Freeing the Slaves in Iraq

For a welcome change of pace, this news story concerns a Canadian businessman named Steve Maman who has organized an operation to rescue sex-slaves from the Islamic State by purchasing them from their owners. Mr. Maman — who happens to be Jewish — likens his actions to those of Oscar Schindler, as depicted in the movie Schindler’s List.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   This young girl has just been liberated
00:04   At 18 years old she was one of the sex slaves
00:08   of the Islamic State, sold for €2,000.
00:12   In this amateur video, recorded the day of her liberation, she is reunited
00:16   with her father and embraces him. He had thought she was dead.
00:20   This young girl has been bought back from her “owner”
00:24   by an intermediary of the Association en Iraq.
00:28   To impersonate a buyer, and free these slaves, is the idea of Steve Maman.
00:32   For some, this ransom is “financing the horror”. He answers his detractors
00:36   with a history lesson: Let’s take the example of Oscar Schindler:
00:41   Can we tell Oskar Schindler today that the 1,200 people he saved
00:45   from the Nazis, can you reproach him that he was dealing with the Nazis?
00:49   But here we have 15-20,000 descendants of those 1,200 people,
00:53   and tell them, ‘you know it was a mistake, we should never have saved you.’
00:57   To go even further, Steve Maman has started a participatory fundraiser.
01:01   In one month: 3,000+ donors, $571,483 collected.
01:05   Heroism or unhappy complicity? You decide!
01:09   In Iraq, the UN estimates that more than
01:13   5,000 Yazidi women and young girls are prisoners of the Islamic State.
01:17   Many among them, even the tiniest ones, are (sex) slaves.

2 thoughts on “Freeing the Slaves in Iraq

  1. Let us remember as well that the menfolk are dead, they have no other uses….

    This vile regime is sponsored and supplied via other, supposedly friendly, Islamic nations and nothing is done about it.

    Yet the likes of Merkel call out our ‘hate’ whilst ignoring the very real problems.

  2. Steve Maman is a hero in my estimation: he’s actually doing something to alleviate the horrors inflicted by the Islamic State, whilst the current American administration does essentially nothing (or, worse, indirectly aids and abets) this Evil. Maman has made the point in other interviews concerning the criticism that by buying these slaves he’s somehow perpetuating a vicious cycle by arguing that the Islamic State has a limited supply of sex slaves and will only get more by conquering more land and subjugating additional peoples and it is up to powers greater than him to stop its spread. He acknowledges that it’s unfortunate that Daesh does accrue a modicum of riches from this exchange, but the liberation from a earthly hell for these girls and women wholly justifies it; I concur. I would add that this small transfer pales in comparison to what Daesh is getting from the illicit sale of oil and antiquities from actors who full well know the iniquitous source.

    In a sad note, Maman said that while trying to raise funds in Canada he couldn’t find any churches to contribute to the cause, that most of his funds were coming from other Jewish businessmen who understood his mission à la Schindler (this was before he was interviewed by Mark Levin). The state of morality in Western churches is abysmal and they have largely been coöpted by the neo-pagan secular world; it is this moral failing that has handed the keys to the city gates of the West to the barbarians of the “prophet.” A strong, willful West would never have submitted to this insanity, but it has been weakened from within by the subversiveness of the secular moral relativism, the rejection of objective Truth, spawned from tainted strains of the “Enlightenment,” codified by the Marxists and socialists, and thoroughly infused into Western culture by the modern Progressives. This vacillating, quaking non-belief cannot withstand the onslaught of a mission-pure religio-ideology bent on our destruction and its own supremacy.

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