Paul Weston: “Long Live Western Civilization”

Last Saturday the annual Mosbjerg Folkefest took place in Alken, Jutland. Some of the proceedings for this year’s event were in English, and included non-Danish speakers. Below is a speech given by Paul Weston for the occasion, after an introduction by Erik Troldhuus.

Many thanks to Henrik Ræder Clausen for recording this video, and to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading it:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

6 thoughts on “Paul Weston: “Long Live Western Civilization”

  1. Yegads, no sound for anything I want to hear again on your website. Couldn’t get any sound for Pat Con dell on another site. If I didn’t know better…….

    • I had no problem with either this video (the sound was actually very good) or the Condell video. The problem must exist on your end; check the volume control of the embedded video player, I’ve been tripped up by this before. Hope you resolve this problem as both of these are well worth it.

        • God job Henrik . I heard it very well.

          Good speech, and his point about us being called racist and the lefties trying to destroy our history and our heritage also is what is happening in the USA over the use of the Confederate on the graves of Confederates.

          Today the demoncrats voted to not allow ANY Confederate flags in any NATIONAL Cemeteries…not even if family member wants to put one on his relative’s grave.

          The whole house has to vote on it yet.

          I already called my GOP Representative on this. NO way I said. However, the GOP being the wimpy creeps they , they will probably FURTHER vote to pull all the Confederates OUT of the ground and toss them to dogs.

          Fortunately , my Confederate ancestors are in private , family or among the Confederate UNKNOWNS at a cemetery in a Southern city.

          • Someday we will wake up and realize that the GOP is not in the main wimpy; some are, of course.
            But the majority of them are men who have placed their fingers in the air and determined that the wind blows left, and they will follow it because they are at best hollow. Feathers float with the breeze.
            This abiding sense that Republicans are merely feckless obscures the harsher truth that they are venal.

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