A Special Status for Islam in Britain?

Below is some additional fallout from the Hate Not Hope “report” “exposing” Anne Marie Waters. The following email was sent by a British citizen to his Member of Parliament after his local paper reported the MP’s demand that Gates of Vienna be shut down by the authorities:

Dear [Hon. MP],

I was surprised to see your name mentioned in the newspaper as supporting a proposal to shut down the Gates of Vienna website.

We’re getting a bit too fond of banning things in this country, aren’t we? Luckily GoV is hosted, not in the UK as the article incorrectly suggests, but in the USA where it is protected under Freedom of Expression legislation, something which we sadly lack in this country.

I have had a look at the GoV site and am at a loss to find anything that might incite violence in any normal, well-adjusted person. True, it does not shrink from controversy and it is forthright in its antipathy to the creeping influence of the Islamic ideology. But in the light of the widespread atrocities and grotesque bigotry we see every day in the Islamic world, and the failure of UK Muslims to condemn it, that’s a view which is now very far from being a preserve of the ‘far right’.

People can produce items which are grossly defamatory of other religions and no-one bats an eyelid. Nor should they. If Muslims really want to live side by side with those with other beliefs they need to get used to being criticized and made fun of the same as everyone else. Neither they nor their ideology enjoy a special status in this country. To make them think otherwise is to play into the hands of the bigots and nut-jobs on both sides.

Best wishes,
[Your Constituent]

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11 thoughts on “A Special Status for Islam in Britain?

  1. I am afraid I must vehemently disagree with this well intentioned and right minded author. Near the end of his letter he made the erroneous claim that:

    “Neither they nor their ideology enjoy a special status in this country.”

    In fact it is demonstrably and undeniably the case that Islam does enjoy a special status. I do not know upon what piece of legislation or what set of organizational guidelines that this special status has been granted but there is no question that it has. One only needs to Google the number of people jailed for burning a koran, insulting islam or its icons, or preaching Christianity to muslims in public and compare it to what happens to those who do similar things to other religions.

    Look at the selective application of hate crimes charges etc. when it comes to Islam and no one else.

    And my personal favorite, the judge that let Somali girls off of a hate crime and assualt charge when they were filmed beating up a white girl while screaming kill the white slag and so on in an unprovoked attack in public, with the judge saying that as muslims, they were not supposed to drink and therefore likely didn’t have experience with alcohol and so could not be held responsible for their actions.

    I’m sure I don’t need to ask readers to imagine what would happen if drunken white Christian girls did the exact same things to a muslim black girl shouting the equivalent insults.

    And so I find this letter misplaced. The issue should be removing the special status that does exist not asking for people not to behave as if it did.

    Likely some kind of handout was created for minor judges and bureaucrats advising that people from ‘vulnerable minorities’ (Meaning the consistently most hostile and aggressive people amongst our numbers) must be treated as if the victims in every situation. Like the Union of Journalist’s ‘Rules on Minority Reporting’, this could go a long way to explaining why things are as they are. But the facts remain and must be acknowledged.

    Islam does have a special place and this is undemocratic at best and cultural-suicide most likely.

    • This is a case of semantic ambiguity. I think what he or she means is that Islam is not supposed to have a de jure special status in the country, nor is it supposed to have one by rule of law.

      As you say though, it has a de facto special status that has emerged as a function of political utility in an environment where neo-Marxist zero-sum conflict theory is used to implement a divide-and-rule strategy.

  2. I find that the sentiments expressed in the subject missive so entirely reasonable and justified, and the arguments presented so persuasive that the immediate sequestration of the writer becomes mandatory if social order is to be preserved.

    The magistrates should hold themselves ready to prepare warrants as necessary to accommodate the fruits of appropriate interrogation.

    The danger of thought contagion forces the authority’s hand: all known confidants and associates warrant internment till the crisis passes.

    And, if necessary the Ludovico Technique can be implemented upon the ordinary criminal population to free space for this newer category of serial offenders.

    • Pigasus –

      I was quite enamored of his writing style. Must be one of those educated before ‘reforms’ dumbed it all down.

      • This may surprise you, but even some younger Brits can still put together quite coherent sentences using words of more than one syllable.

        Some can even manage to write them without the aid of a spellcheck.

        How are things on your side of the pond these days?


  3. Where does this deflector law come from? Follow these breadcrumbs. If you understand law then observing. What I’m about to say sounds like madness. Please do due diligence.
    Recently 56 Islamic countries & Palestine (AKA OIC) gathered in agreement (that in itself is a red flag) to change Sharia law, they abrogated Christianity & Judaism to allow Muslims the legal right to kill, rape, enslave & be superior to all other none Muslims. The OIC who have a shadow seat at the UN have implemented sharia law into UN conventions. One being on human rights and anti terrorism. In sharia you cannot blame Muslims or Islam for terrorism and they have superior rights Inc killing non Muslims. This is why the word terrorism is seldom used when the Gov or MSM talk about atrocities. Youtube: organization for Islamic cooperation VID is 1hr 14 mins long. There you see documents of proof and a better explanation. What bothers me is that this smoking gun of an attack (war) on the west is still largely unknown. Imagine if they changed the bible to allow the killing of Muslims for unbelief.
    Help me out guys research it. Spread the knowledge.

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