Czechs Protest the Stoning of Women Under Islam

Popular sentiment against further Muslim immigration into the Czech Republic is increasing. The latest manifestation of resistance is a series of exhibits in the public parks of Prague, featuring veiled female effigies representing women who have been stoned to death under Islam.

Our Czech correspondent Margita, who sent the tip about the article, includes this note:

It appears that the Czechs continue to be ‘original’ in their fight against Islam. When talking to my friends they all seem to be pretty suspicious about the ‘religion of peace’…

The following report was published at České It’s refreshing to read that the police in Prague “have not come across any breach of the law” on the part of those who created the exhibits. What a far cry from the oppressive situation in Sweden or the UK!

Statues of Stoned Women Are in Prague in Protest Against Islam

Prague — The followers of the We Do Not Want Islam in the Czech Republic and the Bloc Against Islam groups this morning installed the torsos of the women stoned to death in order to warn of the danger of Islam, Prague police spokesman Tomas Hulan has told journalists.

The effigies covered by white cloths tainted with colour as blood and surrounded by stones have appeared in a number of places in Prague, Hulan said.

The police are dealing with the affair, but they have not come across any breach of the law, he added.

The installations include the captions such as “Pregnant after Rape” or “She was unfaithful” pointing out the alleged reasons for being stoned to death.

The statues of the women stoned to death are to warn of Islamic barbarism and the violence committed against women, Artur Fiser, spokesman for We Do Want Islam, told CTK.

“Islamic barbarism is infiltrating us with a growing speed, but it has not touched upon majority society,” Fiser said.

“We hope that if we open the eyes to the public before it gets here in full, people will not have to watch real stoning or read in the papers that a neighbour killed his daughter over the perverted notion of ‘honour’, Fiser said.

We Do Not Want Islam in the Czech Republic has staged a number of anti-Islamic events, but its followers are mainly active online, the Interior Ministry has said.

It is regularly mentioned in the ministry’s reports on extremism where it is called a part of the extreme right.

Larger photos may be found accompanying the original article.

26 thoughts on “Czechs Protest the Stoning of Women Under Islam

  1. We Do Not Want Islam in the Czech Republic has staged a number of anti-Islamic events, but its followers are mainly active online, the Interior Ministry has said.

    It is regularly mentioned in the ministry’s reports on extremism where it is called a part of the extreme right.

    Oh, so “big brother” is there, with it’s not so subtle, “we are watching, and already you are classified”.
    So who do the “Interior Ministry” report to? the EU?
    So when is free speech going to be intimidated and gainfully govern-mentally lawyer-ed down as per EU regulations?

    As Benjamin said:- “A Republic, if you can keep it.”.
    So “good on” the Czechs that are raising the issues and so good wishes for valuing and working to safeguard all of your freedoms.

    Although in the EU since 2004 the Czech Republic obligated itself to adopt the euro, but the date of adoption has not been determined. So still quite wise, and perhaps has helped delay some of the insidious twisted tentacles of power from the EU so far.

    • It is not part of the ‘extreme right’, it is only that those who support Islam are of the extremely destructive LEFT, thus are those who don’t want the foul habits of Islam; the normal sane everyday people, those who actually have to live with Islamic intolerance, they are mostly not even on the political spectrum.

      • I agree “It is not part of the ‘extreme right’”, however in the article it is the Czech ( I presume)

        Interior Ministry….. that mentions in it’s reports on extremism where it is called a part of the extreme right.

        Fortunately so far they have not connected up to using force of the state through its police.

        Hopefully the people of Czech can stop that insidious march of the left through its institutions.

        Yes the Czechs need all the support and knowledge to safe guard against the stealthy treason to their country that can abound through Europe

      • Quite agree. I used to be left-leaning myself. But they just seem to pick the wrong side on every issue today. They are like sheep who all appear to believe any old dumbed-down nonsense they are fed. And, of course, they are totally impervious to reason, believing name calling and shouting loudest is a substitute for reasoned argument.
        To be honest, I’m beginning to suspect they’re all just a bit thick.

        • The most ridiculous thing here is that normally any sort of protest against domestic violence type issues would be associated with the left. Now, somehow, this same sort of issue is considered only something that the ‘extreme right’ would bring attention to.

          The socialist army marches onward by order of the commander, not tolerating any distractions.

  2. The Czechs!!! I do love their spunk, their intelligence and their BRAVERY!!

    Do not allow the USSR-west = the EU, to do you in, dear Czechs… push them pack to the perdition from which they came.


  3. Heck! I am going out to that big food import store near the mall and find some CZECH candies and goodies to buy. Give the sweets to the grandkids, they will love that. : )

    Come on everybody BUY CZECH!

  4. Do you remember the mantra brayed by Cameron and other western dictators:
    WE can’t stand by while Saddam, Assad, Gaddaffi…. ” is killing his own people. we have to act.”

    No that was a lie Saddam was killing those who wanted to sell their own country to Iran. As is today. And assad and Gaddaffi was killing al-Qaida members.

    It is amazing how “democracies” do exactly things against their own citizens.
    The citizens do the right thing. And are prevented by their elected donkeys.

    And citizens can’t do anything. They have no authority. The people are the source of power is a LIE. as Hitler knew that.

    • And yet Hitler was legitimised by the people – as are the leaders of the so-called Western ‘democracies’. In Britain Cameron is where he is by virtue of his support amongst the electorate – doesn’t the same apply to every other Western ‘democracy’. If his party had not gained the majority of seats at the general election – he’d either be part of another coalition or he’d not be Prime Minister.

      More could have voted for the UKIP alternative to the LibLabCon charade and had they done so they’d have forced change. But they didn’t.

      The reasons why is another argument.

      • “And yet Hitler was legitimised by the people”

        Are you sure about that? Who are “the people”? Did he get 100% of the vote or something?

        What I can’t seem to get across to people is this. There seems to be this idea that “we’re not evil so we can’t possibly elect a Hitler”. The problem is, the people who did “elect Hitler” didn’t go “we’re eeeeevil so let’s elect someone eeeevil hahaha!” like some children’s superhero cartoon. I’d be surprised if anyone who voted for the Nazis was imagining themselves as evil villains voting for an evil super villain. (I don’t understand the Weimar Republic that well but it doesn’t seem like people specifically voted for Hitler. But a large enough percentage voted for Naizs.)

        The real question is, how does anyone know that they aren’t evil and aren’t “voting for evil”? This is an especially bad problem when everyone is convinced that they aren’t evil and couldn’t possibly “vote for evil”, even by accident.

        And all the people who do get introspective may be insufficient in number to do anything. Even if you convince a group of people that they might be evil without realizing it, how are they going to know how to figure that out?

        • iirc, the NSDAP got about 1 third of the vote in the 1933 election that allowed them to form a government.

          • I looked it up. They got something just over 37% of the vote, but something around 20% of the population didn’t vote. So it only took approx 31% of the population voting a certain way to end up with an evil dictator and no more voting. After that, it no doubt took the support of an even smaller percentage of the population to keep him there.

            I just hope people will keep these far from majority percentages in mind with regard to what can happen.

          • This is one of the fundamental lessons of history. If you look at the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, the percentage of the population that actually supported the Communists was even smaller. There was enormous popular discontent, which Lenin exploited with consummate skill. But there was never more than a small minority that backed the Bolsheviks specifically. They shrewdly calculated the key points that had to be brought under their control: the telegraph, the railway termini, weapons depots, and the like. Once they had those key locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg firmly in hand, they could could control the populace quite effectivly. But I doubt they ever had the voluntary heartfelt approval of more than about a fifth of the people of Russia.

      • ‘Democracy’ is a not a society ruled by the people. It is a society where the ruling elite relies on manipulation rather than on coercion to keep the power in its hands. (Though it can use violence when it thinks there is no alternative.)

  5. That concept of stoning, particularly of woman for adultery is an adroit move.

    Many people do associate stoning with muslims and old testament, however there are enough current photos and news in other countries where this practiced, only by one of the religions.

    This image could even be put on church grounds as any church leader could then give advice what Jesus did and said from scripture.
    John 8: 1-11
    and I am sure further parts of scripture would answer any one’s skepticism.

    Perhaps a point that other western countries can use?

    A contrast to what would Mohammad said and practiced, for the people who take offense as it being an attack on islam. If they take offense then they have admitted this is a practice advised by Mohammad.

    For a start which goes to this site
    http://www.onislam. /english/ask-the -scholar/crimes -and -penalties/adultery-and -fornication/169991 -how -islam -views -adultery. html? Fornication= which I have broken the long url so just use the tiny url.

    A real comparison which those inter faith people should get their teeth into between Mohammad and Jesus would advise in such situations.

    There came to him (the Holy Prophet) a woman from Ghamid and said: Allah’s Messenger, I have committed adultery, so purify me. He (the Holy Prophet) turned her away. On the following day she said: Allah’s Messenger, Why do you turn me away? Perhaps, you turn me away as you turned away Ma’iz. By Allah, I have become pregnant. He said: Well, if you insist upon it, then go away until you give birth to (the child). When she was delivered she came with the child (wrapped) in a rag and said: Here is the child whom I have given birth to. He said: Go away and suckle him until you wean him. When she had weaned him, she came to him (the Holy Prophet) with the child who was holding a piece of bread in his hand. She said: Allah’s Apostle, here is he as I have weaned him and he eats food. He (the Holy Prophet) entrusted the child to one of the Muslims and then pronounced punishment. And she was put in a ditch up to her chest and he commanded people and t they stoned her.'an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Stoning

    In 2002 by the bbc shows current practice of sharia law

    “We uphold your conviction of death by stoning as prescribed by the Sharia. This judgement will be carried out as soon as your baby is weaned,” the judge said, as Amina cradled her eight-month-old daughter Wasila, reports the French news agency, AFP.

    Amina was lucky as a court of appeal accepted that and undoubtedly from petitions and even appeals from the Oprah Winfrey show.

    In their successful defense of Amina Lawal, lawyers used the notion of “extended pregnancy” (dormant foetus), arguing that under Sharia law, a five year interval is possible between human conception and birth.[3] (Two years prior to the date of her daughter’s birth, she was still married to her husband.) (worth reading)
    A movie/docu could be made of this and it would show up the tragic/comedic issue of sharia and the liability to the west it has if it gains any traction.

    Perhaps at another time other issues such as amputations should be exposed, to see if islam takes ownership of it in their denial. After all there are enough current photos of the practice, and a church leader could also explain the difference from the old testament about “eye for an eye” and the change in understanding this in the new testament and obviously the change in Judaic law and compare and contrast to islam. Although I do not know even check out a Buddhist view or Hindi view, to compare with islam

    It would be very difficult for police to prosecute from a pc point of view.

    • Early Indian Buddhism (Theravada is the closest surviving form) doesn’t specify punishments or exactly what laws a society should use. Some types of adultery would violate the third precept (“I undertake the precept to refrain from sexual misconduct”) but back then the definition of sexual misconduct seemed to mostly revolve around having sex with anyone they couldn’t take responsibility for or weren’t being held responsible for. (For example, having sex with “one under the protection of their parents” which would suggest someone who can’t take responsibility and who is the responsibility of someone else.) Plural marriage and slavery existed at the time, but how marriage should work or how ceremonies are performed is outside the scope of Buddhism. Buddhist monks aren’t supposed to perform marriages, own, or trade slaves. The Buddhist attitude is essentially that followers undertake precepts voluntarily because some sort of negative consequence will result eventually, either punishment from authorities, self-organizing social punishment, or something, based on a concept of natural law. If the consequences aren’t experienced in a current lifetime then they’ll be experienced in a future lifetime.

      I’d have to look up the sutta but the Buddha didn’t tell kings what to do, but he made claims about cause and effect. So for example in one place he says something like “do as you see fit, king, but know this: killing leads to more killing, taking what is not given leads to more taking what is not given, sexual misconduct leads to more sexual misconduct” etc. The king has to draw his own conclusions about what he should do.

      Countries like Thailand are actually Buddhist-Hindu because of the fact that Buddhism by itself doesn’t provide all these legal specifics. The specifics have to come from somewhere else, which in areas where civilization spread from India, tend to be based in Indian traditions, but Buddhism doesn’t require that they be set in stone. It does suggest that there are natural laws that human laws ought to be based on if the goal is to reduce suffering. (And we know that not every ruler is primarily concerned with reducing suffering.)

      • Appreciate your comment Nimrod

        definition of sexual misconduct seemed to mostly revolve around having sex with anyone they couldn’t take responsibility for or weren’t being held responsible for.

        A very understandable point of view, of sort that you do not take advantage of your power or position, that flows on in concept to the rest of their society, So “cause and effect” would make one look at history and to do some thinking of what is the best way for all concerned.
        It is another view of the “Golden Rule” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” In putting your self in the shoes of the other to understand your own actions to others.

        • Here’s a specific piece of scripture, Dhammapada 310, which is from a set of short verses. (Not one of the full discourses.)

          A wealth of demerit, an evil destination,
          & the brief delight of a
          fearful man with a
          fearful woman,
          & the king inflicts a harsh punishment.
          no man should lie down
          with the wife of another.

          So here it’s just kind of assumed that some sort of anti-adultery law exists which involves “harsh punishment” but doesn’t proscribe anything specific. I suspect that punishments 2500 years ago in India would have been determined in a rather ad hoc manner, dependent on social status and local tradition.

  6. I have a vacation to Europe coming up, and Prague was on the list of potential destinations.

    News like this is liable to shoot it straight to the top of my list!

  7. Might as well build Mo World, an Islamic theme park.

    How can the Muslims be against a theme park showing off their proud sharia system of life? It would be a sort of Disney world with realistic manikins being beheaded, crucified, stoned. It would include virtual reality historical battle scenes, killing Jews and Christians–eg entering Constantinople in 1453– and dioramas of domestic family dynamics around the kitchen table. Dhimmi Land would be popular, along with Halal City– from abbatoir to table.

    There is no way anyone could object to this edicational and intellectual effort to depict this peaceful Islamic religion. Family fun for all.

  8. As a proud kuffar and Czech by birth I am pleased by my compatriots’ expression of free thought and clearly unobfuscated view of these matters. We Czechs with our uber-rational way of thinking simply cannot digest these insanities.

  9. @rapsailwasright

    I went to Prague this spring and it is the most beautiful city I’ve seen. The architecture and gardens, not to mention the beer, are all fantastic. Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral are magnificent. I was told the people were reserved but I found them to be generous and friendly with hearts of gold.

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