Yikes! Is That Thor I Hear?

Or perhaps I should say “Hark, what Thunder this way comes?”

Not again!

I heard the rumble and looked at the radar. There is one tiny red storm cell just barely to the north of us. It is moving at zero knots and headed ENE – i.e., away from here and making for Washington D.C. Thus, by all that is logical it ought to be on its way.

Rats! Those background noises are increasing.

Obviously that last storm has left me wary. It could indeed rain on their parade ten miles from here and still knock out a junction box – or whatever they’re called – connected to us. I loathe these beta designs for which we are the guinea pigs (is “guinea” racist yet?) and still must pay for their experiments.

Love the rain, hate the ruin…and the Baron is away, getting the car repaired. Double rats!

But now y’all know…if our page seems to be in stasis then either we’re down or y’all have gone to bed because for sure I’m still here…

Note: Obviously I snagged this image from Vlad’s previous post on our weather. Those are some cool mammary clouds in his picture, but these are not those. I’m only seeing gloom, hearing boom!, and fearing doom. Don’t mind me…I used to like storms.

3 thoughts on “Yikes! Is That Thor I Hear?

    • My local council in Australia has painted ’em candy stripe. They look rather fetching. Why I don’t know.

      • That’s probably retro reflective tape. Pedestals tend to get hit by vehicles since they’re near the road where utility lines are buried. So to prevent automotive related outages they can either spend lots of money on the bank vault armored pedestals or increase their visibility. I don’t know how much good the reflective tape does but since the tape is so cheap it probably saves more money than it costs.

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