She’s a Nazi, He’s a Nazi, Everyone’s a Nazi

Early this morning Vlad Tepes sent me an old black and white photo and asked me, “If you get a chance, would it be too much trouble to photoshop Lassie as doing a Hitler salute?”

I answered him quite truthfully: “I can’t think of anything I would enjoy more.”

I’d rather mess around with digital images than do real work any day, so I set aside some time this morning to accomplish the worthy task that Vlad had set me. Here’s what he did with the result:

The Frankfurt School, the far left, and the destruction of a people and a culture.

Recently the news has been flooded with images and stories of a great monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who worked tirelessly with Churchill to fight and defeat the Nazis and more recently, struggles to stay alive every day to save us from having her idiot, leftist, muslim son, Charles from being the next King.

One has to wonder why, all of a sudden, is this loathsome attack on the dignity of her Royal Highness QEII taking place in such a spectacular fashion, and using the most classic defamation of modern times, association with the Nazis. Something which is true of many leftists in both actions and beliefs, but never really publicized in the MSM, while any person who holds an office which is a conservative or traditional icon of the culture is defamed in any way possible.

So I thought I would get ahead of the curve and start in on some of the American’s most sacred icons of traditional moral and family life. Get ready for it. You may have seen it here first, but you will see it and things like it everywhere and often very soon.

Blockleiter Lassie as a 10-month-old pup practices his Sieg Heil at Timmy’s direction

All the recent brouhaha about the Queen is, of course, simply the latest outbreak of a disease known as the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers, about which I have written extensively in the past. It is a form of foaming madness that infects almost everyone, whether left-wing or right-, in the West.

In his post last night, MC referred to an article from the November 1938 edition of Homes and Gardens that featured the Berghof, Hitler’s arcadian getaway in the Bavarian Alps. It was published just after Neville Chamberlain traded Czechoslovakia for “Peace for Our Time” in Munich, and less than a year before Der Führer invaded Poland. Written for a British audience, it described the architecture and décor of the Berghof in gushing detail. For those who are interested, the entire fawning text may be read here.

As a matter of interest, the H&G article is preserved for posterity at a website called “The International Campaign for Real History”, which is run by David Irving. Mr. Irving is a world-famous Holocaust denier who actually did time in an Austrian prison for promoting that particular historical inaccuracy.

But the piece in Homes and Gardens deserves the label “real history”, for that is exactly what it is. Regardless of its significance for Mr. Irving — and I suspect he appreciates it for different reasons than I — it is quite real. It would be just as real if Oliver Stone or Michael Moore were promoting it. It serves to remind us that Adolf Hitler was respected and popular throughout much of the West in those years. St. Margaret Sanger admired Der Führer for his policies on “racial hygiene”, but you don’t see anybody taking Planned Parenthood to task for that, do you?

Funny about that.

As L.P. Hartley wrote, “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” The Left would have us believe their version of the past, in which Hitler was a vicious right-winger, and socialists were the virtuous promoters of racial equality and intercultural harmony. ‘Down with the Jews’? ‘Sterilize the Negroes’? Not us! We never said those things, not ever!

But facts are stubborn things. One stubborn fact is this: between the wars a lot of progressive people thought Hitler and Mussolini were the wave of the future, and everyone should just climb on board. They make the trains run on time! Everything is clean and orderly and modern and hygienic!

And almost everyone else thought Stalin was the wave of the future.

In other words, there was no non-socialist future to speak of.

And in a way they were right: here in the 21st century there is virtually no piece of real estate in the civilized world (not to mention the uncivilized world) that is not groaning under the yoke of some form of socialism.

It may go by other names now, but it’s still the same old tired Marxist doctrine.

Here’s little Sir John in a nut-brown bowl,
And brandy in a glass;
And little Sir John in the nut-brown bowl
Proved the stronger man at last.
And the huntsman he can’t hunt the fox,
Nor so loudly blow his horn,
And the tinker he can’t mend kettles or pots
Without a little of Barleycorn.

24 thoughts on “She’s a Nazi, He’s a Nazi, Everyone’s a Nazi

  1. Socialism: Heaven on Earth The opiate of the intellectuals and the rest of the bien pensants . What could possibly go wrong.

  2. I would do a nazi salute 5 times a day just like muzzies do their prayers if it would ever solve anything. Nowadays anyone who has a different opinion is a nazi. May be it is time to give them all just that? In frigging numbers? If everyone just strikes a ziga skyward high at some point it’s bound to be just as common as farting in public and loose all of its meaning?

  3. A promotion to King for the idiot prince might lead to the restoration of the legitimate Monarch of the United Kingdom. That would be a Stewart, not a Hanoverian German pretender to the Throne now known as the Windsors. The nazi past was a big reason for the abdication of Edward III in the thirties and the name change. They even killed their Dachunds. Edward was a well known nazi, conspired to be returned to the throne with a Axis victory and laundered money for the Third Reich from the embassy in the Bahamas during WWII. The murder of Mary Queen of Scots led to this current bunch of rich pretenders whose right arms are barely restrained from stiffly extending at an angle.

  4. Oh dear, now poor Lassie is in on it. Nearly fell off my chair laughing. But what is written above is true, and while we who appreciate the madness that skewers the social collective whose actions against those of us who denounce them know no limits, yet in their rabid hatred for us now labelled ‘Nazis’ they cannot see the irony of their stance that apparently flies freely over their collective heads.

  5. Wouldn’t it be fun to force socialism in an isolated closed system, like a spaceship, and thereby finally remove its peculiar seduction? …as we interviewed its survivors on the planet beta proxima after eight years of warp speed. “What happened?”
    “We were all equals for eight years.”
    “Did you like it?”
    “Our gini went berserk”
    “How was that possible?”
    “The folks that

    • There would be no one left to interview. Hm, right now I just feel like immigrating to Mars myself. It would be much more achievable than trying to squeeze several billions into an interstellar ship.

  6. “Recently the news has been flooded with images and stories of a great monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who worked tirelessly with Churchill to fight and defeat the Nazis and more recently, struggles to stay alive every day to save us from having her idiot, leftist, muslim son, Charles from being the next King.”

    Great article Baron but one minor inaccuracy. During WWll, Princess Elizabeth was a young teenager who did not work tirelessly with Churchill – or with anyone else. Her father, the late King George Vl did though. However, may she live forever, or at least long enough to outlast said idiot,leftist,muslim son.

    Alex, I assume you were referring to Edward Vlll. Edward lll was the Black Prince, rather a bloodthirsty medieval English monarch.

    • You misread the post — that was in the block quote from Vlad, and was not written by me. However, I didn’t notice it, and I should have. I’ll let Vlad know.

      [Whoops — I typed this using Dymphna’s computer, which meant I was in drag here for a little while. But now I’ve relabeled myself.]

    • Well, Bessie may not have worked side by side with Churchill – and by all accounts the royals had no trust in him – but she did do her bit by servicing and driving Army trucks that surely assisted in the war effort.

  7. The real problem here is that, for most people, the real history of the Nazis has been lost. The fact that they were “scientific” “progressives” has been lost, the fact that they were Socialists has been lost, and things like the admiration that Sanger had for Hitler has been lost.

    When history is lost like this it tends to repeat itself.

    Is it surprising that it would be lost? Not really because that’s what state run schools do. Anything inconvenient to the state will not be taught in a state run school. Even when a class is called something like “History” or “Political Science”, the subject matter will be watered down in such a way that it at least vaguely matches the name of the class but serves the interests of the state, or at least doesn’t threaten those interests. No state run “political science” class will ever teach political realism, only the state political religion.

    • In my darker moments I sometimes wonder whether people in general, and by extension, societies, ever truly learn from experience. Certainly, it’s overly simplistic to believe that we (humans) don’t *ever* learn, but certain patterns do repeat themselves, again and again….

    • Speaking of missing history, I’ve enjoyed reading Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism”. I believe he develops the intellectual foundations that the European and American progressive/liberals built on and highlights its flowering in Nazism/Communism.

  8. Socialism is a consummate evil when it aids a social class not one’s own. It is the very fulcrum of civilization otherwise.

    • Most of the idiots supporting it don’t seem to understand that in the long term it doesn’t support their own social class. They are being played. They trade their futures for a short term bribe. The process is slow enough that it’s actually the futures of their descendants that they’re trading in, but if one takes the future for granted then it’s hardly surprising that one wouldn’t question things.

  9. I’ve been asking myself this question for the longest time: the history of capitalism is one of raising MILLIONS out of poverty and into decent economic circumstances; the history of socialism is one of mass impoverishment, and yet socialism seems irresistible, not only to intellectuals, to millions of the very people it destroys: WHY?

    • Fear

      Socialism is a very expensive insurance policy that promises big payouts if it all goes wrong. Just don’t read the small print then you won’t have to work out where the money comes from…..

      Socialism removes the responsibility of making life decisions and taking responsibility for them.

      Socialism means jobs for the unproductive, collecting, spending and distributing money stolen from the pockets of the productive.

      Mediocrity made desirable, and a short cut to feudalism……

      • Confused by the assertion that not to embrace HMQ or by entertaining the historical evidence of the royal family’s nazi sympathies makes one a socialist.

    • There’s also the issue that it appeals to some simple ideas and instincts that people have that have evolved in Stone Age environments. For example, a group of 100 nomads can easily solve their internal economic issues in a relatively socialist manner. This is partly because the chief can know everyone personally and easily operate a group command economy.

      Once you get into groups of people that are many orders of magnitude larger, things get much more complex. Cause and effect becomes counterintuitive in many ways where “intuitive” is based on caveman-like notions of how economies work.

      Ideas like “distributing everything equally” seem perfectly reasonable because on some level peoples’ instincts still have them assuming that they’re living in a group of 100 cavemen who don’t need to think in systems theory terms to understand their economic issues.

    • Socialism/Communism appeals to intellectuals and others because of their intellectual vanity because it gives them a grand sweeping mission to complete… a bit like a certain religion whose name I forget.

      This talk with Thomas Sowell (among others) explains it well I think

      Thomas Sowell: A Conflict of Visions.

  10. Socialism is the reversed Midas touch. Everything king Midas touched changed into gold. Everything socialism touches crumbles and withers to nothing.

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