The Refugee Resettlement Scam in Minnesota

The following video was recorded at a town council or board of supervisors meeting in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota on July 7, 2015. The gentleman speaking — a concerned local citizen — has a good handle on the “refugee” scam being foisted on Minnesota by the federal government.

As he notes, the Somalis being unloaded on the state bring no skills and will generally be unable to support themselves for the indefinite future. Local welfare agencies will be picking up the tab, yet the “stakeholders” — unelected citizens, mainline churches, and NGOs — are making big money off the deal. After a few months the federal subsidy will expire, leaving the state holding the bill. In ten years or so the municipalities of Minnesota will be facing bankruptcy as their culturally enriched neighborhoods slide into Third World conditions:

Hat tip: ACT! For America Minneapolis.

8 thoughts on “The Refugee Resettlement Scam in Minnesota

  1. A scam in 1975 maybe.
    A huge and growing industry now. Consumer demand driven and the customer is king etc rules. Every politician, lobbyist and middle man wants a slice of the action. ‘Show me the money’ as they say. Privatization of everything really rocks.

    • Good point. I well remember when the “racial equality” and other “equality” proposals first surfaced in the UK in the early 1980s. I am all for equality but within very few years “equality” had become a huge fake industry populated by people who became “experts”. In truth they were expert at nothing but had jumped on a lucrative bandwagon because they could offer nothing else to the world.
      “Refugees” though is another game entirely. Gaza had 250,000 self determined “refugees” in 1948. Those people are still “refugees” drawing billions in aid every year as they have for nearly 70 years, but now number 1.75 million. Self appointed “experts” no doubt are advising the US Government on Somali “refugees”. Given the way Somalia is run I would expect oppressed Christians to be the only genuine refugees. I’d bet my shirt most of yours, as in Sweden (now rape capital of Europe), are actually muslim.

  2. This isn’t just a Minnesota problem. The Obama administration is pushing new racial standards for neighborhoods across America. They are using census data, including American Community Survey forms, to score communities on their racial and ethnic concentrations.

    If their maps don’t reflect a sufficient mix, federal funds are withheld from local and state governments. This goes hand-in-hand with the defacto open borders policy currently being implemented. The best response to those Census Bureau/Chamber of Commerce surveys is toss them in the garbage and refuse to answer any questions from their interviewers.

    In spite of their threats, nobody has ever been fined or jailed for failure to comply because the authorities don’t want this unconstitutional survey to ever be contested in a court of law.

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