The Plight of Women Under the Islamic State

The following excerpt from a Channel 4 news video highlights the treatment of women in Raqqa, the Syrian city that functions as the capital of the Islamic State. Yezidi women in particular are singled out as the targets of some of the worst horrors inflicted by the ISIS mujahideen:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

3 thoughts on “The Plight of Women Under the Islamic State

  1. I guess if this population can hold out for another 24 months they will get rescue from the west. But under the current administration they might as well slit their own throats.
    Of course I am speaking about the US administration. But what of the Europeans? Do they really need to be led by the nose or, don’t they really care? I suspect the latter.
    The Europeans have become so accustomed to holding the American’s coat while someone else sheds blood and treasure that they don’t even think this is immoral.
    At this point, with this leadership, I vacillate between sending 100,000 western troops to wipe this plague off the face of the earth… To conceding that nothing in our toolbox works in the Middle East.
    I don’t know what the answer is under the current leadership other than to let these people die.
    But hey! Justin Treadau wants to send them sleeping bags and parkas! Way to go Justin! I am sure that the escaped women that are probably pregnant by now will really appreciate the sleeping bag that Canada sent them…

  2. While I may have sympathy for women in religious minority communities in the Middle East, the plight of Muslim women does not excite any chivalrous feelings in me, and the next time someone cites Islamic nastiness to women and girls to justify an intervention in one of those [foetid abodes], I will instruct my military-age sons to shout, “Hell, no, we won’t go!”

    I’m old enough to remember those Chador-clad hags and vixens screaming “Marg-bar-Amrika!” at the drop of Ruh-ul-Iblis Khomeini’s turban back in 1979. Those bints think their sisters in other religious communities are just slaves whom their menfolk haven’t yet kidnapped and whom once in their proper place may be abused to the mistress’s content, are the repository of all the bigotry their religion has, and just the sort to egg on their menfolk to atrocity at the slightest hint of trouble. If those same Muslim men treat their womenfolk like garbage, well, ain’t that too d–n bad. Let them argue about how thick the stick is that may legitimately be used to beat their wives. Such things aren’t worth the bones of another American soldier.

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