Who Rules Melbourne?

As reported here last Saturday and Sunday, Reclaim Australia held a series of anti-Islamization rallies in a number of Australian cities over the weekend. Most of the demonstrations were met by violent “anti-racist” counter-demonstrators who generally outnumbered their opponents.

The following first-hand account of what happened in Melbourne on July 18 was sent in to the Q Society by a Reclaim Australia supporter, and passed on to us by a reader Down Under. The Q Society had shared it via a mailing list under the header “Who Rules Melbourne?” Their introductory note:

The following is a personal account sent from a supporter who attended the ‘Reclaim Australia’ rally in Melbourne on Saturday, 18 July 2015. We send you this first-hand account so you may know and share with your friends what really happens in our streets. The media will not tell you the full truth.

The Q Society are to be commended for propagating this report, but I must say that I disagree with their opinion that “We don’t think street rallies are the answer to this problem.” Street rallies are absolutely essential to our movement, but they need to be intelligently organized and prepared for action:

1.   Engage in massive redundant videotaping of everything, especially the violent attacks on peaceful protesters. Videos must be disseminated by all possible means, including Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and by sending them in to local TV stations.
2.   Participants must be armed for self defense, even if only with pepper spray.
3.   Participants must expect to be arrested for #2, and be prepared accordingly. Groups should accumulate a legal defense fund in advance, and recruit volunteer attorneys from among their membership to assist with cases.

I’m sure readers can supply additional pointers for utilizing the coverage of street encounters to the advantage of the Counterjihad.

There’s no point in complaining about the way the media cover these events. We know they will be biased against us. And we also know that the police prefer to arrest patriots and Islam-critics rather than the “anti-racists”. These facts are a given. We can’t change them, so we should be prepared, and use information warfare judo-moves against them.

Here’s what happened in Melbourne last Saturday:

“I have been a hotelier and nightclub operator for most of my life and have witnessed a fair bit of biffo in my years. Nothing prepared me for what I was about to be confronted with at the Melbourne ‘Reclaim Australia’ rally. Arriving fashionably late at approximately 11:30 am, I approached the barriers at the southern end of Spring Street. The police directed me to go around the block to the Northern end. I followed another gentleman, in his sixties, who had an Australian flag protruding from his pocket. We both turned the corner, into little Bourke Street, where there were barriers, and quite a mob of the so called ‘anti racists’. Milk was flowing down the gutters, and further up was a stockpile of milk crates, with several people marked as ‘medics’ treating activists the police had just sprayed with capsicum spray.

The gentleman with the flag in his pocket, was suddenly accosted by some of the mob. He was hopelessly outnumbered and was being pushed around. The mob were trying to steal his flag, and eventually were successful, after assaulting him by punching and kicking him. Once they had the flag, they proceeded to tear it, throwing it on the ground and stomping on it. As he was trying to escape, the mob were surrounding him screaming obscenities and pushing and shoving him.

I made my way onto Spring Street, where there was an even larger mob, maybe 500 or 600 people, some with megaphones. At a guess, it would appear that 10 to 20 per cent of this mob had some sort of face covering. There were a few late comers or stragglers attempting to get through to the ‘Reclaim Australia’ section. It was futile. As soon as anyone in the mob identified a person as a Reclaimer, a large horde of 20 to 40 of the mob would rush to them, and in many incidents I witnessed, assault them, knock them to the ground, and kick them on the ground. It became a mob mentality. Anyone with an Australian flag had it stolen from them and was assaulted. Almost every assault I witnessed was by twenty or more onto one.

This mob was well organized. They had marked ‘medics’ attending to any of theirs who had been sprayed or injured. Crates of milk were stacked strategically around the place to wash the capsicum spray from the eyes and faces of anyone who got sprayed by the police. They also had people in their group with bags of gold glitter, which were thrown over anyone they identified as a Reclaimer. They were now ‘marked’ as enemy.

Towards the end three Reclaimers were trying to leave by the north end of Spring Street. They stayed together and pushed through the mob, who at the start seemed unwilling to take them on because there were three rather than one. The mob were screaming obscenities at them and verbally threatening them. The three Reclaimers turned and faced the mob of maybe 50 or more, and invited any of them if they felt like it to come at them. No one in the mob moved. There was quite a heated verbal exchange for a few minutes. The three Reclaimers started to retreat, at first backwards, and as they moved, the mob followed them. When the Reclaimers turned and started briskly walking the mob rushed them. They were attacked from behind and were no match, being so outnumbered. The police moved in and doused them all with spray.

The three Reclaimers were singled out by the police, cuffed and taken away. It was extraordinary, that none of the mob were arrested, given that they attacked the Reclaimers who were retreating and one of the mob was stomping on the head of a Reclaimer who had been taken to ground. I was three or four metres from this incident when it happened.

It is a sad day for Australia, when a feral mob controls the streets with almost impunity and physically attack anyone else who does not share their twisted world view.”

(Name and address supplied)

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  1. It is a sad day for Australia, when a feral mob controls the streets with almost impunity and physically attack anyone else who does not share their twisted world view.

    Oddly or not, this exactly describes the conduct of the American police that I observed on every occasion I saw the goon squads in action. Simply, malevolent thugs with license to bully and lie their civil service asses off. Human garbage void of pride or shame.

  2. Exactly the same here in the UK. The orders have come down from on high.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your three points Baron. And there is another issue in this kind of street thuggery that never seems to get mentioned by anyone, and that is the role that universities play in generating the kind of mob mentality that is just so radical Left-wing collective, because it is from those places of ‘learning’ that have given us for over 50 years the brainwashed educated idiot who willingly partakes in these thug fests. During the 1960s the brainwashed student peacefully protested to advertise the Left-wing garbage that was then starting to dribble out of the places of ‘learning’. Fast forward to now, and we find that the brainwashed have now ‘progressed’ in their efforts to instil their kind of thinking onto everyone else, not by peacefully protesting, but by shouting down those they do not agree with and organizing hundreds of thugs to deal physically with those they now openly hate.

    I ask, where is the accountability of those university Chancellors and vice-Chancellors, Deans etc, etc whose institutions have willingly co-opted the thinking of the young impressionable university student who takes part in these thug fests?

  4. When Arafat ascended to the UN pulpit in full revolutionary regalia and a gun, no one thought it would come to this, except some Jews, used to jew-hating fests and pogroms. Now the pogroms are very-day occurences in the west, where the Nazis, bolstered by the islamists replay the 1930’s in Europe. Tjhe Jews have a place to go to, which is semi-safe, but where will all other decent people go?

  5. As a last resort will the citoyens eventually have to organise for their own self defence. Or is ‘civil defence’ absolument verboten?

  6. When the proverbial hits the fan in September-December these Antifas-‘Your The Nazi Not Me’, the world will explode and these cowards will be running by foot and in their pants. We outnumber them…..

    • Don’t take too much comfort in the “We outnumber them” argument. What matters far more than numbers is the will power and resolve of the “We”.

      In the recent decades of Islam’s ascendancy in the West, with each encroachment against our societies, we’ve outnumbered them every step of the way. Our superior numbers hasn’t seemed to slow them down a bit.

      • Because the ‘leaders’ control the police.

        For us to get anywhere, there must be a police revolt, and given they (the police) will do just about anything to safeguard their jobs and pensions…………..

  7. There is no place to retreat, even should we desire to do so: We must all resist as best we can.

    “There is naught that you can do, other than to resist, with hope or without it. But you do not stand alone. You will learn that your trouble is but part of the trouble of all the western world.”

    (From J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings)

    • Yes; it’s amazing how prescient some of Tolkien’s characters’ throw-off lines are.

  8. This video of Gregor Gysi, former [?]Stalinist and now the leader of Germany’s DIE LINKE [The Left] deserves to go viral. In it he calls Germans who oppose massive illegal migration to Germany “Nazis” and sneers with joy in announcing that they are dying out. Ever more migrants need to be imported, he opines. The program of culture genocide he propagates is well established all over Europe and needs to be exposed and opposed. The video link:


  9. After this post,

    I’m beginning to sense real danger in this happy peaceful corner of America (northern California.)

    What do people feel are the most efficient books and articles to use to convince our sleeping friends and loved ones that we are soon going to face personal revolutionary threats?–that the entire world is convulsing and becoming sick–and that it is critical that we immediately get together for our own survival, organizing for both defense AND offense?

    An enormous existential shudder is rumbling beneath our feet as we speak.

    We shall probably have to ignore our governments in this. Or radically change them.

  10. Has nobody thought of infiltrating these organizations? It can’t be that difficult. Granted, you’d have to be young and act stupid. An infiltrator can collect information on the leaders, their habits and whereabouts, comings and goings.

    • If anyone has considered infiltration you can be sure we’ll not hear about it.That kind of decision requires great courage and great discretion…and perhaps even having to work alone.

    • I doubt that these groups have much of a standard Web presence or even a Facebook page. They’re much more likely to run via Twitter contact, it seems to me. Kind of a referral system: “Khaled sent me [as shown by the fact that I’m sending this message]” or similar, so it’s a closed loop from the get-go.

      Many years ago, I “passed” as a leftist, and my later politically, non-leftist, deeds are now more than 20 years in the past, thus not on the Internet (that I’ve ever found, even by searching on my own name). But I don’t have a phone capable of Twitting; heck, my ancient cell phone can’t even find the Internet! or take pictures!

      I *do* have leftist acquaintances through a (let’s call it) mostly female crafts organization. I only see these acquaintances in the context of this organization, but some of them are quite active politically: fund-raising fairs, donating made objects to the fairs, helping organize same, getting publicity, etc. They were active with Occupy and some of its successor…organizations. That sort of leftist acquaintance(s). No doubt that, here in the S.F. Bay Area, I could latch onto in-person show-ups, but if everything’s on Twitter, well, I won’t find out about it.

      And of course I speak/read/write no Arabic, if we’re specifically talking pro-Jihad groups. I certainly don’t have the looks for being (supposedly) pro-Jihad: wrong hair color, skin color, eye color, but hijab + chador (or whatever other body-smothering garment is favored by the group) covers many…flaws.

      I don’t know that any of the leftists I personally know have thought through the ends toward which their “principles” will lead us, but it’s for sure that none of them have any competence in Arabic, either. And, like so many others, they’ll be surprised to find out how unnecessary the jihadis ultimately find them to be. 🙁

      • Well put there Cynthia – perhaps some of those acquaintances of yours would be well placed to heed your very wise words.

  11. We must assume that the atifa-Fascists will behave to type. That’s a given. We see it all the world over throughout history.
    We do NOT, on the other hand, have to deal calmly or benignly with our own “Police” when they chime in along with these Fascists. That is beyond the pale. That must be made crystal clear and as loud as we can. We do NOT pay Police to be oppressors–that is not their role in a free society–and this means they must be made to pay.
    Paying ‘officially’ may mean repairing and replacing damaged equipment–and the tax implications thereto. It must also mean dealing with multiples of complaints AND lawsuits, ESPECIALLY to individual policemen personally as well as their own Fascist organizations.
    Paying “PERSONALLY’ will be trickier. Who are the oppressor cops–AS INDIVIDUALS? We know enough of the ‘good guys’ there to let us know which ones for us to target. After all–most didn’t join the force to attack normal folks exercising their rights– Then we can get creative on the bad ones.
    This will be for the long haul. We must get going soon–if we don’t it will get a lot worse for us and then bloody indeed for all.

    • Victor Davis Hanson has written eloquently about the linchpin which, when removed, causes the collapse of nations. That key is transparency and an on-going fight against corruption in all its forms. We have become too complacent about corruption and disregard for the law. We will pay a high price for our lapse. Or collapse.

  12. Wouldn’t you love to mildly sedate a few of these folks and ask them how they grew up,if they have a job, and what they think they are doing?

  13. At Tea Party events in Montana here before Obama illegally sent the IRS after them, many of us had open carry or concealed carry pistols. I knew about 30 of us . That’s about 200 to 300 rounds without reloading depending on whether they were semi-auto or revolver. I use a Taurus Judge and load 410 shotgun rounds. Each round has (3) 9mm size slugs and 15 buckshot. Just point and shoot.

    Most of us are ex-military so the first 30 or 40 shots would have been a lot of dead bodies. The [excreted matter] would have stopped right there.

    • In all probability the thuggery we now witness throughout the West by the Collective’s useful idiots will turn to far greater savagery when the controllers deem it necessary to go to the next phase in controlling the streets. We are not too far away from all out civil unrest in all our countries.

    • The purpose of gun control, in my opinion, is exactly to allow mobs, street gangs, and criminals to dissolve the bounds of civilized society and pave the way for a revolutionary government. The government drones might support the change, but the army and police are too subject to public opinion to directly make the move. An armed population can resist the street criminals serving as “vanguard of the proletariat”.

      But, you have to be very careful in situations like the demonstration. Any use of firearms by demonstrators, even if attacked by ruffians, could mobilize public opinion to allow a draconian gun control. My feeling is if you plan to participate in a demonstration, you should not go armed. The first side to use a gun will likely lose the publicity battle, and the point of a demonstration is to mobilize the public.

      • Agreed. When I say “self defense”, I mean pepper spray and similar non-lethal defensive weapons.

      • RonaldB, apparently several ‘people’ were arrested during a police operation last Saturday morning – and I wonder why this ‘news’ is only being reported now – who were heading to the Sydney ‘Reclaim Australia’ event in several vehicles that were pulled over being full of firearms. No further info on that ‘occurrence’ as the ‘news’ has only been repeated once over several hours this day, and I only know about it because I listen to 2NUR-FM – which is Newcastle University Radio. Maybe because the station is funded by Macquarie Radio – owned by the Left-wing Fairfax group – the lefties are groping at every straw they can muster because the ‘news’ only stated that the vehicles and firearms were headed to the ‘Reclaim Australia’ demonstration, but did not disclose who the vehicles or firearms belonged to, so the listener, and in my opinion, was left with the impression that the firearms were going to be used by ‘Reclaim Australia’ organizers, which I doubt very much, but do not doubt that other less informed listeners would have accepted.

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