Put Out More Flags

With all the recent brouhaha over the Confederate flag, Dukes of Hazzard, etc., I think it’s time to dust off another flag here in the Old Dominion.

Maybe we should fly it above Old Glory:

Remember: Until 1865, this was The Sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia.

Just sayin’…

10 thoughts on “Put Out More Flags

  1. Of course there is the Bear Republic. California was admitted as a sovereign country. We’ve had to remind Washington D.C. of this periodically. Now, however it does no good as the leaders of both countries are bed mates, at least one would assume from their pronouncements.

  2. Over here in Britain we quite often see the Union Flag flown upside down – usually by mistake. Although, again, to fly it upside down is a sign of distress, so perhaps …… ?

  3. Seems to me that with any federalist system it is always the ‘big boys’ that in the end get to control the situation through centralization of government. And one must consider, that only 50 years ago the dictator that Obama has become would not have been possible because too many Americans living within those states in what were once colonies or self proclaimed countries, would not have allowed to occur due to their ‘news’ services reporting such shenanigans. But such is the system of federal indoctrination that now passes for ‘education’ – that has also led to the university styled socialist propagandists who now pass for ‘journalists’ – some Americans do not even recall why the American Revolution was fought, or even who or what it was fought against!

    Like charity, education must of necessity begin at home, so let the flag fly!

  4. What a peculiar image on this flag. Here is a bigger version:

    An Amazon in a skirt, who is holding who-knows-what in
    her left hand, rests here foot on the hip of female(?) beachgoer,
    who look up lovingly(?) at her companion. And what is
    that drone-like object floating in the air to the right of
    the recumbent woman’s head? The lettering too looks
    amateurish and ill-spaced.

    Here is a more classical version:
    The bonnet wearer is of indeterminate sex (let’s
    call him Caitlyn) and has undergone surgery
    that has grossly mislocated his/her left breast.
    Held in the left arm is what looks like an
    ancient Greek RPG.

    • salacious to say the least. I will stick with my bear. that way I can the bear essentials of liberty.

    • Just my 50 Cents.
      Since the state is called Virginia, the depicted female could well be the virgin goddes Athena herself (goddes of wisdom and war, and she was of course the most important greek goddes of the Athenian democracy).

      • I think you will find Virginia named in honour of Queen Elizabeth I – who was known as the Virgin Queen.

        Of course, Virginia was the home state of Robert E.Lee – the only man in history to be offered command of opposing armies.

        A curiosity from history alleges that a beautiful maiden by the name of Virginia was desired by Appius Claudius Crassus (one of the Decemvirs) and that she was only saved from his advances by being murdered by her own father L. Virginius. Some parallel may be seen here in the absorption of the Sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia into the United States of America.

  5. And, of course, we all know that originally Virginia claimed a northern boundary line that ran northwest (at least that’s how I got it), in which case, had that been maintained, not only a big bunch of states but a goodly portion of Canada would all be Virginia….

  6. A day late, but we Canadians celebrated big time yesterday through umpteen time zones and so many crazy variations of weather but many Canadians were so thrilled and happy to live in a country that under a great Conservative Prime Minister Harper who has led us steadfastly through the economic trials of other countries. Our simple flag, fifty years old this year, a red maple leaf on a white background, fought by many at the time, has become part of being a Canadian. WW2 soldiers fought under the Union Jack. This Canadian flag is ours, only 50 years old but carries with it our 148 years as one of the longest and most stable constitutional monarchies in the world the world. But Canada is our own country, we just like the Pomp, as witness the celebrations on Parliament Hill yesterday. We know our history and we have fought with the UK, US, Aus NZ and are proud of all of it. I wish all of you a Happy Independence Day, a Happy 4th of July, I hope you remember that we have always been as one, will not mention war of 1812, ha ha.

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