“The Beauty of French History Which These Barbarians Will Destroy”

In the following excellent speech, Pierre Cassen of Riposte Laïque hits all the high points of what the continuing Islamization of France will mean for French culture.

Oz-Rita, who translated the video for subtitles, includes this introduction:

Riposte Laïque and Résistance Républicaine organised a rally in Paris on the weekend after the first Islamic decapitation of a Frenchman in France. This video was published on the 30 June. It’s the better part of the closing speech by Pierre Cassen, founder of Riposte Laïque.

Although the Frenchman was decapitated by a Muslim in the name of Allah, and everyone knows that the cancer eating France is her Islamisation (facilitated by the socialist government of Hollande, which is fully subservient to Qatar and assorted Islamic bullies), it is now verboten for French patriots to hold any rally explicitly against “Islam”. That is why they gave it the official “title” :

Rally organised by Résistance Républicaine and Riposte Laïque asking for the resignation of the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls and the Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve in Paris 30. June 2015.

Incidentally, meanwhile Riposte Laïque is now being prosecuted before the Courts by the Mayor of Paris, Mme Hidalgo, for defamation. A few days after the event the Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve lodged a complaint of defamation because they called him an “Islamic Collaborator” (truth is no defence), and yesterday the Police Chief of France (who emasculates his police force to a point where the incidence of suicide among the French Police is increasing alarmingly) has joined the chase of the witches of Salem by accusing them also of — you guessed it — defamation.

This fully corrupt government of Hollande really is intent on silencing the brave voices of Riposte Laïque and Resistance and, in fact, any voice against the galloping Islamisation of France.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


02:58   We must be part of those who wring the neck of the
03:02   Islamically correct discourse. There is no “Islam of France”.
03:06   There is no “moderate Islam”.
03:10   There is not “a good Islam and a bad Islamism”. There is only one
03:14   Islam, and it is a barbaric ideology
03:18   of conquest. It is racist, it is sexist,
03:22   and it is homophobic.
03:26   Thanks, I can see “with pleasure” (ironic)
03:30   we are getting ovations (hecklers).
03:34   We will continue to say that Islam
03:38   (no offence to the sectarian trendies of the Left),
03:42   Islam has no place in France.
03:46   We will continue to say: ‘The more mosques we build,
03:50   the less we promote civilisation.’ The more we promote communitarianism,
03:54   the more we encourage the retreat into Islamism,
03:58   the more we favor the radicalisation of Muslims and the more we encourage
04:03   a fifth column on our own soil. We will continue
04:07   to say it. We will continue to say
04:11   that the more we accept Islamic veils in
04:15   France, the more difficult we make it for young Muslim women
04:19   who are in France because they wish
04:23   to escape the dictatorship of the Imams, the more difficult it will be for them
04:27   to live like European women, but the more difficult it will also be
04:31   for our children in the increasingly Islamised districts
04:35   to dress like you dress,
04:39   to wear a dress, to show your arms, to show
04:43   your knees, to show, sometimes, the beginning of your thighs, to show
04:47   the start of your cleavage, to show all that makes the charm
04:51   of the of a French woman, and the ability between
04:56   men and women to appreciate our reciprocal charms. That is
05:00   what will no longer be possible if the veil spreads.
05:04   And we must continue
05:08   to say it if Islam continues to spread.
05:12   Today, 60% of us eat Halal
05:16   we will soon find it difficult to eat
05:20   meats of our own country, from animals
05:24   killed in a decent manner, and face all the health risks
05:28   that Dr. A. de Peritti keeps warning us about.
05:32   We must say that it is our way of life
05:36   we are defending when we fight against the Islamisation
05:40   of France. Our way of life is the right
05:44   to believe or to not believe. Under Islam it is forbidden to not believe.
05:49   Our way of life is the equality of men and
05:53   women. Islam is incompatible with equality of men and women.
05:57   Our way of life is secularism.
06:01   Secularism means separation of religion and state.
06:05   Islam forbids this separation, because under Islam
06:09   religion is law and law is religion.
06:13   So Islam and the 57 Muslim countries are incompatible
06:17   with secularism. Finally, our way of life
06:21   as evoked earlier today, is the right
06:25   to beauty, it is the arts,
06:29   it is our culture, it is our literature, how
06:33   can you not think of the Louvre when you see the barbarians of IS
06:38   destroy all traces of past civilisations.
06:42   How can we not say that, if we let them, the
06:46   Valls (PM) Cazeneuves (Minister of the Interior), Hollandes (President),
06:50   continue to Islamise our country, it will be
06:54   all our history, all our literature, all the beauty
06:58   of French history which these barbarians will destroy.
07:02   And to conclude,
07:06   our culture, our way of life is love.
07:10   Love is the right to love the person of our choice,
07:14   whatever the religion of that person.
07:19   Under Islam one does not have the right to love a non-Muslim.
07:23   It is to love a person of whatever sex
07:27   No need to tell you that it’s better to be homosexual
07:31   in a civilised Western country than to be homosexual in the countries
07:35   where they throw them from the eighth floor.
07:39   Our way of life is freedom, love,
07:43   fraternity. Our way of life is
07:47   the Enlightenment, our way of life
07:51   is OUR France, which I ask you to honour by singing the Marseillaise.
07:55   I thank you.
07:59   Christine Tasin, President of “Résistance Républicaine”
08:03   asks for some donations, “even modest”,
08:08   to cover a little of the expenses for
08:12   security, sound, etc.
08:16   Nothing is free, she says.

29 thoughts on ““The Beauty of French History Which These Barbarians Will Destroy”

  1. To have uttered such obvious blasphemy against those in power in modern France, Pierre Casson is an exceptionally courageous man. I cannot imagine that those aligned against him will allow such views to be expressed for much longer. Either through legal means, or through extra-legal violence, such ideas will undoubtedly be put down.

    When Francios-Marie Arouet wrote, “Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres” (‘In england, it is good, from time to time, to kill an admiral, to encourage the others’) he was satirically using the English example as a non-too-subtle warning to the advocates of liberty in his own country. That warning echoes down the centuries.

    • For countries so far into Islamization, like France has become, the political assassinations of those who aid and abet Islam cannot be too far off.

  2. Nice tabulation of all the co-morbidities of Islam. How something this poisonous to man could survive is difficult to understand from a Darwinian perspective….because altruism has had such a positive survival advantage in many other animal species and cooperation has been so vital a feature in ours.

    I used to think that the vast majority of people are good and decent but Islam’s history suggests that it may not be a vast majority–maybe more like 51.8% [sic!]

    When you boil down all the Muslim problems, it seems that– howling and hollering and shouting above all the rest –the absence of love and forgiveness for ones’s fellow man is the critical missing piece.

    It is not good for us to allow this sickness in humanity to continue.

  3. But how many Frenchmen actually gives a rats behind about what is happening given how bad cultural Marxism and indifference has infested French thinking?

    • It is mainly the big French cities that have cowed to Islam. Go into the countryside and there is nothing but contempt for the way things have panned out in France, especially for the Parisienne – no doubt because that is the seat of government.

  4. Just look at the names on war memorials and in the cemeteries in Europe. They show you what Europe is and has been and it isn’t Islam.

  5. Islam is the “blob” of social systems. Once implanted into a society it continues a bloody expansion and consumes the entire society.

    One only needs to look to Afghanistan. It at one time (before the arrival of Islam) was a peaceful Hindu/Buddhist society.

    Islam won the physical battle for Afghanistan. But the bigger question is; Would Afghanistan be better of as a Hindu/Buddhist society or an Islamic one?

    French (and other Western leftists) view the world through rose colored glasses provided by earlier generations. Their multi-culti mindset is based on fantasy and clearly overlooks the reality of Islam.

    The longer it takes to overcome this PC fantasy, the more likely a tipping point will be reached. Western Europeans are on the threshold of, at best, an Euro-Islamic civil war or, at worst, the end of Western Civilization in Europe as it is known today.

    The fuse is burning.

  6. And why should Caesar be a tyrant then?
    Poor man! I know he would not be a wolf,
    But that he sees the Romans are but sheep:
    He were no lion, were not Romans hinds.

    -Cassius, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

  7. What’s the best way to donate to Resistance Republicaine if you don’t live in Europe? I don’t like Paypal and would prefer some other way.

    • Pierre Cassens from Riposte Laique and Christine Tasin from the Resistance Republicaine are two of the most tenacious and courageous French people I know.

      It goes without saying that they have several deaththreats (fatwas) out against them, apart from concerted attacks by the extremely dhimmified media and the corrupt Hollande Government and Paris Townhall.

      How they still are standing is a mystery to me and others. I have been present at some of the many court-battles they were predestined to lose with the most grotesque “Minister for Justice” that ever waddled the civilised earth and an extremely anti-French judiciary. (A whole other story in that one).

      Anyway, I know that brave sites like “Vlad Tepes” and “Gates of Vienna” are all in dire need of financial help, yet their innate generosity makes me think that I can put in a good word for Resistance and Riposte here.

      The aim of the French Government and assorted cowards(*) is to silence them. Threats did not do it, defamation did not do it so they try it financially – even though, for all the court cases they have to defend their lawyers act at reduced fees, but costs are still there. So I think they would really appreciate any help.

      Thank you, Gates of Vienna fro letting me rant on here :).

      (*) They are also taken to court by at least 4 – government financed so-called “human rights organisation” who can afford 5 to 6 lawyers against our friends’ 1 or 2.

  8. The website is located at resistancerepublicaine.eu

    Contact information is listed there.

  9. I’m writing this from a bar in San Sebastian. I’m making my way through France and Spain sampling the local tipple on the way – well I would wouldn’t I!?. Met lots of wonderful French Spanish German Dutch people on my travels.I’ve seen a but handful of Muslims – but then I’ve avoided the big cities, with the exception of San S. Anyway, my point is this: It’s not Islam that’s the problem, but Muslims. Islam is the manifestation of the way that Muslims view the world. The issue is race not culture. Unless we grasp this nettle we will make little progress. Cheers…

    • “It’s not Islam that’s the problem, but Muslims. Islam is the manifestation of the way that Muslims view the world. The issue is race not culture.”

      This is demonstrably incorrect. And the second sentence is logically incoherent.

      The Bosnian Muslims are racially and ethnically indistinguishable from the Serbs and Croats around them. As are the Egyptian Muslims from the Christian Copts. The northern (Muslim) Nigerians are racially indistinguishable from the southern (Christian) Nigerians. As are the Muslim Indonesians from the Hindu Balinese. As are the Indian Muslims from Indian Hindus.

      In every instance cited in the previous paragraph, it is Islam which creates the critical differences that render these societies horrible. In Bali, the differences between the Balinese and people on neighbouring Muslim islands are so overwhelming that the most dimwitted and unobservant person is compelled to register it.

      Unsurprisingly, given it is a socio-political ideology as much as it is a religion, it is Islam that created the character and mores of Muslim societies, not the race of the people. The Islamic world, from Bosnia to Sierra Leone to Somalia to Thailand to central China to Kazan embraces every race on the planet.

      • “Islam is the manifestation of the way that Muslims view the world…” If it’s not that, what is it?

        • But the causation goes in both directions: we shape our beliefs and worldviews, but they also shape us.

          • Of course. But our beliefs are a manifestation of how we are. This is why Islam attracts those of a vicious and cruel disposition – because it is the product of a vicious and cruel mind.

  10. Bat Ye’Or has written on how Europe has been co-opted to islam by the politicians of virtually all stripe.

    in her books she explains and shows the origins of what we see in the news. (and she proves it as well it is not opinion)

    the americas are falling into this as well, it is why islamic terrorists are not called terrorists by politicians and the lackey media.

    keep up the good fight GATEs of Vienna

  11. Who can remember when Brigitte Bardot made her first Islam-critical public statements? Seriously. Wiki has her first being prosecuted and fined under France’s “hate-speech” laws in 1999, yet my memory places her making Islam-critical comments much earlier than that. She just wasn’t prosecuted for them, possibly because the legislation she has been fined under five times now did not then exist. Wiki has her marrying a National Front political adviser, Bernard d’Ormale, in 1992. So it is extremely likely she was Islam averse by 1992.

    My point is: wouldn’t it have been wonderful for France, Europe and the Western world if Bardot had assiduously exploited her international fame and popularity over the past three decades to promulgate warnings about Islam and generally raise public awareness of Islam? Imagine if the 1986-founded Brigitte Bardot Foundation had focussed on the pernicious influence of Islam in France instead of or in addition to animal-rights?

    People may respond: so what if a blonde bombshell former actress adopts a political issue, she’s just an actress so why should her political views be taken seriously? They shouldn’t be, anymore than your local barber’s should be, perhaps less. I’d much rather my local barber’s political program was adopted than that of any randomly selected Hollywood actor (think Matt Damon or Ben Affleck).

    This would miss the point: whatever the merits of why this should be so, a popular, high profile woman taking a vocal stand against Islam would have gone a long way towards “respectabilizing” that stance 30 years ago. More intellectually rigorous people than Bardot would have coalesced around her foundation once she stuck her head up over the parapet. Now we have the eminently sensible Mr Casson risking prosecution for “hate crime” for stating the obvious and true.

  12. The reference to halal and Dr. A. de Peritti? Who is this man and what is he saying? I can’t find anything about him but any ammunition to use against halal is good. It is a vicious mafia-like racket. Did you know halal has even infiltrated the manufacture of vitamin supplements?

    • Hi, I might have spelled the name wrong, will enquire and get back to you.

      I think he is a French Vetinerary who fights against HALAL which has gone feral in France. From memory he has proven the health-risks (scientifically backed up) in the method that animals are slaughtered “the Halal way” in France.
      Again from memory, “Halal Choices” http://www.halalchoices.com.au/index.html
      had an article, and I think even contact, with this vet. (Ironically they too are before the courts atm, schlepped there by “interests” vested in this ‘industry’.

        • Thank you, Rita. Like Gene I went searching for de Peritti and found nothing. I asked my favourite Lebanese (Christian) restauranteur were his meat and poultry Halal and he affirmed that they were and explained that you couldn’t get anything else. In a city of 4 million in Australia!

          It is inevitable that part of the fees charged for halal certification and part of the money earned by halal butchers winds up in the hands of Hezbollah or Hamas or similar.

          • Having now read the Peretti article at Vlad Tepes and watched 1.50 of the 6.51 video embedded there, I now have an appreciation of just what the halal method of animal slaughter is. And it is disgustingly cruel to the animals.

            To think that in the West abattoirs evolved to first “stunning” with an electric shock (the video shows that this stunning appears to render the animal unconscious, they certainly fall through the chute onto the ground as if they are) and now we have gone backwards in cruelty terms to accommodate Islam.

            If that video were widely publicized in the West, very few non-Muslim people would be relaxed about buying halal meat.

    • Hi,

      Thank you, Snaphanen.

      I had seen this video but hesitated to recommend it for translation, since I thought it might be too “local”. But looking at it again, I think the erudite readers of Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes will know at least some of the names of this 5th Column that sits in the Elysee, and Pierre Casens is really bonza. So we will translate it.

    • While they do (or did) some good things, PETA are definately now travelling on the same bus as the extreme left and consequently their motto will probably be: Guilty until proven Muslim.

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