Weapons Caches Found in Forty Tunisian Mosques

As Turkish prime minister (now president) Recep Tayyip Erdogan famously said, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” And he wasn’t kidding — but he left out “armories”, because mosques serve that function, too.

Many thanks to Nathalie for translating this article from Tunisie Numerique:

Weapons caches found in forty Tunisian mosques

Fadhel Achour, the general secretary to the trade union for the managers and staff of mosques, announced on Wednesday July 1 2015 that police forces making searches in all parts of the country have uncovered caches of weapons in forty mosques.

Interviewed on the “Midi Show” programme broadcast on “Mosaïque Radio”, he declared that 190 mosques had been erected since the revolution, 90 of which had contacted the authorities in order to legalize their status. The 100 remaining mosques, 80 of which spread incendiary Takfirist speeches, have refused to acknowledge the authority of the Tunisian government.

Fadhel Achour further declared that things might have been much worse but for the Ministry of the Interior whose intervention helped to rescue some mosques from radicalization.

He added that the government of Mehdi Jomaâ had promised to end the problem in 90 days, a promise that remains unfulfilled to this day.

He proceeded to add that during Noureddine Khadmi’s time in power, several preachers and imams had been posted to some mosques, and that amongst those, some belonged to the Salafist school, and some did not even acknowledge the Maliki school.

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14 thoughts on “Weapons Caches Found in Forty Tunisian Mosques

  1. I don’t understand! Islam is the religion of peace! Aren’t all these mosques gun free zones to respect the sanctity of the holy places, just like Buddhist temples? This doesn’t make any sense! [Experiencing massive cognitive dissonance!]

    What happened to all that sweeping social and political change of the Arab Spring that started the utopian renaissance in the Middle East and North Africa?

    [experiences denial]

    Let the great Muslim Renaissance continue!

    • Mosques have always lead the fight. You are supposed to think them peaceful it’s how they took the middle east.
      DId you know 10 yrs ago the heads of every muslim country made an irreversible sharia dictate that Christianity & Judaism are abrogated and that we are all kafir.
      That’s a green light to attack all non muslims.
      Funny how no Muslims mention this fact don’t you think?

  2. I have long been of the opinion that every Mosque in the UK (indeed in the whole of the Euro/Anglosphere) should be thoroughly searched, including with the liberal use of cavity detectors. Mosques are built and other buildings converted into Mosques by Muslim contractors only and the local authority Building Inspectors who oversee and sign off the work in accordance with the approved plans and building regulations are also Muslim. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this could and probably does lead to, does it?
    S III.

    • In China, mosques were all built by the government, and under 24 hrs survaillence.

  3. Must be a misprint folks,our great leader Mr Cameron has assured us at least once a week that islam is a beautiful religion,the foremost religion of peace,so the so called terrorist incident in Tunisia where 38 tourists lost their lives must have been a work place incident,maybe a disgruntled waiter.
    But to state 40 mosques have been found to be stockpiling weapons,NO must be a misprint,these are houses of the moon god allah

  4. Even mosques with only prayer rugs, mihrab, koran and devout worshippers—all mosques should be considered fully loaded with weapons of mass destruction given the doctrine of eternal war between dar al islam and dar al harb, preaching hijrah for civilizational genocide and endlessly mutating violent jihad until all worship is for allah alone.

    • they are fully loaded with weapons of mass destruction – namely the congregation.

  5. I thought I read ‘Arms hidden in every western Euro mosque’. Phew! Too ready to jump to conclusions. Most mosques probably keep their weapons off site.

  6. “Every single mosque in the world, by definition, is modeled on the mosque of Muhammad in Medina …… the first mosque, was a place
    where he gave judgments,
    where he decided who would be executed,
    where he instituted policy—domestic and military—
    where Jihad war strategies were designed.
    Consequently, it was a storage place for arms, a military training base, and was where troops were blessed and dispatched.”
    Sam Solomon, former professor of Sharia Law

    • “totally unlike a church or synagogue”
      Sam Solomon (above).

  7. The battle of Vienna was one of the most important battles for the Christian Europe existence. The forces of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation in league with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth have stopped muslim invaders. It was 1683. And now? We can see what’s going on..

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