Riots in The Hague

The latest from Schilderswijk, the culturally enriched hot spot in The Hague.

Riots in The Hague
by H. Numan

Funny how we all try to explain the easily explainable. Right after my last post, someone wrote here at the Gates what (very likely) actually happened: the guy was probably drunk, told an Aruban police officer in Papiapento that he was armed. That officer told other officers, and the rest is history. I’m quite convinced this happened, but we certainly haven’t heard the last of it. Lots of people have their own agenda to push. The police need whitewashing. So does the city government. Left wing activists (AFA) grab this chance to create massive riots. Muslim juveniles don’t need that much encouragement, anyway. Especially not during their annual month of nightly binge feeding. Anyway, I was right: AFA was masterminding these riots.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Hague, some more info. The Schilderswijk means ‘Painter’s Area’. All the streets are named after famous 17th-century Dutch painters. It was built at the end of the 19th century, as a lower class housing area. It always has been that, and still is. It was occupied by the lowest-class families in the city; most houses are rented. Some privately, most by the non-profit municipal corporation.

During the ’70s guest laborers (gastarbeider in Dutch) moved in, together with their families. Where they still are today. No longer as guest laborers; now called allochtoon (‘immigrant’ in English; the Dutch themselves are called autochtoon, but you don’t hear that often) when gastarbeider became politically incorrect. Too many people said that the word ‘guest laborer’ implies they should be leaving at some time. Not stay indefinitely. During the ’80s the large parts of the area were extensively renovated. Especially the major thoroughfares. During the ’90s this whole area become predominantly Muslim, with the full support of the government. They build a large kasbah market hall at the start of the Hoefkade. That street is lined with teahouses, some vague import-export agencies and some 18+ shops.

The area has always been notorious for rioting. I’ve been there on duty during the annual New Year’s riots. The locals like to build huge bonfires, without regard for any consequences. When the police told them it was getting out of control and the fire had to be reduced so as not to burn down the surrounding houses, they went wild. The riot squad had to be called in, in order to protect the fire brigade. No agenda here, nothing to do with Muslim juveniles feeling their oats. Ours can behave every bit as badly. Muslim juveniles get especially aggressive during the binge month. Ours usually at New Year’s, having had too much to drink and way too many fireworks. These New Year’s riots happen every year, as far back as I can remember. Don’t know when it started; to me it seemed those folks always celebrated New Year with riots.

However, the situation is now a bit different. Part of the Schilderswijk is under control of fundamentalist Muslims from the As Soenah Mosque. So much so that the term ‘Sharia triangle’ was created. That is a story all in itself. Because it was invented by the politically correct journalist Mr. Perdiep Ramesar, of Hindu ethnicity, for an article in Trouw. Mr. Ramesar was a bit lazy and fantasized this and many other stories. He was tarred and feathered by the whole politically correct circus. I cannot tell you whether his other stories were fantasized; I haven’t read them. But this one was spot on. If only for that reason, he had to be vilified. We can’t have politically correct journalists going politically incorrect. Before you know it, they might start writing for Geert Wilders!

If you use Google Street View to have a look at the area, you’ll notice that the neighborhood is run-down. Many shops are permanently closed, lots of graffiti. It looks derelict. As if people don’t maintain it, which is exactly the case. Not uncommon in many public housing projects, not just this one. It’s a quite a bit worse than similar areas with a Dutch majority, though. You can also see that most houses are less than 30 years old, which makes it even sadder. I myself lived in Scheveningen, in a house that was exactly 100 years old, also in a lower-income area. That area was spic and span! People really took care of their property there.

Actually, it’s a nice contrast: both areas were originally developed at the same time. Both for the same income levels. The Schilderswijk was completely refurbished at enormous cost (to the taxpayer!) in the ’80s, and thirty years later looks derelict. The same area in Scheveningen was planned to be torn down and replaced in the ’90s, but the houses are so well-maintained that they will remain there for at least another fifty years! In the Schilderswijk, the government replaced almost everything. They widened many streets(which is very difficult to do with existing streets) into boulevards, just to create a more favorable impression. In Scheveningen they planned to replace the houses only. Even that won’t be necessary for decades to come.

Back to the riots. Why? I already told you about the reason. An unfortunate accident was used by a left-wing group to push their agenda. It wasn’t that difficult to spark the powder keg. All you need are a few agitators, and half-starved Muslim juveniles with a massive inferiority complex. I’m on a strict diet myself; I know how it feels. I can eat something all day long, just not as much as I would like. Not eating for a whole day can set you on edge. Add to this the unusually high temperatures, add highly unstable juveniles with an inferiority complex, and you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

It’s not a coincidence that we hear news like this every year. We had truly massive riots in France not that long ago. When? In August when the temperatures are the highest there. During Ramadan, of course. Check most European riots caused by Muslims: most of them occur during their binge feed month at the peak of summer.

What is far worse is that nobody seems to understand what is happening ‘behind the scenes’. Read my last item: the municipal authorities permitted shariah vigilantes to enforce law and order! Yes, that is what happened during the last night of rioting. A bunch of fanatical Muslims were allowed to stop the riots, as the police weren’t able to. A bunch of bearded hooligans got permission to tie-rip anyone. I don’t know how many they actually “arrested” but you may assume any number between 50 and 100.

Without as much as a peep from the media or any political party. Reverse the situation: now a bunch of Dutch males do exactly the same, with exactly the same means. Rest assured, all hell would break loose, and the government would definitely go so far as to call in the army to restore order. And now: not a peep. Not even a little one.

Does anyone think they will give away the authority they just got for free? Not here at the Gates, of course. Common sense, however, seems to be completely absent in most Western governments at any level. The public statement of the mayor was telling. He outdid himself with meaningless platitudes, empty phrases and hollow words. He was proud of the Schilderswijk and its inhabitants and he loved the diversity and multicultural profile, was sad about what happened, but we can join all together and overcome these problems.

I read this as the first step of accepting his first real banlieue. The next step will be to downplay anything, as always, fortify the police station, and keep the Schilderswijk out of the media for the coming months. Pretend everything is under control. Since it worked for the last twenty years, why won’t it work this time?

Oh, before I forget: the court convicted the first rioter. A 15-year-old (Muslim) boy, throwing rocks at the police. As he had no previous record he was given 40 hours of community service. That’ll teach him how to behave in the future!

9 thoughts on “Riots in The Hague

  1. The ethnic makeup of urban neighborhoods such as described by H. Numan (there are countless similar ones all across the country) can be further explained by knowing some essential background information and putting this in the right historical context :

    The influx of first generation immigrants, known as “gast arbeiders” (“guest workers”) during the the late sixties and early seventies. An epoch that may well be described as the most prosperous era the Dutch have known since the 17th century “Golden Age”. This was a time of tremendous optimism : There is no war. The standard of living is higher than any previous generation before has ever known or could even imagine. Cars and consumer goods for everyone. The Dutch Guilder is a solid, strong currency, directly coupled to the Deutschmark, and better yet : we got a sheer unlimited supply of it. Literally. Anything goes. There is an unpreceented economical boom going on, and there is virtually NO unemployment. To the contrary ! There was literally a SHORTAGE of workers : more jobs than people to perform those jobs.

    Big business had to look elsewhere to find unskilled personnel, and always looking to minimize costs, took to actively recruit often semi- or illiterate manual laborers in the poverty-stricken, rural areas of Turkey and Morocco, where unemployment soared.

    And so it goes.

    Almost 4 decades later, it is claimed that these “guest workers” were terribly exploited and abused. They allegedly “did the all dirty work, that pompous Dutch themselves didn’t feel like doing”. Some even claim in all seriousness, that we have no one else to thank for Dutch economic boom and prosperity back then, but this first generation of “guest worker” immigrants, many of whom STILL don’t speak the language.

    This widespread myth, and this is really being funneled down our throats relentlessly, is COMPLETE and utter NONSENSE. Sure, the “guest workers” had some pretty lousy jobs : sweeping streets, stapling sheets of steel together, mindless conveyor belt factory kind of work. Tasks one can perform without having to speak the language.

    But they were not “exploited”. To the contrary. They received fair wages for their work, Good wages ! Real good. They made enough to send money home. LOTS of it. Money that hence evaporated and was lost for the Dutch economy. The guest workers were eligible for, and enjoyed Dutch pensions and social benefits that are INFATHOMABLE in their countries of origin. Hell, those benefits are simply unimaginable to anyone in the Netherlands today ! What you could pull off back then is simply unbelievable nowadays.
    (“Hey, I feel a little depressed. I think I got a BURNOUT ! I have to take a sabbatical, no wait, I’ll take TWO YEARS off work.” <—- this is PAID leave, mind you.)

    Mid to late 70's. The socialists are in power. This is a time of (leftist) activism. Democratization. Emancipation. Demonstrations against US foreign policies. "Yankee go home". Women's lib. Breaking down "archaic and paternalistic power structures" such as the (Protestant/Catholic) church. Che Guevara posters in classrooms. Cops and military personnel growing beards and long hair and oh, they don't even have to salute their superiors no more. In almost every school there's that one hippie-ish teacher who was cool, you know ? You could smoke a doobie with him after class. And he'd openly profess to be a "sympathiser" of terrorist groups like RAF and Brigate Rosso.

    This is the kind of environment how I remember it, growing up in Holland as a teen back then.

    Next, the socialist political elite came up with a policy or concept called "gezinshereniging" which translates as "family reunification", enabling "guest workers" to fly in their direct relatives and thus "ruinite their families".

    It wouldn't even surprise me if the air fare for all these "family reunifications" was coughed up by the Dutch tax payer altogether, but that's another story.

    These people ("newcomers" in current PC newspeak) obviously need to have legal status. So let's give them Dutch passports. They need to live somewhere. Subsidize it.
    They can't find jobs because they don't speak the language. Here's your unemployment benefits.


    The Dutch adapted, and actively enforced a policy of that translates as "INTEGRATION WHILE PRESERVING OWN CULTURAL IDENTITY".

    But to accomplish this, MUCH money needs to be handed out in the form of subsidies.

    Thousands, if not tens of thousands of organisations, foundations and other "cultural preservation" groups pop up. Being the recipient of tax-payer funded subsidies SUDDENLY BECOMES A CAREER OPPORTUNITY AND A CALLING TO MANY.

    "We offer headscarf folding courses for islamic women". Here's your money.

    It was commonly believed, that all these "newcomers" would eventually mingle with the indiginious Dutch, and would assimilate over 2 or 3 generations. Like immigrants in the US did.

    This assumption was naive, DEAD WRONG, if not fatal, because it omits ONE VERY CRUCIAL factor in the equasion.

    And that factor is islam.

    3) Birthrates

    Islamic immigrants have many more children than native Dutch.

    • Once upon a time I had a Dutch girl-friend. A very nice girl from Breda
      We separated .
      She is married now to a nice Dutch guy, they are childless
      I am married to a very nice Jewish girl.
      We have four children.
      Whose future is better protected?

      • I cannot say.
        It would probably depend on where you live.

        Personally I am glad my daughter is a US citizen and can escape from this EU madhouse in case that should be necessairy.

  2. The same line is being spun throughout the West: That “immigration is good for us.” And every aspect of our lives contains within it the “immigration is good for us” message in some for or another. If you can’t see it it’s because you can’t see it and not because it’s not there.

    The significant thing though is not what’s said but what’s not said. For whilst the state/media political establishments love to remind us how “immigration is good for us”, they appear curiously reluctant to specify precisely in what way immigration truly is beneficial.

    Whereas they appear happy to share their conclusion, “immigration is good for us,” they seem reluctant to describe the process that led them to that conclusion. I wonder why that should be.

    The statement “immigration is good for us” implies that after having calculated the positives associated with immigration together with its negatives, one is left with a positive. And you’d think that the best way for the “immigration is good for us” school to perusade the doubters would be to explain the cost-benefit analysis they employed in arriving at their conclusion. Yet they don’t.

    In fact they do the exact opposite. They make a determined effort to discourage the question: Precisely what consequences of immigration were considered in the analysis that led to the conclusion, “immigration is good for us”?

    The want us to believe their statement “immigration is good for us” is beyond question, that it is a given, and that only a fool or a racist would doubt it.

    They’re skating on thin ice, surely…

    • “Skating on thin ice”? What ice? They’ve long since fallen thru and Islam is standing on their sinking heads to keep themselves above the water.

      Which UK political party finally admitted that the motive for mass immigration was for the votes they’d bring in? Yet many Brits still vote for these traitors who sold the patrimony of their own citizens?

      Here in the US, many people accept the fact that LBJ pushed his statist welfare programs through Congress (how quaint – he still consulted Congress back then) in order to take the black vote away from the GOP. The latter had historically been the defenders of black Americans, but that changed with LBJ’s give-aways. There are lots of apocryphal sayings attributed to LBJ re what his “War onj Poverty” programs would do to the black vote. Only LBJ said “nigger”, not “black” and not “Negro”. Here’s a good place to read up on that part of our history:

      This one is pure Lyndon B, filtered now by political correctness:

      Another famous example is cited in “Lone Star Rising: Lyndon Johnson and His Times, 1908-1960“, by Robert Dallek. Johnson defended the Supreme Court appointment of the famous Thurgood Marshall, rather than a black judge less identified with the civil rights cause, by saying to a staff member, “Son, when I appoint a n—–r to the court, I want everyone to know he’s a n—–r.”

      Notice how we’re not permitted to use the actual words a person said. P.C. demands have replaced historical rigor. And if those foolish people think “n—-r” is somehow less offensive than “nigger” then they haven’t heard black people talk about it. They make fun of the p.c. cowards. Or at least some do. Others claim that only black people can use the word. I won’t be held to their soviet standards. When the word appears in a historical document, I’ll quote it, along with other terms like hebes, kikes, micks, and so on. Revision of history is a very Alinksy-ite behavior. It’s one of the signs you’re stuck in the briarpatch of a soviet culture.

  3. I don’t know about that. Western elites remain the elites. Their heads are above the water still.

    That said, their situation is indeed dire: After having put the maintenance of their position above the duties of that position they now find themselves dependant both on the enemy and on a lie. That’s what I meant by ‘skating on thin ice’.

    • The above was meant to be a reply to Dymphna – don’t know why it sits there. Musta presses a wrong button.

  4. Of course immigration is always beneficial. That’s why those monocultures in the Far East have done so poorly in recent decades. You know: Japan, China, South Korea…

    • The political elites in North-Western European countries claim we “NEED” more immigrants. That there is no other way. The magical remedy for all our economical troubles is MORE immigrants, and nopthing else. Possible alternatives or other options are never explored.

      One thing politicians are concerned with, is the question

      “Who is going to pay for our pensions ?”

      The welfare states in North-Western European countries are being dismantled rapidly and systematically. We’re out of money.

      European politicians are in the process of creating an new underclass.
      The “unemployed, yet working full time” masses. Technically unemployed, but having jobs. They are being put to work, forced if need be, but they don’t bring home a paycheck. They receive unemployment benefits instead. At approximately half of the minimum wage, that’s just enough to not starve and still be able to work.

      It’s a double edge.

      One hand, this is very interesting news to employers, who are now able to circumvent all kinds of laws designed to protect workers, and do so eagerly. Plus, free labor. An unlimited supply of personnel who are stripped off their rights and don’t even have to be paid a salary.
      Municipalities (that increasingly operate as commercial entities in this day and age of budget cuts) balance their budgets by forcing the unemployed to perform tasks like sweeping streets and cleaning parks.

      On the other hand, it’s every governments dream to have a relatively large segment of the population being completely dependent on the government in the form of welfare benefits.

      But the babyboomer generation is beginning to feel the heat. They’re not about to sweep the streets for no pay.

      The babyboomers get all of the perks of the good times and none of the bad times. They went through two economical recessions unscathed, and always got all the breaks. This is the unique generation that is both better off than any generation before them, and better off than the ones that came after them. They typically lean towards the left of the political spectrum. They live healthier, more vital and longer lives than any senior generation did before them. This is the age group that is now becoming elegible for state pensions. (Although I’m inclined to believe that most of them are financially secure and have money in the bank)

      There are many of them. Millions.

      This is phenomenon is called “vergrijzing” in Dutch language. A word that would translate as “greying” or “the condition of becoming increasingly more grey”.

      This “greying” of the population is a HUGE problem, and we could have seen it coming for decades.

      The productive segment of the Dutch population shrinks, while the non-productive segment increases drastically. In other words : fewer people with jobs are paying taxes, have to support a larger, ever growing group of people that completely rely on pensions or other forms of social benefits.

      So “who will pay for our pensions ?”

      Well, the answer is simple : immigrants will !

      You can probably guess the kind of countries these immigrants will be coming from.

      This simplistic model assumes that all of these immigrants will somehow magically find jobs and pay taxes.
      Wishful thinking perhaps, but questionable to say the least.

      In spite of European governments systematically trying to manipulate , obfuscate or otherwise whitewash the available data, statistics clearly show that immigrants from muslim countries are already VASTLY overrepresented in the welfare system. And this holds true for every European country that has both a welfare sustem, and substantial numbers of muslim immigrants.

      It is probably no coincedence that countries with the most generous welfare systems (the Scandinavian countries, the UK., Germany and the Netherlands) are favorite destinations for islamic immigrants.

      A Somali “asylum seeker” (often wrongly described as “refugee”) costs the Dutch tax payer 36000 euros per year. Almost 3 times as much as a Dutch recipient of basic old age pension would cost…Boy, that’s ironic.

      The EU propaganda machine is in full swing and is working overtime.

      They will keep repeating the “EU NEEDS MORE IMMIGRANTS” mantra until you understand. Resistance is futile.

      500,000 Africans and islamic “refugees” are impatiently ratttling at the gates. Per YEAR, that is. Not once, but every year from now on.

      They can’t WAIT to pay for YOUR pensions, to solve our economical problems, and to enrich you culturally.

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