Our Israeli correspondent MC returns with an essay on the rectification of names, as applied to the Islamic State and other sundry matters.

by MC

There was a time when one called a spade, a spade, but then political correctness dictated the we only use nice names for the approved entities, as if changing a name changes the character of the object. The ‘Zionist entity’, however, did not change. It was not in the approval zone, so its derisive nature was allowed to continue.

So what are we to call the ‘Islamic State’? ISIS or ISIL or Daesh?

When is a state not a state? Palestine is considered a ‘state’ but is not, and the Islamic State is most certainly a state, but we are not to be allowed to call it such; the title gives it too much credibility.

We like to mis-remember (or ignore) the adulation that the Nazis got in the 1930’s, a time when Adolf Hitler was featured in mainstream magazines:

The world of political correctness is strangely schizoid when it comes to names. Good entities must have good names; bad entities must have names which conjures up negative images, so ‘Islamic State’ is thoroughly inappropriate. A bestial organisation that a recognised victim organisation abhors has a ‘stately’ and ‘peaceful’ name — it must be renamed soonest.

Along with a name is a myopia of moral relativity that hopes the likes of Islamic State will evaporate when the clock strikes midnight, and that the Islamophiles and their associated taqiyya brotherhoods will wake to find that reality has departed and the ‘dream of peace’ can be perpetuated.

IS is a serious impediment to the furtherance of the delusion, but t is the raw reality of Islamic aspirations, and it is not going to go away quickly. In 1938 the world was still under the illusion that the Nazis were well-intentioned and intrinsically good; apart from some well deserved ill treatment of Jooos, their policies were not that far away from those of the New Deal.

There came a point with the Nazis where their aggression could no longer be ignored, and this is where we started bombarding them with — high explosive leaflets…

It was only when they successfully invaded Norway and France that the sordid reality struck home; Nazism was nasty, it was not a ‘religion’ of peace (in our time) after all. Winston Churchill, who might have been a GoV contributor had there been an appropriate temporal displacement, had been telling the world for many years that German intentions were not honourable. He was finally believed, but only just in time, and the leaflets finally gave way to explosive munitions. Britain was on the brink, the U-boat menace was profound, and national starvation was a real risk even if invasion was never a serious threat.

Two lucky events saved Europe, firstly, two Polish refugees got an Enigma machine to the UK, giving the Allies access to enemy signals, which were presumed to be secure. For, although the Germans had cracked the British codes, the British knew it. German confidence in Enigma was such that when it became obvious the allies were intercepting information, they assumed that there was a security leak in the form of an informer, and initiated purges as a result.

The other lucky event was the improvement of the magnetron in 1940, creating the ability for airborne radar to detect submarines on the surface.

IS has got the West cold. We must assume that it and its agencies have totally penetrated Western governments, their institutions and their militaries. The mind-bending tool that is a TV network controlled by malicious forces renders the mass of people unaware of their danger, so there is no pressure on politicians to face up; disbelief in PC/MC is still ‘conspiracy’, and therefore derisory. Danger? What danger? Nothing to see here, folks.

So once more we have to await events, and hope once more for some lucky breaks.

What we are seeing in Greece is the reduction of the Greek man in the street to peasanthood. He is the payer of last resort, and the financial foibles of his ‘betters’ consequently fall on his shoulders. The rich and powerful make mistakes, and the poor and miserable pay the price. Tell me why is this not called oppression? Now we see that Greece is to be ‘asset-stripped’ to pay the debt, just as if the country had lost a war a thousand years ago. It was called ‘looting’ back then.

We now live in a world where there is no debate, and where all issues are decided by an arbitrary assessment of ‘good and evil’ as dictated by a self-appointed elite based upon wealth and celebrity status.

This is not a new state of affairs; historically it was the norm. What we have seen is a ‘glitch’ in history, where, for a few hundred years, equality before the law held sway, and the elites, for a short while, became accountable for their actions. The McCarthy debacle put a stop to that, and the gagging and subsequent humiliation of McCarthy effectively opened the floodgates of elitist deceit.

Only this time there was the ultimate propaganda weapon available: Television.

We cannot fight television in the hands of gifted manipulators. Every pixel tells a story, and he who controls the story controls the opinions of the millions who sit before the flickering tube, mesmerised and cauterised from day-to-day reality.

The modern TV villain does not wear a black hat anymore. Instead he goes to church and reads the bible, and worse, he has views that are not mainstream socialist.

So welcome to the world of techno-paganism folks — a world where man’s guesswork has replaced God’s knowledge:

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth
. — 2 Timothy 3 v 1-7 (KJV)

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Rather apropos MC, and the quote from 2nd Timothy was spot on as well.
    Immediately after World War II the world wondered what the future would be like and the form it would take. Brave New World told the story of the hedonistic and self-centered life of the elitist whose banal two-dimensional existence was challenged by someone who preferred reality in New Mexico to the illusion of Wall Street and The City. 1984 described the asylum-like horrors of communist rule and Big Brother’s self perpetuating hell. What everyone missed was Ray Bradbury’s rather prescient Fahrenheit 451 that described a world gone mad from corporate consumerism which had replaced reading and thinking with entertainment and drugs. This is the world we have now. The elites rule us by controlling our minds and how we think by what they choose to present to us as ‘news’ that we should believe without question.
    Those who refuse this, such as yours truly, are the minority and easily marginalized. The McCarthy hearings were the prototype. The Watergate hearings were the dress rehearsal. The Iran-Contra hearings showed that the psy-ops formula worked.
    As the watchman you can sound the trumpet, but why believe the truth of the coming storm when the lie makes you comfortable? Hmmmm?

  2. I would like to caution against conspiracies. There usually aren’t – unless religion is involved. Even then, there rarely are conspiracies.

    It’s more the ‘action – reaction’ thing. Muslims probably can’t believe their eyes what they see is possible in the West. So they simply grab the chance given. Take for example guest laborers in Europe. They couldn’t believe they got paid that much, so they jumped at that opportunity. They were stunned when they discovered that merely talking to a doctor about having back problems would give them money for free for ever. Most of them didn’t have back problems, but what the heck? Grab the money before they regain their senses!

    Do that for a couple of decades and you have a sure fail recipe for disaster.

    • In the west speaking the truth is the supposed norm and when your back-ache abates you get back to work rather than bilk the system. The bilkers were the minority which the majority condemns or shunns. Muslims place no value on truth, so that if a lie produces benefit, it is just as good as truth. You cannot produce good science that way, you can produe fiction, such as “Palestinian Nation”. So a constant back-ache that produces welfare becomes the truth, and insistence on a lie that produces funds for the non-existant Pal-nation is perpetuated by the PC (that is lies within lies) policy makers.
      The real corruption of the West is the conversion from truthfullness to deceitfulness as the new normal.

    • I worry about the idea of the ‘conspiracy theory’ because invoking the accusation of it is a conveniant way to shut down any debate and destroy the credibility of the theorist.

      Conspiracy theories need to be debated, too many of them have turned out to have a modicum of truth. Something happened re. Benghazi and it needs to be investigated without the shadow of accusations of conspiracy theory being slung around. Also, coincidences do happen, and real coincidences are every bit as rare as real conspiracies, why were so many opponents of the Federal Reserve Act on board the maiden voyage of the Titanic? for example. There may be a very simple explaination, or there may be a very sinister and ruthless implictions.

    • Exactly. Imagine what an ISIS operative or sympathizer sees and gloats over. Or the fifth column in the infidel west lands of opportunity. Can only imagine Turkey salivating at the prospect of EU dismemberedship.

  3. I’m not so sure we are being controlled so much in the west. I agree that it feels as if we have secret agents manipulating us, selecting our needs, constantly selling, selling, persuading. And that the printed word thrown in our faces seems always to threaten our own power and enhance big government and to make no sense whatsoever.

    But what if all this is owing to emergence? …and it is all due to the “furniture” we see at this moment on the stage in history and technology. Maybe such a sense of manipulation would always occur if we had fabulous new communication techniques thrust upon billions of people in a free society? And there might be no significant manipulators or conspirators behind the curtains?

    I just wonder. In other words, is there really. some western leader who is saying to himself “we need more Muslims”? Or is this terrifying result, now extant, owing to a bunch of weak leaders and misguided legislation and inadvertant economic situations and naturally good but uncourageous people being swayed by incredible new technology? I.e. it is all an emergent phenomenon?

    • Never attribute to explicit conspiracy, without specific evidence, what can be explained by emergent self-organization.

      As the HLF trial demonstrates, there can be explicit conspiracies to do limited things but even that seems much like ants self-organizing in an anthill. No individual any may know everything going on.

      Anything too vast is probably an emergent self-organizing phenomena with localized actors or organizations pursuing their own interests that just happen to align with or overlap with other organizations. This ends up forming a larger phenomena without a single centralized controller.

      Most of what happens in the press, for example, with our sorry journalists is due to all the indoctrination they receive about neo-Marxist protected classes and enemy classes even if they are never taught the original terminology. This forms the set of behaviorist rules for those ants. Some Saudi money intended to help “make Islam look good” may encourage this further, yet the donors may fail to see how they’re helping the Muslim Brotherhood front groups that they might otherwise work to oppose.

      The main problem is people acting too much like ants with the wrong rule set that will lead to a collapse of the anthill.

    • Interesting choice of options – although the result is still the same – the destruction of Western enlightenment which has brought humanity to a technological and social “grace” by the insane totalitarian way of life espoused by a lunatic that has only ever caused misery and regression for humanity throughout its history. Whether our politicians have just been dumb or mindful the West will undoubtedly end up in warfare for a long time as the result.

  4. Given that Daesh is an Arabic acronym meaning (in English) the “Islamic state of Iraq and Syria”, I wonder why leftists prefer this to the English version? Other bad guys such as the “Lord’s Resistance Army” in Africa never got such a makeover, so I wonder why there’s suddenly such a call for the “Islamic State” to be renamed – against their will? Yes – names are important, which leftists realise extremely well…

    Is this also why people who illegally cross borders, who were up until recently called “illegal immigrants”, are now suddenly called “migrants” – making them indistinguishable from, say, scientists arriving to work in prestigious Western institutions, who have all their papers in order?

    • The terrorists of IS don’t like being called “Daesh” because it sounds close to two other word/phrases in Arabic that amount to “bigoted jack booted bully” and “one who sows discord”.
      This, if true, is closer to what they really are, and besides, it seems to drive them frothing mad to be called that — so, go with what they can’t stand.

      • So we monitor their activities and track them on a Daesh Board.
        I like the ‘one that sows discord’ apellative

  5. I think the most appropiate comment is this: those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

    I know that history but I will be condemned because the majority are too stupid or ignorant to see what is happening, until after it happens.

    Very unfortunate.

    Oh, and as long as I’m ranting, what the hell is this government of ours (we the people) doing letting all these vicious murderers in to the country, in a relentless stream — it’s almost as if they are enjoying this. Well — I would say once they become the majority and kill off those of us who actually pay taxes, they will have a small financial problem. I can hardly wait. Monsters in Washington.

    • Destabilization, insolvency, foreclosure, justification for additional authoritarianism.

      • Even Lord Nelson could do nothing today with a fleet with no wind to fill its sails. Leftists are doing their best to create that very condition – all the trappings of power but a fatally diminished nation. Too clever by half.

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