Hitler and Islam

The following article concerns the rich historical and contemporary connections between the Third Reich and the Islamic world. It was written by a Dutch investigative journalist, writer and blogger named Joost Niemöller, whose work has appeared here occasionally in the past.

Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent GB for the translation:

Hitler and Islam (1)

By Joost Niemöller

It is well known that Mein Kampf is still very popular in the Muslim world: for example, in Egypt[1] and some Arab countries. But also in Turkey[2]. In Iran[3]. Or Pakistan[4]. Germans in the Islamic world are being addressed enthusiastically, because they hail from “The Land of Hitler”. Not so long ago I heard this again from a German friend who travels to the Middle East regularly. In the Islamic world a direct link[5] is being drawn between Hitler’s warfare and the Jihad. At the same time it’s very fashionable among Muslims to deny the Holocaust, which in the eyes of an anti-Semitic would rather damage Hitler’s status as a hero; why then still read his book? But then the denial of the Holocaust[6] is again necessary to refuse the justification for the State of Israel.

When it comes to feeding hate, logic is irrelevant.

Mein Kampf‘s popularity in the Muslim world is only one signal. Many links exist between Nazism and present day Islamism. One of the abundant examples is the fact that the fake document “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”[7], promoted by the Nazi ideologist Rosenberg, which would be the ultimate proof of a Jewish complot to overthrow the Christian world, became popular again among the PLO via the Islamic world.

In the exhaustively documented work “Van Jodenhaat naar zelfmoordterrorisme” (“From hatred of Jews towards suicide terrorism”) by Dr. Hans Jansen (Not the same as the recently deceased Arabist), we find the description of a PLO pamphlet discovered by the Israel military that features both Rosenberg and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The subtitle of Dr Jansen’s book is Islamisation of the European anti-Semitism in the Middle East). He expounds the idea that the Muslim anti-Semitism before WWII was of a different nature: Jews were seen as ridiculous and virtually unimportant. They could be killed, but did not really constitute a threat. For this reason Jews were relatively left unharmed under Islam and were not forced to convert to the mainstream religion, as was the case in the Christian world.

The idea of a “Jewish conspiracy” originated in Europe and gained momentum under Hitler.

This European anti-Semitism, nourished by Hitler, seems to have been borrowed by the Muslim world after the creation of the state of Israel.

The present hatred of Jews in the Middle East is therefore based upon a European — namely Nazi — theory, and hence second-hand. The subject of the “Protocols” is the threat to the Christian world by a Jewish plot. Taking the “Protocols” for real in the Islamic world[8], as proof that the Jews are dangerous is obviously very bizarre. Why should Muslims care about the threat to the Christian world?

They don’t. It just shows the confusion that originated when the Islamic ideology became interwoven with the ideology of the Nazis.

Concerning this process, and about its military importance, at least two important books appear to have been written. The first[9] I encountered eventually this summer in a library in the German city Oldenburg. Apparently it had not attracted much attention and was solidly discounted. The second[10], more recent, did generate some serious discussion, I found out via Amazon.

Of course it is characteristic of the existing politically correct climate that such thoroughly researched and well-founded historical works do not constitute part of any basic debate about Islam in the mainstream media. Presently Islam is part of an obsolete multicultural society; anybody criticizing this is a kind of Nazi. That the truth is in fact the other way around is a very unwelcome message: both Islamic and Nazi ideologies not only have common elements, but also have a common history. This continues today and by itself provides enough reason to dig further.

Yes, we know that Mein Kampf is popular in the Muslim world.

Yes, we know Amin el-Husseini[11], the Jew-hating Jerusalem Mufti, who was linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and who hooked up with the Nazi empire. We know that one picture of his meeting with Hitler. We know that after the war he was left unpunished and remained active in the Middle East.

The popularity of Mein Kampf in the Middle East is no coincidence.

Amin el-Husseini was not just a bizarre anomaly.

The broad distribution of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” in the Muslim world is part of a bigger picture. In that picture, Hitler plays a leading role.

(See part 2, coming later)

Joost Niemöller’s website: www.joostniemoller.nl


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27 thoughts on “Hitler and Islam

  1. I found Mein Kampf to be very popular in India, too. That could be down to the fact that there are more muslims in India than there are in Pakistan.

    • The article cited indicated a Hindoo audience, which I must admit I found surprising, though perhaps related to Chandra Bose still being regarded as a national hero. But it does indicate that MK has a wider appeal than just to anti- Semites, not having or wanting to read it I wonder why this might be

      • Why don’t you just read it, then? The biographical first half is pretty interesting. It provides a first-hand account of the rise of the Nazi party, and backgrounds Hitler’s obsessive and irrational racial hatreds (which were partly grounded in his dislike of multiracial Hapsburg Austrian cities, interestingly). It also contains a good deal of interesting inside information on how to subvert weak democracies from the political fringe. The second half is turgid philosophizing.

  2. A person capable of believing an absurdity like:

    This European anti-Semitism, nourished by Hitler, seems to have been borrowed by the Muslim world after the creation of the state of Israel.

    The present hatred of Jews in the Middle East is therefore based upon a European — namely Nazi — theory, and hence second-hand.

    … has absolutely no knowledge or understanding of Koranic texts and teachings about Jews. The author appears to be labouring under the bizarre delusion that Muslims are following the doctrines of Hitler rather than the teachings of their debased so-called prophet, Muhammad.

    The history of Jews and Jewish communities under Islamic rule is replete with massacres inflicted upon them by followers of Muhammad and predates by many centuries the creation of Israel, the rise of Hitler or that silly piece of fiction known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    I recommend that the Author make a serious attempt to familiarise himself with the Koran and it strictures against unbelievers, particularly Jews.

    If he should ever decide to actually study the Koran, it is essential that he should study it in conjunction with the 246 verses of abrogation. That way, the behaviour of Muslims in general will become entirely comprehensible and predictable (but no less disgusting).

    An easily searchable edition of the Koran can be accessed at the usc.edu website. He should try calling up all of the verses with word “Jew” or “Jews”

    • “The practice of wearing special markings in order to distinguish and humiliate Jews and other non Muslims, in Islam dominated countries, seems to be introduced by Caliph Umar II in early 8th century.The practice was reissued and reinforced by Caliph Al-Mutawakkil (847–61), subsequently remaining in force for centuries.[2][3] A genizah document from 1121 gives the following description of decrees issued in Baghdad:”

      If anything Hitler borrowed from Islam rather than the other way around….

      • Even the name of his book sounds like it was borrowed from Islam given that it translates neatly into Arabic as “my jihad”.

    • – Remember Khaybar

      This is a reference made by muslims more often than not, and it is referring to 629 when Jews were massacred by muslims in Khaybar, 97 km from Medina.

      Interestingly enough, answeringmuslims.com says, that Muhammad was poisoned at this massacre.

      This might be a good first lesson to study for the above mentioned author, before going on to the muslim book in question.

    • Perhaps all evil–if it evolves into the ultimate incarnations–becomes exactly the same thing. So one can know, without studying details, that Nazism = Islam = Khmer Rougeism = Stalinism?

  3. Europeans nationalists and patriots (that includes the waning European majority of North America) will watch their culture disappear and their people go extinct while trying to convince both eachother and their political opponents that they are nothing like Adolf Hitler. Its a futile attempt, the fact that the image of Hitler exists in the popular imagination as a German-European nationalist targeting the jews merely as a form of displaced aggression(or scapegoat theory) or as the result of economic uncertainty, means that Europeans who exhibit any behaviour similar to the National Socialists will always be suspected of repeating this tragedy. Similar behaviour includes criticism of minorities or non-Europeans or cultivating a positive historical self-image. Guilt by association is not so much a logical fallacy as an inevitable human thought process. There is nothing defenders of the European race and(only as) as a corollary European culture can do to shake off any assocation with the supposed evils of interbellum Germans.

    It is critical that the true origins of Hitlerian and German “anti-semitism” are investigated without an anti-European bias, as has been the case amongst mainstream post-war historians with exception of a few scholars on the ‘wrong side’ of the Historikerstreit in the 80s such as Ernst Nolte. If not, any attempt to defend Europeans from being relegated to minority status will be in vain.

  4. at the risk of seeming to proselytize I would like to point out that the “Dots” appear to be connecting in a way that implies a spiritual reality at work. The increasingly strident pitch of Anti-Semitism that is now global in scope is begging the question, “What has the Jew ever done to you?” Topol, in Fiddler on the Roof, in his prayer to Yahovah regarding his circumstances said, “I know you chose us, but look at us! Couldn’t you choose someone else?” Is that what is fueling the hate? Is the world envious because the Jews were chosen by Yahovah to fulfill a specific purpose (which they haven’t yet) and receive His blessings? Or maybe it is the fact of the existence of the Jew is the reminder to the world that there is a God and He is not what the rest of the world is worshipping?
    Please allow me to respectfully suggest that we should step back and review the current events from the next level up to see whether the dots connect on the spiritual plane, because on the physical plane the only pattern that emerges is chaos and anarchy.

      • Man is religious

        In every culture at all times, peoples have created their own gods.

        Taking into consideration that peoples more than 3 000 years ago, would be separated from other ethnic groups of peoples, as well as knowing little or close to nothing about globalism, it would be fair to think that they would rely on their own god to be chosen, meaning protected, by Him, or Her.

        In other words, all ethnic groups during all times, not knowing anything about other peoples’ gods, or out of loyalty to their own people, could only rely on their own, and believe that they were accepted and protected – chosen – by their gods, respectively.

      • Mark, God is within all of us and it is knowledge that brings us closer to God. Mark Twain once quipped that every person who comes to this Earth, this world, has first to be born into it and to then find out why he/she was born into it. We are here to learn, to advance our spirit to a higher level. Those who refuse to learn and to adjust to what they have learned are doomed to repeat the process, so a ‘people’ had to be chosen in those far off times in order for God’s plan to be made known to the rest of humanity who had previously lost their way.

        Humanity is ancient, far more ancient than what the ‘experts’ would have us believe.

      • God’s “choosing” a people was specifically for the purpose of the incarnation, on which he acted out both his mercy and justice on all mankind.

    • The way it was explained to me in religious school was that being god’s chosen people meant that the Jews had the responsibility to reveal god’s laws to the rest of mankind and serve as an example of the just way of life.

      Being the chosen people did not mean special privileges or special status.

      If you’re going to be upset at Jews, be upset at the fact that they voted for Obama in higher proportions than even blacks…and that they seem determined to support the immigration of peoples who will systematically attack them, as in France and Sweden.

      If you’re jealous of the Jews as the chosen people, just teach the law and ethics and live a just life. Then, what do they have that you don’t?

  5. The present hatred of Jews in the Middle East is therefore based upon a European — namely Nazi — theory, and hence second-hand.

    Dumbfounded by this statement.

  6. Absurd. Muslims were killing Jews long before the NSDAP sanctioned it.

    Google Banu Kurayza, they were massacring Jews 1400 years ago.

  7. Der Spiegel has a very good article on the popularity of “Mein Kampf” in India and Pakistan.

    The Führer Cult

    “Once my wife and I visited the cafe in the beautiful Hotel Imperial in New Delhi. It has a garden lined with palms, excellent tea and friendly waiters in uniforms that recall the colonial era. A young man served us. The name tag on his uniform attracted my interest so I asked him why he had this rather unusual name for an Indian man. “Oh, my parents named me after a great historic person,” he explained.

    The name, in black letters on a golden plate, read: Adolf.”

    Der Spiegel (2010)

  8. Islam represents the dark side of humanity. Is it then any wonder why those of the Left, the Godless humanists and Devil worshippers, would be a fair weather friend to such an ideology?

    Hitler’s Mein Kampf is no different in reality and objectives than to Obama’s ‘Dreams of My Father’ – both are propaganda books to promote a very dark cause.

  9. “both Islamic and Nazi ideologies not only have common elements, but also have a common history.”

    Utter nonsense. If you look at any two broad ranging ideologies you can find at least some common elements. In the case of Nazism and Islamism, it is a dislike/envy of Jews, British imperialism, and not much else. I can’t see Himmler signing up for 5 prayers a day to Allah, or a return to Sharia law

    I know some pro-Israeli Jews would like to make the Nazi smear stick on some Islamists, but why can’t they accept the likes of ISIS are their own unique evil, and, other than a coincidental dislike of Jews, have little in common with European volkisch movements like Nazism

  10. “Promi­nent in Peter’s analy­sis of the “Ori­gins of 21st Cen­tury Con­flict” is the gen­e­sis of “global jihadism.” Iron­i­cally, what is per­ceived in parts of the Mus­lim world as an anti-imperial doc­tine had its gen­e­sis as a vehi­cle for colo­nial domination.

    Seek­ing proxy war­riors on behalf of the Kaiser, archael­o­gist Max von Oppen­heim con­vinced Sul­tan Mehmet the V of the Ottoman Empire to declare a global jihad against Eng­land, France and Rus­sia in an unsuc­cess­ful attempt to oust those nations from their colo­nial hold­ings in the Mus­lim world.”


  11. While you all bicker about who’s belief in The Invisible Man Who Lives In Space is better, the modern day religion of GREED is pitting all of you against each other, creating “terrorists” (who are actually servants of capitalism / zionism doing the dirty work of said greed worshippers). Why is this happening? Because the worship of GREED got us into trouble! We need to keep the petrodollar in charge, despite being TRILLIONS in debt. So anyone who sides with another superpower / rival, is going to get harassed by US, the heavily in debt, greed worshippers. We could wait for a sign from the White Bearded (Santa Claus!?) Man Who Lives In Space, but what we need RIGHT NOW is HARD CASH, & to stop that other big country gaining the hearts, minds & wallets of the masses. If the custom goes elsewhere, it might spell the beginning of the apocalypse!

    So, how convenient that in your part of the world you have oil for our cars, gas for our heating, & there is tension in your area, that we can exploit! We can sneak in the back door, steal all your wealth, invent a bogey man that is really working for us. If you make trouble for us, we will overthrow you! Thank you very much for your ancient philosophies & your rivalries, for we shall exploit you for our worship of GREED!

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