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A boat carrying about six hundred illegal migrants capsized in the Mediterranean. Four hundred or so of its passengers were rescued, and the rest are presumed to have drowned. Twenty-five bodies have been recovered so far.

Meanwhile, a Sudanese migrant was arrested near the British end of the Channel Tunnel after running most of the way from Calais.

In other news, young people in Azerbaijan staged a march to advocate for the right to wear shorts in the summer.

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Financial Crisis
» Euro Group Bankers Call for “Economic Government, “ More Taxes Levied on Citizens
» “Murderous” Jade Helm Revenge Plot: Tattoo Parlor Owner, Friends Planned to Ambush Army
» Cop Will Keep Job After Planning to Murder Black Man and Hide Evidence
» FBI Investigation of Hillary’s Emails is ‘Criminal Probe’
» FBI Says That Citizens Should Have No Secrets That the Government Can’t Access: The Orwellian Cyber Police State Has Arrived
» Federal Court Rules That Bumper Stickers, Air Fresheners Are Reasonable Suspicion of Criminal Activity
» Hatchet-Wielding Man With Mental Issues Attacks Moviegoers in Tennessee; Media Calls it “Theater Shooting Horror” To Fit Gun Control Agenda
» Independent Lab Confirms Kashi Go Lean Cereal Loaded With Toxic Glyphosate
» Libertarian Tim Donnelly Launches Referendum to Overturn California’s Forced Vaccination Law Sb277
» Police Say No Hate Crime After Black Mob Beats White Male
» President Obama There is a Better Way
» TPP Leaks Shows US Stands Firm That Companies Should be Free to Abuse Patents & Copyrights
» Video: Berkeley Students Say Chattanooga Attack on Soldiers Was “Legitimate”
» Video: Cop Draws Sidearm on Man for Filming
» With 28 Pages Still Hidden, Saudis May be Released From 9/11 Suit
Europe and the EU
» Documentary Aired on Danish Television Exposes HPV Vaccines for Triggering Wave of Disease Among Young Girls
» Rosetta 1 Year Later: Historic Comet Mission Still Intrigues
» Year at a Comet
North Africa
» Egypt Launches Suez Canal Expansion
» New Suez Canal Confidence Boost for Egyptians During Tough Times: Sisi
Israel and the Palestinians
» Burning of Christian Churches in Israel Justified, Far-Right Jewish Leader Says
» Op-Ed: The Left Rejoices
Middle East
» ‘19 Women Refused to Have Sex With ISIS Fighters — And Were Put to Death’
» Barack Obama, Israel and Iran All Warn That World War 3 Could be Coming to the Middle East
» Robert Conquest: Revealing the Horror of Stalin
» Azerbaijan: March for Short-Wearing Held in Baku
South Asia
» At Least 24 Killed, 300 Survive After Trains Derail in India
» MH370: Malaysians Say Parts of Windows, Seat Cushions Have Washed Up
» Australia Says it Turned Back Vietnamese Asylum Seekers
» Australia Celebrates Year of Turning Back Asylum Seekers
» Calais Migrants: British Anarchists Infiltrate Camps to Provoke Trouble, Police Warn
» Channel Tunnel: Migrant “Almost” Walked to England
» Donald Trump: Still Right About Mexican Rapists
» Mexican Criminal Alien Slaughters Motorists Who Tried to Help Him
» Rescue Hopes Fade for Migrants After Boat Capsizes in Mediterranean
» Sudanese Migrant Arrested at the End of the Channel Tunnel in Kent After Running All the Way Through From Calais
Culture Wars
» Aborted Human Fetus Brains Are Being Transplanted Into Mice
» Abortion Organ Harvesting Rooted in the Philosophy of Scientific Materialism (And the Refusal to Recognize Consciousness)
» As Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts, It Schemes to Avoid Legal Consequences
» Cecil the Lion, Fire of Molech, Dr. Mengele, And Planned Parenthood
» Danger in the Classroom
» Planned Parenthood Head Wants All ‘Bogus’ Videos Released at Once
» The Slaughter of Babies
» UK: Prostitution Should be Made Legal According to New Report
» Trouble in Orbit: The Growing Problem of Space Junk

Euro Group Bankers Call for “Economic Government, “ More Taxes Levied on Citizens

EU politicians and apparatchiks are exploiting the Greek economic collapse to call for a centralized “economic government” that has the authority to tax citizens across Europe.

France’s socialist president, François Hollande, is calling for a separate economic government to lord over the monetary union, Der Spiegel reports.

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said in 2012 he would “do whatever it takes” to save the euro.

The idea is not new. In 2011 the billionaire globalist George Soros said it is crucial the European Union have a centralized authority. “There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow,” Soros said.

In Brussels and Berlin “financial experts are devising plans to provide the Euro Group with the same tool that has proven to be so successful throughout history: its own tax,” the German publication notes.

The move breaks a long standing taboo against EU-wide taxation.

[Comment: “More centralization…More…More…More…Know your place serf!”. Vladimir Bukovsky was warning about this in 2006: The EU “government” structure is identical to the soviet politburo. “In his speech Mr Bukovsky referred to confidential documents from secret Soviet files which he was allowed to read in 1992. These documents confirm the existence of a “conspiracy” to turn the European Union into a socialist organization.”]

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“Murderous” Jade Helm Revenge Plot: Tattoo Parlor Owner, Friends Planned to Ambush Army

By now, it’s no secret that the federal government invaded Texas on the 15th of July. It’s been 170 years since the US last annexed the state and because you have to do these things again every so often just to keep everyone honest (it’s kind of like renewing your wedding vows), Washington cooked up a set of “training exercises” called Jade Helm 15 and proceeded to launch a two-month Lone Star lockdown.

Or at least that’s what some Texans were led to believe, and while we won’t speculate on the extent to which that narrative borders on the absurd, we would note that the US Spec Ops Command probably should have realized that showing people a map which identifies the state (painted bright red) as “hostile” would stir up trouble amongst those who are naturally inclined to distrust big government. Fears only grew after Governor Greg Abbott called up the state guard and the entire ordeal officially became a circus after Chuck Norris, apparently forgetting that Walker Texas Ranger isn’t a real person, warned the federal government that Jade Helm looked like it would come “too near to the backdoor” of his ranch.

While Twitter lit up with Jade Helm jokes on the first official day of the exercises, not everyone was laughing. Among those who took the federal takeover “threat” seriously were the gentlemen pictured below, Walter Eugene Litteral, Christopher James Barker, and Christopher Todd Campbell.

The three men, who are not from Texas (or any other state involved in Jade Helm for that matter), but in fact reside some 1,400 miles away from the “front lines” in North Carolina, allegedly “had a deadly plot to lure government forces into a trap,” in retaliation for the Pentagon’s supposed plan to “use the armed forces to impose martial law in the United States,” The Washington Post reports. Ironically, the owner of the military surplus store where the men bought some of their supplies ultimately turned them in to authorities. Here’s WaPo with the story:

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Cop Will Keep Job After Planning to Murder Black Man and Hide Evidence

An Alabama police officer was plotting the murder of an African American resident, along with a detailed cover-up plot to make it seem like the killing was carried out in “self-defense.” But in spite of this obvious felonious crime, The Guardian has recently learned that he will keep his job on the Alexander City Police Department.

Officer Troy Middlebrooks paid the man he planned to murder $35,000 to avoid being civilly sued over the murder plot.

Middlebrooks said the African American man “needs a god damn bullet” and repeatedly referred to him as “that n!gger”.

Vincent Bias confirmed the plot by recording of Middlebrooks’s comments and playing them to the mayor and chief of police.

“This town is ridiculous,” Bias, 49, explained in an interview with the Guardian. “The police here feel they can do what they want, and often they do.”

But Middlebrooks was never brought up on any charges. He never spent any time in prison for this murder plot, and Alexander City police chief Willie Robinson even defended him, saying “He was just talking. He didn’t really mean that.”

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FBI Investigation of Hillary’s Emails is ‘Criminal Probe’

The feds are investigating to what extent Clinton relied on her home server and other private devices.

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FBI Says That Citizens Should Have No Secrets That the Government Can’t Access: The Orwellian Cyber Police State Has Arrived

As reported by The New American, Comey testified that he believes the government’s spy and law enforcement agencies should have unfettered access to everything Americans may store or send in electronic format: On computer hard drives, in so-called i-clouds, in email and in text messaging — for our own safety and protection. Like many in government today, Comey believes that national security is more important than constitutional privacy protections or, apparently, due process. After all, aren’t criminals the only ones who really have anything to hide?

In testimony before a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee entitled “Going Dark: Encryption, Technology, and the Balance Between Public Safety and Privacy” Comey said that in order to stay one step ahead of terrorists, as well as international and domestic criminals, Uncle Sam’s various spy and law enforcement agencies should have access to available technology used to de-encrypt protected data. Also, he believes the government should be the final arbiter deciding when decryption is necessary…

What does all this mean? It simply means that at every level, government considers its own citizens hostile.

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Federal Court Rules That Bumper Stickers, Air Fresheners Are Reasonable Suspicion of Criminal Activity

KINGSVILLE, TX — A panel of judges unanimously held that the presence of bumper stickers, air fresheners, and religious symbols in a vehicle can be considered “reasonable suspicion of criminal activity” during a traffic stop.

The case stems from a March 9, 2011, traffic stop that took place along U.S. Highway 77 in Kingsville, Texas. Officer Mike Tamez of the Kingsville Police Department observed a Chevy Tahoe with a woman behind the wheel, going 2 MPH above the posted speed limit. The family vehicle had a man in the passenger seat and a young girl in the back. The vehicle’s bumper was decorated with a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) sticker and other “pro-police” decals. There were also a few rosaries hanging from the rear view mirror, and some air fresheners visible.

From these visual clues alone, Officer Tamez “concluded that they were probably drug runners.” He pulled them over for speeding, with the premeditated intention of searching the vehicle for drugs.

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Hatchet-Wielding Man With Mental Issues Attacks Moviegoers in Tennessee; Media Calls it “Theater Shooting Horror” To Fit Gun Control Agenda

Calls did go out that it was active shooter on the scene, but it turns out the guy had an airsoft pellet gun which cops were quick to point out looks like a real gun. It has been reported that when a cop ran into the theater, Montano fired his pellet gun once toward the officer, and the officer retreated.

However, the suspect didn’t shoot anyone or attempt to shoot anyone in the theater (if so, that has not been reported at this time). Clad in a surgical mask, he instead attacked another man with a hatchet, hitting and superficially wounding him, and he pepper sprayed that man as well as two other female moviegoers. There were eight total people in the theater including Montano. No one was taken to the hospital.

He also apparently had two backpacks, one containing a hoax (fake) bomb device. Sounds like a movie itself, doesn’t it?

SWAT took Montano out as he ran out of the back door of the theater; he died in the parking lot.

The mainstream media, however, is still running full speed ahead with the theater shooter story anyway.

“Theater shooter” must sound sexier than hatchet-wielding psycho.

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Independent Lab Confirms Kashi Go Lean Cereal Loaded With Toxic Glyphosate

Contains 6x the levels found in Froot Loops.

An independent lab has found that Kashi’s ‘healthy’ GoLean Original breakfast cereal (owned by Kellogg’s) is loaded with the herbicide chemical glyphosate. What’s more, it actually contains 6x the amount of glyphosate previously found in Kellogg’s’ Froot Loops cereal.

The Kashi brand has been in trouble before. The company has faced multiple class action lawsuits when consumers accused Kellogg’s of misleading them with “natural” labels despite their cereals containing things like pyridoxine hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate, and hexane-processed soy oil.

Now, is reporting that a box of Kashi Go Lean Original Cereal, which was not verified by the GMO Free Project, was sent to a lab to be tested for probably-carcinogenic glyphosate — the main ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling Round Up.

The results were quite shocking:

“A glyphosate residue test was conducted by an accredited lab using the Specific LC/MS/MS testing method with a minimum detectable level of 0.02 ppm. The test documented the presence of glyphosate in the box of Kashi GoLean Original which was not verified by the Non-GMO Project, at a level of 0.68 ppm, or 0.68 mg/kg. This level is nearly 6 times higher than the levels detected in the independent testing we commissioned on Froot Loops.

[Comment: Probably because it has 6x the wheat — which is sprayed with roundup.]

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Libertarian Tim Donnelly Launches Referendum to Overturn California’s Forced Vaccination Law Sb277

Libertarian Tim Donnelly, a former state assemblyman and governor candidate, launched a referendum to overturn California’s forced vaccination law. While the filing in and of itself is a victory, there is a lot of work to be done, and a very short amount of time to do it, so we need your help.

If enough signatures are collected for the SB277 Referendum, California’s mandatory vaccination law will instantly be halted and placed on the November 2016 ballot, providing citizens with the opportunity to vote on the measure.

If Californians vote against mandatory vaccinations, SB277 will essentially be nullified.

Follow all the vaccine stories at

SB277 kicks thousands of California kids out of school

Overturning California’s forced vaccination law is incredibly important as it will not only save lives and protect public health, but it will also protect a child’s right to education.

The Official Referendum Website explains why here:

This referendum against SB277 is important to SO many parents of children who would otherwise hit the vaccine mandate at the start of the 2016 school year, because SB277 is slated to go into effect July 2016, right before the school year.

The SB277 referendum will immediately put a stop to that.

If we get the signatures in the next couple of months, this will go to a November 2016 vote. This means that ALL parents will be able to enroll their children in school even if they are in kindergarten or 7th grade in August/September 2016.

So, pass or fail, the referendum effort WILL mean that thousands and thousands of kids will not have to be kicked out of school!

The SB277 supporters know this, and they don’t like it.

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Police Say No Hate Crime After Black Mob Beats White Male

Police with Michigan’s Grand Rapids Police Department are declining to label the recent assault of a white male by a group of black men a hate crime after video of the encounter went viral this week.

Footage of the incident, which was captured shortly after 10pm on July 28 near Rosa Parks Circle, shows a black male pointing to an 18-year-old white male and ordering others to “sock that n*gga.”

“It almost appears like a game,” GRPD Capt. Matt Ostapowicz told 24 Hour News 8. “The one guy for whatever reason says, ‘Somebody hit him,’ and they did and everybody went crazy.”

[Comment: Farrakhan followers swinging into action? Bankster promotion of race war. Divide and Conquer — so people do not unite and see the real enemy.]

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President Obama There is a Better Way

With each Senate and House Hearing on the Iran nuclear pact, more is revealed about why this is a bad deal. However, as witnessed by the Congressional testimony of experts like Dubowitz of the FDD, Takeyh and Haass of the CFR, it appears that Obama and Kerry didn’t follow the experience garnered from Cold War era arms control negotiations. Congress should be the veritable “bad cop” to fend off and reign in the concession demands of the Islamic regime’s negotiators in Lausanne and Vienna. We understand that several Republican Senators and House Members are drafting resolutions for rejection of the Iran nuclear pact. Perhaps they might include recommendations for amendment of the JCPOA endeavoring to make it a better deal. However, the President has chosen a partisan path that does not welcome bi-partisan deliberation. Perhaps the option is for the resolutions to reject the pact and schedule a vote as a treaty, assuming the President may have the votes to override a veto. As we have discussed there is also possible litigation that might achieve the same end. It is going to be a long hot summer recess for Members of Congress in their states and districts holding town hall hearings to gauge the pulse of constituents on the President’s nuclear deal with Iran.

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TPP Leaks Shows US Stands Firm That Companies Should be Free to Abuse Patents & Copyrights

Last week, as you might have heard, negotiators on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement gathered in Maui to try to finalize the agreement. Many believed that negotiators would more or less finish things up in that meeting. Earlier reports had suggested that everyone was “weeks away” from finishing, and many had said that the only thing holding back a final agreement was fast track authority (officially “trade promotion authority”) from the US government to make sure that the USTR could negotiate an agreement without further interference from Congress. And, as you’ll recall, Congress voted in favor of fast track after a long fight.

However, a funny thing happened in Maui: they didn’t reach a final agreement. And it doesn’t sound like negotiators are really that close either — leading many to wonder if the TPP may be running out of time.

Either way, the good folks over at KEI have now started releasing a leaked copy of the “intellectual property chapter” as it stood on May 11th (i.e., the latest draft prior to last week’s meeting). The IP chapter had leaked in the past, but only an older version. KEI called out how the US’s proposals in the TPP are horrible:

The May 11, 2015, text includes country positions, and reveals extensive disagreements among parties, as well as the isolation of the United States as the country that continues to be the most aggressive supporter of expanded intellectual property rights for drug companies, publishers and other companies. The proposals contained in the TPP will harm consumers and in some cases block innovation. In countless ways, the Obama Administration has sought to expand and extend drug monopolies and raise drug prices. The astonishing collection of proposals pandering to big drug companies make more difficult the task of ensuring access to drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases and conditions.

The widely reported dispute over the number of years of protection for biologic drug test data is only one of dozens of measures that significantly expand the power of big drug companies to charge high prices. Taken together these provisions will take the public down a road of more and more rationing of medicines, and less and less equality of access. It could have and still can be different. Rather than focusing on more intellectual property rights for drug companies, and a death-inducing spiral of higher prices and access barriers, the trade agreement could seek new norms to expand the funding of medical R&D as a public good, an area where the United States has an admirable track record, such as the public funding of research at the NIH and other federal agencies. Many people reading the provisions released today will appreciate how misguided and wrong are the USTR’s values and negotiating objectives.

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Video: Berkeley Students Say Chattanooga Attack on Soldiers Was “Legitimate”

Students at the UC Berkeley campus interviewed by film maker Ami Horowitz think that last month’s terror attack which left four Marines and a Navy sailor dead was “legitimate” and that drawing attention to the fact that the shooter was a Muslim is “racist.”

[Comment: Their indoctrination is complete, and their glass of kool-aid is empty.]

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Video: Cop Draws Sidearm on Man for Filming

“Are you some kind of a constitutionalist?” cop asks man filming.

The incident began last Wednesday when Rohnert Park resident Don McComas says he noticed an officer in a patrol vehicle observing him while he latched his boat onto his SUV.

“I stood up and just watched him,” McComas described. “He ever so slowly pulled away, circled the court opposite my house and then just parked facing my house. After an honest couple of minutes I pulled out my camera and pressed record.” At the start of filming, the officer pulls into and stops in the middle of McComas’ cul-de-sac and appears to call in his license plate number.

The officer then proceeds to draw his cell phone and bizzarely begins to film McComas.

“He thinks he’s being funny now,” McComas comments.

“Go ahead and take your hand out of your pocket,” the unidentified officer upon exiting the cruiser orders McComas, who refuses saying, “No sir I’ve done absolutely nothing. No.”

The incident takes a serious turn when the officer removes his sidearm from his holster and begins approaching McComas menacingly.

“As minor as some would say it was, when I saw his gun gripped in his hand I really thought he was going to shoot me and claim my hand was in my pocket,” McComas says in the Youtube video description.

When McComas demands to know why the officer got out of his car, the officer replies, “You’re taking a picture of me, I’m taking a picture of you.”

The officer then argues he has the right to be on the sidewalk outside of the man’s house, as McComas expresses his family has been persistently harassed by police.

“What’s wrong with you, man?” the officer asks.

“Your station is corrupt,” McComas answers.

“Oh ok,” the officer says, before asking, “Are you some kind of a constitutionalist? Crazy guy or something like that?”

After cooling down, the officer walks back to his vehicle defeated, telling McComas to “go ahead and put it on Youtube.”

[Comment: A constitutionalist = a crazy guy? The indoctrination has sunk in. This moron is poised to be a thug for the new bankster world order.]

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With 28 Pages Still Hidden, Saudis May be Released From 9/11 Suit

Undermined by the U.S. government’s refusal to share everything it knows about the September 11 attacks, the pursuit of justice by 9/11 family members and survivors could be stopped in its tracks within the next 90 days.

In a courtroom just minutes from the World Trade Center, lawyers for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last Thursday asked Judge George Daniels to release the kingdom from a lawsuit seeking to hold it liable for aiding the 9/11 hijackers.

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Documentary Aired on Danish Television Exposes HPV Vaccines for Triggering Wave of Disease Among Young Girls

(NaturalNews) The Danish news service TV2 recently aired a bold documentary calling into question the safety of the Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer. Documenting dozens of cases of serious injury and disability among Danish girls following the three-part vaccination regimen, the video report highlights the Danish Health Authority’s negligence in properly responding to this wave of illness clearly linked to the vaccine, which is also widely promoted in the U.S.

Though the documentary treads somewhat lightly in fully implicating Gardasil as the definitive cause of these girls’ illnesses, it does bring to light how authorities at the highest levels of government routinely try to cover for this deadly vaccine, which SaneVax, Inc. notes has been linked to upwards of 40,000 total adverse events, including death, worldwide.

You can watch the documentary, entitled De vaccinerede piger, in its entirety on YouTube for free (with English subtitles):

Almost immediately following the documentary’s original airing back in March, many more injured girls came out of the woodwork to report their own experiences following vaccination with Gardasil, all with nearly the exact same story: They were healthy, vibrant, and athletic prior to the jab, but afterwards fell ill with chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, and are now unable to function as normal.

For Gardasil-injured Danish girls, their government’s Health Authority has thus far refused to help them. It also refuses to admit any problems with Gardasil, even though the symptoms following its administration are nearly universal among those afflicted, and typically occur within days or even hours following the shot.

“I’ve been studying this for 30 years, and I’ve never seen that combination of symptoms,” says Jesper Mehlsen, head of research and chief physician at the Frederiksberg Hospital Syncope Clinic in Denmark, one of the few places where Gardasil-injured girls have been able to find help. “They all tell the same story: That it emerged in close relation to their inoculation,” added Mehlsen, who is also a former Merck & Co. employee who admits to having tested later versions of the Gardasil vaccine.

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Rosetta 1 Year Later: Historic Comet Mission Still Intrigues

One year ago today, a spacecraft slipped into orbit around a comet for the first time ever.

On Aug. 6, 2014, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe arrived at Comet 67P/Churyumov—Gerasimenko. The spacecraft immediately began studying the comet and mapping its surface, in part to find a good site for Rosetta’s onboard lander, Philae, to touch down.

The observations made by the Rosetta mothership and Philae are reshaping researchers’ ideas about comets, mission interdisciplinary scientist Paul Weissman told

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Year at a Comet

Celebrating Rosetta’s first year at Comet 67P/Churyumov—Gerasimenko with a calendar of NavCam images

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Egypt Launches Suez Canal Expansion

Egypt has opened a major expansion of the Suez Canal, which deepens the main waterway and provides ships with a 35km (22 mile) channel parallel to it.

At the inauguration, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi welcomed foreign leaders aboard a historic yacht as helicopters and fighter jets flew by.

The expansion aims to increase the traffic handled by the canal.

Egypt’s government hopes the revenues will revive the economy — but analysts have questioned the projections.

Egyptians commenting to the international press and on Twitter appear divided over the project, with many asking if the $8.2bn (£5.3bn) spent on the expansion could have been better deployed on improving infrastructure and public services.

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New Suez Canal Confidence Boost for Egyptians During Tough Times: Sisi

Egypt President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi announced on Thursday that the New Suez Canal, apart from its expected economic and strategic benefits, has given Egypt a confidence boost during a challenging time.

During his speech in the canal city of Ismailia, where the inauguration of the 35-kilometer long waterway took place, El-Sisi added that, “completing such an achievement within a short period of time is a source of pride for Egyptians.”

El-Sisi, who changed into civilian clothes after donning his military uniform earlier in the day, focused some of his speech on the turmoil Egypt has faced over the past two years.

“The Suez Canal wasn’t the only achievement by the Egyptians, they also said ‘no’ to terrorism,” the president stated as his words were met with applause.

Egypt has seen a rise in bomb attacks since the 2013 ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi following nationwide protests against his rule. El-Sisi came to power after winning the subsequent 2014 presidential elections.

“We have been fighting terrorism, and will definitely win (the battle),” El-Sisi said assertively.

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Burning of Christian Churches in Israel Justified, Far-Right Jewish Leader Says

The leader of a far-Right Israeli group has risked arrest by apparently voicing support for arson attacks on Christian churches in Israel amid an official crackdown on Jewish extremism.

Benzi Gopstein, the outspoken head of Lehava — which has drawn notoriety for its violent assaults on Jewish-Arab assimilation — made the remarks at a panel discussion for Jewish yeshiva students when asked by a fellow panelist if he believed burning down churches in Israel was justified.

He later tried to evade accusations of inciting his followers to fire-raise, saying it was the government’s responsibility to carry out what he presented as a religious teaching of the 12th century Jewish philosopher, Maimonides.

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Op-Ed: The Left Rejoices

by Daniel Grynglas

With this in mind, let us look at the official reactions to the Duma arson. The US State Department immediately condemned the attack. The United Nations strongly condemned it, as did Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, world press, and the European Union. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin himself issued an apology.

Incredibly, the EU called for “zero tolerance’ for Jewish settler terror. Really? Compare this to their reaction to the deliberate murder of Adva Biton’s baby girl Adelle, murdered in a terror attack in 2013 (hospitalized with massive neurological damage, died in 2015), or the murder of baby Chaya Braun last year in Jerusalem, both killed by Arabs. What about the cold-blooded slaughter of the three Fogel children — by Arabs? Complete silence. Hardly any world coverage, no condemnation from the US State Department, the UN or the EU, and no international press coverage. None.

Why? I will tell you. There is a clear double standard at work,[…]

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‘19 Women Refused to Have Sex With ISIS Fighters — And Were Put to Death’

ISIS gunmen executed 19 women for refusing to have sex with them, a Kurdish official is quoted as saying by the British newspaper Daily Mail.

The official said that the women were taken captive as sex slaves after ISIS fighters overran the Iraqi town of Mosul last year.

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Barack Obama, Israel and Iran All Warn That World War 3 Could be Coming to the Middle East

Will we soon see World War 3 erupt in the Middle East? Even though Barack Obama has made a “peace deal” with Iran, leaders in the region sure are talking a lot about war. And of course this “deal” is on very shaky ground. The Israelis hate it, a significant portion of the U.S. Congress hates it, and the Iranians have already been accused of breaking the agreement. The odds of this “deal” holding up over the long term appear to be somewhere between slim and none. But even if this deal does survive, that does not mean that everything will be okay in the Middle East. In fact, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is convinced that Obama’s deal with Iran will actually “lead to war”…

The world powers’ nuclear deal with Iran will lead to war and a “nightmare” regional nuclear arms race, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned in an online address to American and Canadian Jews on Tuesday evening.

Netanyahu, who has been seeking to sway US lawmakers to thwart the agreement, accused the deal’s supporters in the Obama administration of spreading “disinformation about the deal and about Israel’s position” in its bid to rally support. He pointed out a series of “fatal flaws” in the deal, and asserted that it “doesn’t block Iran’s path to bomb,” but rather “paves” its path to the bomb.

[Comment: This is what puppet obama and his bankster handlers want. A New World Order out of chaos.]

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Robert Conquest: Revealing the Horror of Stalin

The historian Robert Conquest, who has died at the age of 98, is credited by many as the first to reveal the extent of the horror of Joseph Stalin’s regime. His books had a powerful effect on communists in the West, writes Stephen Evans.

If you were brought up in a communist home, Robert Conquest’s books really were a revelation.

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Azerbaijan: March for Short-Wearing Held in Baku

Young people have gathered in Azerbaijan’s capital city in support of people who want to wear shorts without being judged, it’s reported.

Despite Azerbaijan’s soaring summer temperatures, and the fact that Western-style clothing is the norm, wearing shorts is still condemned by many people who think it’s only appropriate attire for the beach. The UK Foreign Office advises that donning the garments “can attract unwelcome attention”, particularly in areas outside the capital.

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At Least 24 Killed, 300 Survive After Trains Derail in India

Two passenger trains jumped off slippery tracks on a bridge near a rain-swollen river in central India, killing at least 24 people as two coaches hurled through mud and rested on one side at an embankment, officials said Wednesday.

The Kamayani Express was on its way to Mumbai when it derailed late Tuesday night near the town of Harda in Madhya Pradesh state, while the Janata Express was traveling in the opposite direction when it slid off the tracks soon after.

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MH370: Malaysians Say Parts of Windows, Seat Cushions Have Washed Up

(CNN) Malaysia’s transport ministry said Thursday that more plane parts have washed up on the same island as a wing part believed — with varying degrees of certainty — to be from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Those new items, which the Malaysians described as pieces of windows, seat cushions and aluminum material, will be tested by the same international team of experts who are looking at a piece of a wing that the Malaysians said Wednesday is definitely from MH370.

An Australian agency coordinating the search for the missing airliner, however, says there is no indication so far of any new aircraft debris.

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Australia Says it Turned Back Vietnamese Asylum Seekers

Australia has confirmed it sent 46 asylum seekers back to Vietnam after intercepting their boat off the coast of Western Australia last month.

The government said it has now turned back 633 asylum seekers who were trying to reach Australia by boat.

In July a small wooden boat, the first “illegal” vessel entry into Australia since June 2014, was spotted off the north-west coast.

It was not seen again and the government refused to say where it was.

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Australia Celebrates Year of Turning Back Asylum Seekers

To mark a year without a “successful people smuggling venture,” the Australian immigration minister has announced that more than 600 people were turned back at sea. But critics are wary of the controversial policy.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said on Thursday that new border controls enacted in December 2013 have led to turning back 20 boats at sea, preventing at least 633 people “from arriving in our country.”

The immigration minister added that if the boats were not prevented from landing ashore, hundreds or thousands more “would have followed them.”

Australia’s controversial turn-back policy for asylum seekers has been widely criticized by the UN and human rights organizations.

However, Prime Minister Tony Abbott — who has vowed to strengthen immigration restrictions — continues to defend the policy.

In March, Abbott decried the UN, saying that “Australians are sick of being lectured to by the United Nations, particularly given that we have stopped the boats.”

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Calais Migrants: British Anarchists Infiltrate Camps to Provoke Trouble, Police Warn

British far-left activists are “manipulating migrants” to stage mass intrusions into the Channel Tunnel and provoke violent clashes with security forces they depict as “savages”, French police have claimed.

The accusations came two days after a French officer was treated for face wounds after being struck by a rock apparently thrown by a Sudanese migrant in the first such incident inside the Eurotunnel site to date.

Migrants made around 1,700 attempts on Sunday night to penetrate the Eurotunnel premises in a bid to get to England.

The previous night, an “organised” group of around 200 migrants tried to “walk” to the UK via the Channel Tunnel, tearing down outer fences and charging past police with tear gas, chanting: “Open the borders!’“.

When they were rebuffed, they staged a sit-in that lasted into the early hours of before finally being dispersed.

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Channel Tunnel: Migrant “Almost” Walked to England

A migrant was stopped inside the Channel Tunnel walking towards the UK, according to Eurotunnel.

The Sudanese national was arrested a few kilometres from the British entrance of the 50.5 km (31-mile) tunnel on Tuesday.

A spokesman for Eurotunnel said the person “almost succeeded in walking through the tunnel”.

The train operator held an “unplanned” inspection on the same day, which led to four-hour delays.

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Donald Trump: Still Right About Mexican Rapists

by Ann Coulter

[WARNING: * Disturbing Content *]

There’s a cultural acceptance of child rape in Latino culture that doesn’t exist in even the most dysfunctional American ghettoes. When it comes to child rape, the whole family gets involved. (They are family-oriented!)

In a 2011 GQ magazine story about a statutory rape case in Texas, the victim’s illegal alien mother, Maria, described her own sexual abuse back in Mexico.

“She was 5, she says, when her stepfather started telling her to touch him. Hand here, mouth there. The abuse went on and on, became her childhood, really. At 12, when she finally worked up the desperate courage to report the abuse and was placed in foster care, she says her mother begged her to recant — the family needed the stepdad’s paycheck. So Maria complied. She was returned home, where her stepdad continued to molest her. When she talks about it, tears stream down her face.”

Far from “I am woman, hear me roar,” these are cultures where women help the men rape kids.

Maria dismissed the firestorm of publicity surrounding the sexual precocity of her own daughter, laughingly referring to the 11-year-old rape victim as “my wild child.” She even criticized the girl’s older sisters for complaining about the young girl’s promiscuous clothing choices, saying — of an 11-year-old: “Well, she’s got the body, so leave her alone.”

In 2013, illegal immigrant Bertha Leticia Rayo was arrested for allowing her former husband, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, to rape her 4-year-old daughter, then assisting his unsuccessful escape from the police. The rapist, Aroldo Guerra-Garcia, was also aided in his escape attempt by another woman, Krystal Galindo. (Kind of a ladies man, was Aroldo.)

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Mexican Criminal Alien Slaughters Motorists Who Tried to Help Him

The married couple, 51-year-old Jason Shane and 47-year-old Tana Shane, died following the execution-style shooting which occurred on an Indian reservation in the small town of Pryor, Montana. Meanwhile, their daughter, 26-year-old Jorah Shane, was gunned down when she tried to run back to her house nearby. She was shot in her back as she ran screaming…

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Rescue Hopes Fade for Migrants After Boat Capsizes in Mediterranean

Search teams in the Mediterranean say they don’t expect to find any more survivors from a boat carrying around 600 migrants which sank off Libya.

Officials initially feared hundreds had drowned but the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said 400 people were rescued.

The Italian coast guard said 25 bodies have been recovered so far but it is unclear how many people are missing.

More than 2,000 migrants are said to have died in 2015 trying to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

Wednesday’s incident occurred when the packed fishing boat ran into rough weather about 15 miles (25km) from Libya’s coast.

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Sudanese Migrant Arrested at the End of the Channel Tunnel in Kent After Running All the Way Through From Calais

A Sudanese migrant was arrested in Kent after he evaded security and ran through the Channel Tunnel from Calais.

The man was almost at the end of the 31-mile long tunnel when he was caught be police less than a mile from Folkestone on Tuesday.

The desperate migrant scaled four security fences and dodged 400 surveillance cameras before running in darkness through the tunnel — used by Eurostar trains destined for Paris and Brussels — and was only spotted when he set off an alarm 15 miles into his ‘highly dangerous journey’.

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Aborted Human Fetus Brains Are Being Transplanted Into Mice

While the Planned Parenthood harvesting scandal rumbles on, fewer news items have actually focused on what those who procure aborted fetal tissue and organs are actually doing with it.

Pro life website sheds some light on this today with a piece that reveals the brains of aborted babies are being transplanted into mice.

The article notes that a recent commentary piece in The Scientist, entitled “When Does a Smart Mouse Become Human?” highlights how researchers at the University of Rochester injected lab mice with glial cells from human fetuses, and discusses the ethical issue of transplanting human cells into animals.

[Comment: Researchers worried about future “rights” of hu-mice, but not about real humans in the fetus stage.]

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Abortion Organ Harvesting Rooted in the Philosophy of Scientific Materialism (And the Refusal to Recognize Consciousness)

(NaturalNews) Over the last few weeks, America has experienced shock at the revelation that human babies are being harvested for their organs during live abortion procedures. This is all being carried out by Planned Parenthood in the name of “science.”

But what kind of science underlies such seemingly evil activities? What sort of philosophy must be infecting the minds of individuals who can look at a human baby and see it only as a collection of biological parts to be harvested and sold for profit?

The answer is found in scientific materialism.

The false paradigm of materialism Scientific materialism is the default philosophy underpinning virtually all modern science: medical science, agricultural science, technology, economics and more. It is based on the false assumption that everything in our universe is made of material stuff. This belief excludes any idea of consciousness, free will, the non-physical mind and the value of any conscious being which possesses such qualities.

Scientific materialism is essentially a philosophy of death… A philosophy that places no value in life whatsoever, believing that life itself is nothing more than a purposeless accident that just happened to take place on our planet, without any meaning, design, or end goal.

Virtually all scientists in the Western world today operate from a cult-like belief in scientific materialism. By definition, then, they do not believe in the existence of consciousness, free will, or the mind. Thus, when they see an infant that is alive and being delivered from the womb of a mother, they do not see a conscious being that can experience pain, retain memories, or one day make decisions of its own. All they see is a collection of tissue: heart, liver, genitals, a brain, legs and arms and so on.

The value of a conscious being is far more than the sum of its biological parts The philosophical delusions of scientific materialism literally block the mind of a scientist from being able to recognize that this human being is worth more than the collection of its parts.

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As Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts, It Schemes to Avoid Legal Consequences

[WARNING: * Disturbing Content. *]

“Oh, look, here’s some organs for you,” said the “doctor” in the video. “They’re all attached. Here’s a stomach, heart, kidney, adrenal…,” she continued, talking casually like a butcher asking a customer what he’d like for tonight’s dinner. Of course, at issue were the body parts of, as the abortionist herself put it, “a baby.”

These are just a few of the stomach-turning details in thefourth video released by the The Center for Medical Progress, which has been documenting Planned Parenthood’s selling of murdered babies’ body parts. As the group (which has since released a fifth video as well) describes it, the fourth video shows the abortionist “negotiating a fetal body parts deal, agreeing multiple times to illicit pricing per body part harvested, and suggesting ways to avoid legal consequences.” This makes it harder for Planned Parenthood (PP) to claim it didn’t know it was violating the law.

The abortionist is Dr. Savita Ginde, vice-president and medical director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM). Speaking with cold detachment, Ginde, reports The Blaze, is seen sitting down with two actors who posed as tissue buyers before taking them into a pathological laboratory, where she is seen sifting through aborted fetal organs and parts to presumably show the buyers what’s available.

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Cecil the Lion, Fire of Molech, Dr. Mengele, And Planned Parenthood

While the propaganda media and their friends in animal rights extremism are going bonkers over the apparent accidental harvesting of a lion in Zimbabwe, the video evidence of Planned Parenthood doctors selling aborted baby parts barely rates a mention. In this absolutely convoluted, confused, and crazy society in which we find ourselves, timeless, tested, and traditional values have been turned completely upside down.

It is no hyperbole to say that when a nation loses the moral conscience that serves to protect the lives of its own children, that nation cannot long endure. It has been over 42 years since the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion on demand was rendered. Think of it: no American under the age of 42 can even remember a time when their country protected the lives of unborn babies. This has resulted in a society whose conscience has been seared and whose values have been skewed.

In the minds of multiplied millions of Americans (including many lawmakers, journalists, television pundits, college professors, high school teachers, judges, and even pastors and ministers), an animal’s life has more value than a baby’s…

Currently a variety of products commonly consumed in the United States contain aborted fetal material, including spices and seasonings from the Ajinomoto Company; refrigerated coffee creamers from the Nestle Company; and Maggi brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, and instant noodles. The Neocutis Company uses aborted baby material in their anti-aging skin creams.

A host of vaccines contain aborted baby material, including MMR II for measles, mumps, and rubella (Merck); ProQuad: MMR plus Chickenpox (Merck); Varivax for Chickenpox (Merck); Havrix for Hepatitis A (Glaxo SmithKline); Twinrix for Hepatitis A and B combo (Glaxo); Zostavax for shingles (Merck); Imovax for rabies (Sanofi Pasteur); Acambis 1000 for Smallpox (Acambis); etc.

See the report here (url).

Also see this report here (url).

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Danger in the Classroom

Do you ever wonder what’s going to become of our poor country? What it’s going to look like when our leaders and judges and opinion-shapers are done with it?

One change that’s become flaming obvious is the near-total absence of children outdoors on a lovely summer day. People who come from countries where they still live like human beings marvel at this; they think it is unnatural. To them it looks very strange, not to see children playing outside.

The kids are all indoors, of course. We want to keep them “safe.”

And then in September we send them back to public school, where they really are in danger.

I call it danger when the classroom is turned over to some “gender coach” who teaches the kiddies that “you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel.” That video (url) was filmed in 2011 at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, California.

Of course, before they can be exposed to the danger of some wacko pounding a lot of perverted garbage into their brains, children first have to get past Planned Parenthood. In all the excitement over Planned Parenthood selling the organs of aborted babies—and getting away with it, so far—we tend to forget that Planned Parenthood doesn’t lose interest in our children if they’re lucky enough to be born alive. They come after the live children with what is laughingly called “sex education,” of which Planned Parenthood is one of the chief providers. Check out their “Teenwire” website.

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Planned Parenthood Head Wants All ‘Bogus’ Videos Released at Once

“What is bothering me is the leaking of the tapes one at a time,” said Caplan, who heads the New York University School of Medicine. “If you’re concerned about what’s going on, you should release all at once. Leaking them one at a time, that’s politics. This type of water torture is to maximize political impact.”

Several Americans responded by noting that OF COURSE the CMP is employing this method to maximise impact, as it rightfully should:

Others noted that Richards, in demanding immediate release of all the footage, is betraying the fact that Planned Parenthood is acting guilty and wants to know just how much dirt the CMP has on the organisation:

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The Slaughter of Babies

The recent broadcast of videotapes taken of persons employed at Planned Parenthood — the prolific and notorious abortion provider — has brought the issue of abortion to the national consciousness again and front and center to the Republican presidential primary campaign. The tapes were made secretly by a pro-life group determined to show to the world the dark side of Planned Parenthood’s use of federal funds.

What the world saw was terrifying and damning. The tapes are difficult to watch, just as any discussion of human slaughter is difficult to watch. If you have seen these tapes, you witnessed physicians and others talking about the profits Planned Parenthood is making in the sale of baby body parts, even though such sales are criminal under federal law.

The cavalier demeanor of those who profit from this slaughter is chilling, and the moral punch in the nose to the Democratic Party is excruciating. That’s because Planned Parenthood is virtually a branch of the Democratic Party. It has a lock on the federal treasury to the tune of $500 million per year. It pays for or performs more than 325,000 abortions a year, which is about one-third of all abortions in America. It contributes heavily to the campaigns of Democratic office seekers. You can see the cycle.

Even though federal law has prohibited the use of federal funds for abortions for nearly 18 years, money is fungible. The Planned Parenthood folks may be baby killers, but they are not dumb. They know how to dedicate federal funds for maternal health and free up maternal health funds for the slaughter of babies — and make it all look legal. The reason these tapes are so upsetting to the Democrats, and to some Republicans as well, is that they have convinced themselves that the fetus in the womb is not a person. Yet, watching their abortionists graphically discuss the monetary value of body parts and the physical manipulation of fully formed babies so as to maximize the harvesting of their organs ironically humanizes the body parts and the babies from which the parts came, and is thus so upsetting to those who deny fetal personhood.

But this is more than upsetting — it seriously challenges the underlying commitment of today’s Democratic Party that the fetus is not a person. This is, of course, the central holding of the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade. Just as in Dred Scott v. Sandford, wherein the court held in 1857 that African-Americans were not persons, so did Roe v. Wade make that holding for fetuses.

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UK: Prostitution Should be Made Legal According to New Report

The report, called Supply and Desire: Sexuality and the Sex Industry in the 21st Century, was conducted by sociologist Dr Catherine Hakim and states that prostitution could ‘help to reduce sexual crime rates’.

[Comment: “prostitution could ‘help to reduce sexual crime rates’“. Unlikely. Real goal is the continued assault on the family structure.]

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Trouble in Orbit: The Growing Problem of Space Junk

In 2014, the International Space Station had to move three times to avoid lethal chunks of space debris. The problem also threatens crucial and costly satellites in orbit. So what is the scale of the space junk problem, and what can we do about it?

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6 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/6/2015

  1. I believe Donald Trump is being under-estimated by the co-opted Media, and even some more ‘level headed’ commentators. Unlike his detractors, Trump knows what drives the American pulse.

    It appears that the only country on the whole planet that has a common sense and sane policy on illegal immigration is Australia. The Australian media (69% Left wing)still refer to illegal immigrants as ‘asylum seekers’ and even some Left wing web sites have a bot that refuses to accept ‘illegal immigrant’ as a descriptive, turning the phrase instead into ‘asylum seeker’ – so it seems and unfortunately, that insanity still prevails in some dark corners!

    • Jade Helm seems to be serving multiple purposes:

      1) it is a training exercise for the actual soldiers involved. This training is useful for any similar scenario that they may be involved in, including but not limited to martial law.

      2) it’s also a training exercise for analysts who apparently want to see to what extent the activities will be monitored and how such information will be distributed (the people doing the monitoring are actually participating in the exercise, even if they don’t realize it). Local police, national guards, mass media, etc are also monitored to see how they react, as is the political system.

      3) there’s obviously an intentional desire to provoke “right wing violent extremists” or the jade helm map wouldn’t have been constructed the way it was. If successfully provoked then it helps push the claim that “right wing violent extremists are more of a threat than Muslim violent extremists”.

      This comment and all comments, media, reactions, etc end up being part of the exercise. Most likely this response will not be measured in much depth but instead will be aggregated into statistics like “number of blog comments mentioning jade helm”. There may be other keywords that soldiers involved are using and media will be analyzed to see what leaks and what doesn’t.

  2. While I find Jade Helm disturbing, I am far more worried about the crassness and lack of human concern for all the aborted babies and the fact they are selling boy parts seems, to me, a truly terrible crime which should be stopped immediately.

    What are we coming to as a country, ,when we seemingly have no moral guideposts, no standards, and anything goes. It is the end of civilization as we know it. Bow and weep. Really.

    • Yes, this is Nazi doctor type barbarity that’s been going on under the radar, but what is more shocking is the lack of universal condemnation of it when it is revealed.

      The problem seems to be that too many people have embraced “tolerance” to the point that outright evil is tolerated. Anyone who objects to tolerance of evil is then declared an evil intolerant person. Rational arguments are irrelevant because everyone must tolerate all beliefs rather than seek to change them. Even seeking to argue is proof of intolerance, the greatest sin.

      “Tolerance” is treated as a panacea and taken to the extreme. Taken to the extreme, the final conclusion is that nothing is immoral and nothing should be punished because that would be intolerant!

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