Disabled Kuffar Need Not Apply

The following news story from Toronto describes the plight of a young disabled man who was denied access to a subsidized housing project because the government had designated it a Muslims-only facility.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

9 thoughts on “Disabled Kuffar Need Not Apply

  1. Like waycism, ‘discrimination’ only applies to those of European extraction, think of a subsidized apartment block designated to ‘Christians’ only, how long would that last?

    • When Christian politicians force feed-in millions of Muslim jihadis from former Christian and Jewish lands (now war zones again) there is s high probability of a new Lalaland zone rising. At the moment it looks like all western countries except possibly a few in the east like Poland refuse to even consider for a moment that the party has been over for years.

  2. The Islamisation of Canada continues apace and it is frightening. The UK is the same and many politicians continue to peddle the lie that Islam is peace.

    Having said all that, I think the woman in the video (the mother of the disabled man) is a disgrace, with her tattoos and nose ring and clothing that reveals too much flesh. My husband is a farmer and we have cattle, including a bull with a ring in its nose. Why would any human being want to be mistaken for a bull.

  3. not to worry….before long his religious type will be a minority and he will be afforded even greater priority than he receives now…amiright????

  4. not sure I get the dig at Texas….I mean don’t they have a Governor with a similar disability? Where did he live…Austin? They Mayor there doesn’t seem to like Christians either….

    • Excellent point regarding the ‘Texas dig’. I lived in Texas and also in various parts of Canada. Give me Texas any day of the year! I am a soccer referee. Whilst in Canada I am lucky to get two gigs a week during a short season. In Texas I typically handled about 12 games a week during a longer season and could have done more, time and physical regeneration permitting. Texas rocks! Except for perhaps Austin and Houston. Wonder if that has anything to do with their choice of type of Mayor? Remember the Alamo!

      The disabled dude reeks of arrogance and is seriously built in his upper half. Unfortunately his brain seems to reside in the lower half which appears to me a progressive standard.

      • I also refereed in Florida Bob. Roughly the same number of games available to me there also.

    • The guy has never been to Texas. His comments are based on negative stereotypes perpetrated by leftists, who hate anything that isn’t leftist enough for them.

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