Sweden is a Crime Scene

Yesterday’s posts about Swedish PEGIDA and the likely trial of Dan Park gave me the idea for the above variant on the Swedish flag. Maybe we could think up some mottos to go with it, such as:

“Sweden is a crime scene — don’t cross it!”


“Sweden: A nation of recidivists!”

I’ll keep this flag handy for posts on the trial of Dan Park, or reports on new arrests by the Swedish Stasi, or other instances of Swedish “justice”. In the meantime, Swedes may feel free to borrow it for their own purposes. Maybe a Swedish-language version would be a good idea.

Other examples of iconography using the Swedish flag are below the jump.

En Svensk Håller Truten — A Swede Holds His Mouth Shut

Stackers at Stornäset sawmill, Sundsvall, 1912; Somalis in Sweden, 2012

Swedish minarets and shahada

Ummah Sweden

4 thoughts on “Sweden is a Crime Scene

  1. Stasi in Sweden may be more real than anyone would like to think about, referring to Die Welt‘s article about IS deployment all over the EU.

    IS leaders have been training with the old Stasi in former DDR, and Sweden is a country which is welcoming all Syrians as refugees or asylum seekers. According to the Swedish Migration Agency, practically, all Syrians who are applying will be granted permanent residency in Sweden.

    The former captive of IS tells Die Welt that he managed to escape in a moment of IS fear and confusion. Back to Syria he won’t go again at this stage, as he is seeing his time there in captivity as a sign to make a pause, while stating that Europe will be the next battleground.

  2. It’s a crime scene, but Stone Age people are able to cross as much as they like.

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