, security services are on alert for small operations like this. So what’s the answer? Overwhelm the defenses (which rely on costly surveillance of individual suspects) with much larger numbers of jihadists. It’s impossible to investigate or keep track of them all so a significant number will slip through the security net and may initiate a pre-planned operation in response to broadcast plain language code.

  14. “the fact that only a small percentage of Muslims are involved in the commission of terrorism and this does not mean that the whole community is made up of … perpetrators of terrorist acts”.
    Is that because it is unfair?
    Under the Pact of Umar if only one non-muslim does, or is alleged to do, some act that causes “offence”, then the whole non-muslim community is collectively punished.
    That is Sharia law.

  15. ‘We have passed an awful milestone in our history, when the whole equilibrium of Europe has been deranged…. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip of, the first foretaste of a bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless, by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigor, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time.’ (Winston Churchill, after Neville Chamberlain returned from Munich.)

  16. So many comments! I wonder what will happen when Donald Trump decides to take IS on. He has shown himself to be a leader, unafraid, of his own opponents in the GOP. Seriously, is there a Dem candidate who will take him on? I love his take on Obama giving a state dinner to the President of China. No state dinner, I’ll give him a big Mac happy meal, sit him down and say let’s get down to business. Why does China own America’s debt? Trump will tell you. After he takes on China with a BIG MAC, THEN IS. SINCE NO ONE IN THE FREE WESTERN WEENIE WORLD, except 3 young men on a Paris train seems to want take on these murderous scum, why not Trump? Trumps versus IS? I know who I am betting on. Those vile murderous bastards have promised a new way to kill their enemies. Next week. President Obama, what have you said or will you say via telprompter? I am sure you are sorry. But what would Trump say? What I see is the end of political parties, polls, and all the people that earned their living by being wrong. Even that gross Carville said Trump has changed everything. So happy I am. I did order the Art of the Deal from my local library. It is his plan. It is so clear. Now what we need to know is IS. I hope he attacks and destroys. You have heard of the Green Beret who will be demoted because he SHOVED a rapist of a little boy in Afghanistan. American lawyers at their worst. This is not over. A Canadian was punished for reporting boy rape among the creeps they had to train in that [dung] heap. CANUCKS, we are not going to let him lose his Green Beret.

  17. Chaps, all what’s going on is really getting me down.

    I don’t hate any ethnicity nor religious group, although I do deplore Islam and its fascistic and expansionist ambitions. I just want to preserve our liberties and culture which I believe are closely aligned to the identity of the peoples of Europe, but have been skewed to be used against our own civilisation. What is this madness, where so many of our relatives and fellow nationals argue for and promote our demise, whether directly or indirectly.

    What will happen, not ideally, but realistically, over the next few decades? I have a feeling a consciousness will emerge, as it seems to be, among the populations of Europe and will seek to rectify some of the damage that’s been done and is ongoing. Now, am I just thinking hopefully here, or is this a likelihood, because it appears that we can’t save what we hold so dear whilst so many of those belonging to our identities are actively pursuing our decline.

    We are living in a period of collective insanity, where logic is inverted and we are considered to be immoral. The real inheritors of fascism in Europe is the EU and the transnational progressives hell-bent on our destruction.

    • What will happen, not ideally, but realistically, over the next few decades?

      Only the fortune-tellers know 😉

      What I think will happen is that by 2050, Europe will have fractured into about twice as many states and statelets as there are states today.

      Some will be all-Muslim, some won’t allow a single Muslim on their soil, some will be rabidly hedonistic/atheist, others some kind of Odin cult / Nazi entity, and yet others will try to preserve some form of multi-culturalism (but with a heavy-handed police surveillance system).

      Most people living in 2050 will curse us — their parents and grandparents — for putting them into that mess. There will be constant low-level warfare and strife, Brazil-like street crime and wealth inequality, but I don’t foresee war on the scale of World War II (55 million killed). The U.S. will have taken the nuclear toys away from the French and the Brits in the nick of time before Muslims can get their hands on them, so no nukes on European soil.

      Some of the Muslim-free entities will be preparing for a reconquista, which may never happen, but if it does is another half-century in the future — around the year 2100.

      That’s my prediction. What’s yours?

      • Thanks for your reply.

        I can’t see it fracturing in such a way. There may be a few enclaves of Muslims, if it gets that far, that try to break away and establish their own Islamic republics within Europe, no doubt if they do, they’d try to connect regions of high population densities of Muslims.

        I still believe that surely, when it becomes impossible to deny the existence of a fifth column within our societies who are intent on subjugating us and establishing sharia law, then Europe will gets its act together.

        Whilst the dichotomous view of the oppressor and the oppressed is so pervasive in the media, educational, political spheres and intergovernmental organisations, where white men in particular, are viewed as the oppressors and whose needs and associated identities are denied and derided, I don’t think we’ll see a sufficient fightback.

        Isn’t the answer to do as the left did, to infiltrate the media, higher education and any other sphere where the left has connivingly sought to subvert society to suit their agenda? I don’t know how to do this nor how to change the agenda, but at the moment, we are just waiting for the masses to wake up through experience and playing a waiting game.

        I personally care deeply about preserving European culture and identity. What makes this nuanced for me is that through work I’ve worked in the Far East and have had relationships with women from there. I’m not so focused on race, although I am concerned about the projected demographics which depicts Europeans dwindling into minority status. I am concerned mostly with the level of immigration, the tolerance of Islam in particular, as a totalitarian system that is quite obviously incompatible. It’s important for me to make this clear, as I’m not a white nationalist or ethnonationalist. I’m broadly a liberal, but socially conservative in terms of immigration.

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