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News of Hate Not Hope’s little treatise has now made its way into The Bradford Telegraph and Argus. The esteemed Imran Hussain makes another appearance there, calling for the full force of the law to be brought against Gates of Vienna.

Well, I can tell the CPS something to save them a lot of time and money: “No, this website’s owners are not breaching the law. They are in full compliance with the law of the land that holds jurisdiction over them. This website is protected by the First Amendment of the United States of America, which guarantees our God-given right to publish what we wish. This same right is acknowledged as one of our Ancient Liberties under English Common Law — which has fallen into sad neglect in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“So stick that in your hookah and smoke it.”

Apparently these bozos still haven’t noticed that we are not in fact subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. How reliable can the rest of their “research” be?

Bradford MP calls for action against far right website which he fears offers ‘blueprint for civil war’

BRADFORD East MP Imran Hussain is calling for action to be taken against a far right website which he claims offers a blueprint for civil war.

The Gates of Vienna website has posted a series of articles which Mr Hussain claims encourage the establishment of paramilitary groups, bomb manuals, advice on avoiding police capture and techniques to survive police interrogation.

Now he has joined forces with fellow Labour MPs Ian Austin, Ruth Smeeth, Paula Sherriff, Wes Streeting and John Cryer to write to the director of public prosecutions (DPP) Alison Saunders.

The letter asks for her to consider if the site’s owners are breaching the law.

The MPs have reacted to a new report, called the Muhammad Cartoons by Nick Lowles, from Hope Not Hate’s chief executive, a group which seeks to challenge and defeat the politics of hate and extremism within local communities.

The Gates of Vienna has also been promoting an upcoming exhibition of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in London.

The Muhammad cartoons event will take place in London in September 18 and has been organised by former Ukip candidate Anne-Marie Waters.

It will be attended by far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who took part in a previous exhibition of the same cartoons in Texas in May where two gunmen attempted to storm the events and were killed by police.

Mr Hussain has called for Ms Saunders to investigate the website and take action if anyone involved is deemed to be promoting terrorism or civil disorder.

He said: “This website contains a serious of articles by El Ingles, a pseudonym for a British ‘counter-jihadist’, which outline a blueprint for civil war.

“The articles encourage the establishment of paramilitary groups, bomb manuals, advice on avoiding police capture and techniques to survive police interrogation.

“The Hope Not Hate report claims that El Ingles is part of group of people who think Islam is an expansionist ideology which poses an existential threat to the West. They believe there is no difference between moderate or hardline followers of Islam.

“Some ‘counter-jihadists’ believe the only answer is the mass deportation or removal of Muslims from Europe. They believe that this will only happen through civil war and the ‘genocide’ of Muslims.

“It is clear that these are the ideas that inspired Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik and as such it is deeply troubling that they are available to inspire others.”

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said: “We do not have a record of having received this letter but if we do we will, of course, respond in due course.”

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

27 thoughts on “Now We’re in the Local Paper

  1. There must be in an alternative negative-matter universe somewhere for losers who accuse your site of planning a civil war in the UK…. I mean this is so stupid it is like a bad, poorly planned out JOKE!

    I do think you should consider a lawsuit against those “people” who accuse you of stuff you do not do and never did.

    Civil War indeed! Ridiculous !

    And you are not even an American civil war re-enactor.

  2. They know very well you are in the US. This is aimed at home consumption so they can root out what is left of the Internet bloggers who criticise the new Order. WE knew this was coming.

  3. “They believe there is no difference between moderate or hardline followers of Islam.”

    Wait, wait, wait…. I’m still confused by this. Is it the “hardline” followers of Islam who are the problem or the “moderate” followers of Islam?

    I mean we are repeatedly told that the violent types have hijacked a peaceful religion. So it must be the “moderates” that are the problem then, yes? Because if they were real fundamentalist “hardliners” then they would be as completely peaceful as the Religion of Peace so obviously is in its true, fundamentalist or “hardline” form. They would be those who live most truly in accord with its true peaceful teachings – if the teachings really are peaceful, which these nice people assure us is the case.

    Moreover it is stated that ALL are followers of Islam. That’s very gracious, as to a “hardline” religous person like myself (a Christian this time) anyone who isn’t a “hardliner” faces the real possibility of the charge of hypocrisy – you know, as a Christian we are instructed and given the example of forgiving & praying for our enemies, doing good to all without discriminating based on race, sex, religion etc., refraining from violence, bearing false witness, theft, sexual immorality – the central Person in my religion has some very very grave things to say about such people at their final analysis.

    If someone calls himself a Christian yet engages in all the bad stuff is that person really a “hardline” Christian? Or are they hypocrites (which is another way of saying “not very serious about living out their faith” AKA a “moderate”)? Disobedience can’t possibly mean they are “hardliners” can it? So does that make ME a moderate or a hardliner?

    Surely I am a hardline follower of a moderate Faith. Wouldn’t that seem to make the best sense of things? So being a hardliner is good if the Faith is good & pacific, yes? Therefore simply being a “hardliner” means nothing unless we can accurately define the Faith in question.

    But we’re told “hardliners” aren’t following the true Islam because they tend to intolerance and violence. How can that possibly be so if Islam is a religion of peace? It just doesn’t make any sense. Obviously we non-Muslims need to join together with “hardline” Muslims to root out the “moderates” who are causing all the trouble by not following the true peaceful teachings of Islam. Nothing could be clearer.

    Unless of course the true teachings of Islam are not really peaceful.

  4. I really do give up. It’s no use responding to these genetically damaged cretins any more, or to the grovelling, morally and intellectually challenged government sycophants that prostrate themselves before their new master’s in the hope that they will be spared.
    Anarch’s legions of the brain dead are beyond redemption or salvation.

    • P.S. This is Bradford, by the way, a.k.a. Islamabad West, or the foetid sinkhole of England. Mind you, Rotherham and Tower Hamlets are running it a close second.

      Well, Allah kareem, for as long their benefits funded, multiple enslaved breeding units and their sickly, indoctrinated offspring will be tolerated.

      Then, it’s going to be [redacted]. With any luck. It’s all in the hand of the Gods now.

    • You Mu$t never overlook the influence of A-rab $audi Money in all THI$ ME$$.
      NONE of thi$ would ever have $tarted, much le$$ got to the pre$ent $tate of affair$ minu$ the huge influx of ca$h for $ubver$ion that began around the year 1973 and the $hah’s oil embargo. (Worked will for him, didn’t it?)
      They are actually $crewing the We$t with our own ca$h–extorted by the high oil price$.

  5. This is Great Britain, which fought to defeat tyranny in World War II.

    Why would anyone living here *need* to find out how to “survive police interrogation”?

    And why do these radical leftists believe that a state ought to have the power to “interrogate” citizens in ways that go beyond waterboarding, beyond beatings and beyond outright torture, and result in the actual death of that citizen?

    • NOW, we trust the poah-lice?
      …Even the muzzie coppers with their burkah “uniforms”??
      ….Enforcing THESE “laws”?

      What are you………………………nuts?

    • We didn’t fight tyranny. We fought so the British establishment could keep a bigger empire than Germany. Britain lost its empire anyway through the financial burden and the US became planetary No1.

      • Hmmm… My parents fought that war. Maybe they were ll-informed about the reasons, but that’s decidedly not the impression I got from our conversations on the subject.

  6. “Now he [Imran Hussain] has joined forces with fellow Labour MPs Ian Austin, Ruth Smeeth, Paula Sherriff, Wes Streeting and John Cryer to write to the director of public prosecutions (DPP) Alison Saunders.”

    Is it too much to hope that the non-Muslims whom Hussain has appealed to join forces with him will not believe his charges against GOV until he provides proof for his allegations? Such allegations as, for example, that
    blogger El Inglés has published articles at GOV which “encourage the establishment of paramilitary groups, bomb manuals, advice on avoiding police capture and techniques to survive police interrogation”; or that “[s] ome ‘counter-jihadists’ believe the only answer is the mass deportation [which the believe] will only happen through civil war and the ‘genocide’ of Muslims.”

    • Lefties are in general pretty dumb and self deluding and tend to believe that they are in the majority so it will not have crossed their tiny minds that their focus on GoV may encourage others to check out GoV for themselves. No publicity is bad publicity.

  7. We should have never let them sail back to England after we beat them in 1776 and 1812.

    • Is anybody able to enlighten me as to the name of the bizarre ritual depicted in the video? Bare-chested, self-slapping chanting. Is it specifically Pakistani or more broadly Islamic?

      • I only watched the first few seconds, but it seems to be a Shia Ashura ritual, commemorating the death of the prophet’s son-in-law Ali. Eventually they will flail themselves bloody with sharp metal strips.

        • It was over 10 years ago so please excuse my fuzzy memory. However, there were 2 brothers that lived in Bagdad that used to blog about the war and society, ect. I think they were dentists but, if not dentists some kind of medical professional.
          Anyway, one of them decided to go south to report on the Shia Ashura ritual. Thousands of men parading in the streets slapping themselves with chains. But… he said that most of the chains were plastic!
          Does anyone remember the name of their blog?

          • No, I don’t recall this one at all!

            I do remember a Syrian duo, drafted military, who wrote witty excoriations of their country’s politics. Painfully witty.The blog went dormant…were they caught? Did they suddenly decide that their existence wasn’t worth the small chance to be heard? etc.

            I thought they were brave even to try. The whole enterprise was so eeriely Kafkaesque that I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t an intellectual allegory. They may be still on our blogroll, but maybe not. Perhaps when we had volunteers who cleaned up the dormant ones I forgot to ask them to keep those fellows.

            That is what modern samizdat will look like for a while -until technology guarantees instant discovery. For example in England, people may move from one IP address to another sending out the real deal instead of government news.Wasn’t there once an off-shore illegal radio station that broadcast into England in the 70s or so??

          • Hi Dymphna (below). “Pirate” offshore stations such as Radio Caroline were trying to go one better (in terms of coverage) than (English language) Radio Luxembourg, ie broadcasting the “pops” without the restrictions on “needle time” imposed on the BBC by the Musicians’ Union- who, to be fair, were trying to protect their members’ livelihoods.

        • Thank you. One only needs to watch the first few seconds as its all the same. Something in the recesses of my memory told me “Shia”, but I dismissed that because the Pakistanis are all Sunni.

  8. Mr Hussain said: “They believe there is no difference between moderate or hardline followers of Islam. … Some ‘counter-jihadists’ believe the only answer is …”

    We so-called “counter-jihadists” KNOW the difference between “moderate” and “hardline followers of Islam”: We know that the hardliners will–BY DEFINITION–impose their hard line, which is what? In a sentence:

    THE most strict observance of rules regarding sex-relations.

    That is IT in a nutshell.

    You can flush down the toilet all “progress” between the sexes.

    That means full-fledged patriarchy. Male dominance. Non-negotiable.

    Oh, we do see a difference between moderate or hardline followers of Islam.

    It is the difference between “and” and “or” with respect to followers of Islam: There is no you and I; it is you OR I.

  9. The irony. A person who follows the belief system of a person who “married” a child, killed countless people and set up a belief system that encourages a level of intolerance beyond compare has the hypocritical stupidity to throw accusations at others?

  10. For the Bradford MP to call telling the truth about the Muslim “Civilizational Jihad” strategy a “blueprint for civil war” only means he wants us Kuffar to march to the Islamic chopping blocks quietly. Any entity who tries to awaken the target society must be silenced. That’s GoV!

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