“The New Iran Deal — The Stench Of Appeasement”

This post is a mirror of the one posted today by Joshua Pundit. Why re-invent the wheel? But the emphases below are mine.

You’ll notice that my version stops just before his video of President Clinton’s 1994 remarks. Watch that and read Rob’s final remarks at JP. ~!D

The New Iran Deal — The Stench Of Appeasement

by Joshua Pundit

Over the weekend, I received intel from some of my sources outlining the framework of the proposed deal by John Kerry and the P5+1 with Iran regarding its illegal nuclear weapons program, where I reported on here. It was so bad that I don’t mind telling you that it took me a couple of days to get to a place where I could write about what was involved, and I hoped that for once my sources were exaggerating a bit or that the West might finally come to its senses and walk away.

Today, the deal, known as the ‘Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’ was announced, ad as usual, my notorious Little Birdies did not exaggerate at all, and the ‘Plan of Action’ is pretty much what they said it was with a few last minute minor changes, none of which mean much in practical terms.

Iran will be able to veto any IAEA inspections, and will be able to pick and choose where those inspections take place. It will likewise be able to delay any inspections through the mechanism of an ‘arbitration system’ giving Iran plenty of time to clean up and move anything they want to conceal wile still technically being in compliance.

As I reported, the sanctions officially won’t be lifted until 2016. In the real world, the sanctions have disappeared already and countries are already cutting deals with the regime. That includes the UN arms sanctions on Iran as a supporter and enabler of terrorism, which are supposed to remain in place for five years but will supposedly be lifted after certification of Iran’s compliance. In the real world, Russia and China among other countries will cheerfully violate the sanctions, which they never approved of in the first place. Money talks, and Russia especially is not going to take weapons sanctions seriously anymore.

The Iranians have apparently agreed to reduce their centrifuges to 6,000 and to destroy most of their stockpile of enriched uranium. Since we only know approximately how much of each they have and inspections are at Iran’s discretion, this is a fairly meaningless concession on their part. Expect that many of the centrifuges Iran disposes of will be the old, first generation IR-1s, which the Iranians want to replace anyway, and as part of the agreement, the Western powers have also agreed to work with Iran to help it install and operate more advanced centrifuges. As far as the nuclear stockpile goes, again, we have no clue how much they really have, and there are technical ways to ‘destroy’ enriched uranium that allow it to be reprocessed at a later date.

There was also no mention in this ‘plan’ of Iran’s heavy water reactor at Arak [see image of Arak, above — D], which has no peaceful application and produces plutonium, a second route to nuclear weapons. Presumably, Arak will continue to operate.

I’m not surprised at all Iran signed on to this. It provides this fascist regime with billions of dollars to keep it in power, develop nuclear weapons and expand its power in the region. And it demands nothing significant from them.

President Obama announced what a wonderful deal this was, saying that because of this deal, “We have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.”

For a sitting president of the United States to say this is the very height of either ignorance, arrogance or sheer deception.perhaps all three. Because of this president’s ‘diplomacy,’ the Saudis have already announced that they will now obtain nuclear weapons and Egypt is working on a deal with Russia for a new reactor to enhance its own already existing nuclear program. And let’s not even mention the almost certain Iranian bomb to come.

A second blatant lie in this morning’s output by President Obama is that “the international community will be able to verify that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon.”

As I pointed out above, the exact opposite is the case. Before this was announced, I gave you what has turned out to be a pretty accurate preview yesterday of the sort of horse manure this president would use to sell this to the American people…

At the original site, there is a summing up. JP precedes it with a one-minute video clip of President Clinton in 1994, telling us what a wonderful deal he was making with North Korea. It would be funny if it weren’t so totally murderous of the North Korean people. These “leaders” of ours are culpable for all the lives they have cost all over the world.

In this mirror I left out JP’s embedded links so you could go get them for me. It’s just become too difficult to sit here for long. ~!D

15 thoughts on ““The New Iran Deal — The Stench Of Appeasement”

  1. Three countries are telling the truth: 1. Iran: It says they got what they wanted with the removal of the rest of nominal sanctions. 2. Saudi Arabia also knows that the west complied abjectly to all of Iran’s demands necessary to make nuclear bombs and means to deliver them. 3. Israel is telling the truth because they cannot be fooled like the west. Westerners are delusional and for reason unknown they are very glad and happy to be fooled by muslims.

    This is no agreement: This is a licence from the so-called nonsensical 5+1 powers for the Islamic Iran to perfect its nuclear weapons and means of delivery.

    Does democracy make people dull and dunce and dumb-asses?

    We should not worry .. . we have democracy and celebrities to console us.

  2. I heard an Obamabot crowing that Obama succeeded where everyone before him had failed: he brought Cuba and Iran into the international “mainstream.”

    As we all know, the Iranian regime really just wants to be considered normal, and signing an agreement makes everything all better. But it took the courage and wisdom of Barack the Great to sign that agreement with them. What a leader!

    • Yes, quite a success, bringing them into the international mainstream. Rather like adding sewage or poison into the drinking water of the international community. Well done. Anyway, I guess he’ll have his precious legacy: the question is, what will it be, precisely? What will historians in 100, 200 years say about Mr. Obama’s “legacy”, I wonder?

  3. The Traitor-in-Chief has shafted America once again. I hope we can survive the next 16 months, because Congress is too chicken to call him the traitor that he is.

    Woe to America, for having elected the worst president ever — TWICE!

    • You can bet money that the Saudis are already in talks with the Pakistanis about buying some of their nukes as a insurance policy. And if they acquire some, Turkey and Egypt aren’t far behind. That would be very bad.

      But our political elites don’t care, they believe they are impervious to all outside threats. Probably figuring they can throw some fiat money at the primitives and buy them off. Won’t work when they have nukes, then they start dictating terms or just eradicate our bosses in D.C. and Manhattan.

      I think we will be very lucky not see a nuke or two torched off in the ME in the next two years.

      I’m just glad I live away from any major city.

      • I agree 100% a Middle East arms race will now pick up speed. BTW was there anything in the agreement as to ICBM’S purchased from the N’ Koreans?

  4. And now like in his dreams he will return to the Muslim Kenya of his father and his own Muslim family – triumphant as a convert to radical Afro centered Christianity in the USA. Mind bending.

  5. We the people are led by the incompetent, the criminal, the liars who were elected and who continue to mislead, lie and commit crimes. Our constitution is all but dead in name alone. Obama is most likely not entitled to be our president and i often wonder why he has a right to not have his long form birth certificate sealed along with his academic records. Everyone knows he is a poser but are too afraid to say so. Well we the people just got bent over again by Obama and his liars in his administration. Soon another election and these same liars who helped Obama will want us to vote for them. For god sake folks wake up VOTE no to Obamaites and the GOP traitors

  6. Western countries/ people moods and attitudes have changed: They are sate. So to get some fresh excitement to embrace : something eccentric, strange, unusual, bizarre, even harmful cruel: Like Hussein Obama, and Islam.
    Those the attitudes of godless people.

  7. Appeasement is a direct consequence of Obama’s image of America. When asked if he subscribed to the idea of American exceptionalism, he answered that he believe in it as the Brits and the Greeks believe in theirs. In other words, no, he does not believe in American exceptionalism. One can imagine that thought process leading to his belief that America has no right to hinder Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons if they want them. If we can have them, they should also. We are no better (nor more exceptional) than they, so who are we to judge. With that said, do you believe Obama would be as appeasing or conciliatory to the Israelis if they were in the position of the Iranians, trying to obtain nuclear technology with the possibility of making nuclear weapons?

    • According to Obama, and the rest of the far left, America and Israel in a globalist context are both the neo-Marxist “enemy class”. So no, they do not deserve equal treatment since they are “privileged”.

      Even if he is not literally a Manchurian Candidate by the classic definition, one really must ask exactly what would he do any differently if he were a literal Manchurian Candidate? Is there any sabotage beyond what he has done so far that he could get away with without being impeached or assassinated?

  8. I asked Rob Miller, aka Joshua Pundit, if I could reprint his response to the posting of his essay. He said:

    Hi Dymphna,

    > You have no idea how glad I am to hear from you! I was afraid
    > something bad had happened.

    [obviously, re the shutdown of Gov]
    > Thanks so very much for the mirror and the kind words. I hope you and
    > the Baron are well.
    > As I said, I actually had this info Saturday night, but it took me
    > awhile to get my head around posting it, it was so bad.

    >This could
    > very well be the lead up to WWIII. On the plus side, it has opened up
    > new channels between the Saudis, Egypt and the Israelis and if this is
    > going to be dealt with it will have to come from them…don’t expect
    > our congress to do anything.
    > I can tell you that in 2012, the IDF was ready to deal with this.
    > Iran’s economy was devastated and the nuclear sites weren’t as
    > protected. Netanyahu was blackmailed/coerced/convinced by the Obama
    > team that they would never sign the sort of ‘agreement’ they just did.
    > Now, it’s going to be a tougher job, but they will likely have no
    > choice but to try, and they had better do it quickly.
    > It is in G-d’s hands, my friend.
    > Warm Regards,
    > Rob

    What can one say about our president? He may indeed immerse us in a war in MENA. No one will really know why, even if the how is obvious.

    He is brazen in so many ways – e.g., writing notes to each of the men he let out of prison but NOT A WORD of comfort to the family of the woman who was killed in California by one of his illegals who’d been caught and released a number of times:


    I think Obama enjoys the furors he causes. He appears to many of us average folk to be operating from a deeply malign and perverse dark place in his psyche. Ascending so quickly to a position of unearned power can be the catalyst for such acting-out.

  9. While UN inspectors go to above ground nuclear enrichment labs, they will ignore those operating beneath the radar, so to speak. Iran has no intentions of honouring the deal, as the founder of their cult had no intention of honouring any deals he made with non-believers. Once Iran gets the bomb, then they will break the treaty as Hitler broke his treaty with Stalin.

    So why did the US capitulate?

    In a nutshell: the price of oil could go up again if we relax our vigilance with regard to the rising tide of Islam. The OPEC overlords (sheiks, really) will gradually raise prices once again and the world will be better for the oil and gas industry. But not for the free world.

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