Islam Critics vs. “Anti-Racists” on the Streets of Melbourne

Anti-Islam demonstrators from Reclaim Australia and other groups who took to the streets of Melbourne today were greeted by “anti-racist” counter-demonstrators. Based on footage from the scene, the fighting got pretty vicious, and the police used pepper spray vigorously against the crowd.

See Vlad’s place for all the videos.

Below are excerpts from a 9News article about the day’s events:

Melbourne streets shut down as conflicting protests clash outside state parliament

More than 400 police officers were called to control violence that erupted in the Melbourne CBD today as anti-racism and anti-Islam groups clashed outside Parliament House.

The steps and streets around state parliament were blocked and police lines attempted to divide groups from the Coalition Against Racism and Fascism, and the extreme right-wing, anti-Islam Reclaim Australia.

Numbers grew as members of a splinter group known as the United Patriots Front joined their extreme right-wing allies.

Capsicum spray and the Victoria Police mounted brigade were deployed as aggressive protesters tried to breach police lines.

“From a policing point of view, we can’t see the difference between the two sides,” Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said.

Reclaim Australia protesters have been seen carrying signs saying “patriotism is not racism” and “stop non-white immigration”.

Coalition Against Racism and Fascism spokeswoman Vashti Kenway said anti-racism groups were mobilising to send a message that their rivals’ views were not acceptable.

“The clear message is that Melburnians aren’t going to stand for the kind of far right racist, sexist, homophobic attitudes that have really been embodied in both the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia, and that we’re prepared to take a stand in the city, that we’re prepared to say Melbourne is not the place for those kinds of attitudes,” she said.

Police were hindered by a number of violent protesters who used facial coverings to disguise their identity.

“It’s an indication that you’re not there to peacefully protest you are there to cause violence,” Deputy Premier James Merlino said.

20 thoughts on “Islam Critics vs. “Anti-Racists” on the Streets of Melbourne

  1. It’s pretty obvious where the author of that news article stands since they only quoted the radical leftist spokesperson.

    This violates journalistic ethics, yet these days it’s normal because there are no journalistic ethics, only the desire to produce propaganda that suggests the “correct” belief.

    • In Victoria, Nimrod, that kind of ‘reporting’ is par the course of accepted ‘journalism’ within Australia’s most red state.

      And for the info of those who may happen to read this comment, 69% of all media outlets within Australia are center or far left, depending on one’s assessment, but the remaining 31% of the media not tainted by the collectivist brush garners over 70% of the viewing, reading, listening public!

      Now that is food for thought!

  2. FIGHT AGAINST ISLAMIC and THIRD WORLD people ! Because they will change AUSTRALIA into ISLAMIC / third world….. It’s REALITY!!!!! Same with AMERICA between MEXICO , AFRICA and ASIA because they change some in AMERICA as I witness !!!!!!!!!! There NOT RACISM !!!!! Just REALITY!!!!!

  3. Just nearly choked on my breakfast. “aren’t going to stand for the kind of far right racist, sexist, homophobic attitudes that have really been embodied in both the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia”; from someone in favour of Islam? She escape from a lunatic asylum?

    • Last week I drove past a billboard telling me that “Muhammad believed in Peace, Human Rights, Womens Rights [sic]” — so that means Islam is firmly against racism and sexism and homophobia, right? It must be.

  4. “views were not acceptable.” Not acceptable to whom?

    Typical leftist totalitarianism.

  5. So Australians are only allowed to ‘think’ according to one politico-religious meme, and the media goes along with it. Is this not fascism?

    We have been taught to think, even brainwashed into thinking, that fascism is the very opposite of communism/socialism. However I would posit that communism is a subset of fascism, as is Nazism. Think about it……

    Fascism was/is about getting everyone ‘pulling in the same (political) direction’ under the absolute direction of an elite of ‘wise men’, in order to achieve a peaceful unity within the nation or group of nations. Communism/Socialism and Nazism are both fascism with flavours…..

    ‘Racism’ or ‘class-ism’, take your choice!

  6. And WHO is wielding the pepper spray?
    And WHO is shutting up free speech thereby?
    And WHO is thus attacking the citizenry these days?
    And WHO supports the Fascists?

    Our Officer Friendly has turned into Mr. Jackbooted Thug–damn near EVERYWHERE in the “western world” –almost overnight.
    Are ya happy?
    Do you “feel safe”??

    Just asking.

    • Good comment in my opinion.
      Times have changed, and while fascism has been a dirty word for a long time now, is it really so bad in today’s reality?
      As I see it fascism=nationalism, and given the absolute chaos being caused throughout the western world by misguided multiculturalists and other leftist/Marxist thugs, is it so bad to long for the return of our once peaceful, progressive, safe countries of 50-60 years ago? Where a lone woman could walk down a street without being accosted, beaten or raped–or worse, beheaded?

      Curious, that while armies have been decimated, police have been strengthened, and as you say, Flintlock, they are now our enemy–in every western country they will defend the rabble, particularly muslims, while coming down hard on us. Perhaps once great Britain is the worst example of this, where Paul Weston was actually arrested for quoting Churchill.

      Facetiously, I ask why?

      • Fascism isn’t Nationalism. A fascist would sware allegiance to a specific regime whereas a nationalist would sware allegiance to their country.

        As for “fascist” police dealing with violent protesters appropriately, that isn’t fascism it’s just law enforcement. Criminals will make any accusation to avoid their punishment, including “fascism”. Truly fascist police would use violence against the non-violent simply speaking their minds.

        Of course you also have people claiming to be “non violent” when they do things like block roads, but that’s BS. These tactics are still violent because they deny passage and service to people and can result in death (such as the case of an ambulance).

        Don’t confuse fascism with honest law enforcement. What we need is honest impartial law enforcement that protects the rights of the innocent while punishing those that violate the rights of others, not “space to destroy” for special politically favored groups as in Baltimore. The latter has more to do with fascism since a political group is allowed to violate the rights of others on behalf of a regime instead of ordering the police to do so directly.

        In other words the political violence in this latter case is carried out not by the police directly but by the police being ordered not to prevent it.

  7. Is there any doubt that it is our leaders who must be changed? In the UK, from what I can glean, the police have “gotten the word” from the top, so even though some may sympathize with Tommy Robinson, the “brass” will imprison and harass him forever.

    In the US, it is clear that the police are under siege, and the federal agencies will be happy to stand back and allow mob justice and selected assassinations of police officers to maintain their campaign against “white privilege.” Now and then, a federally led internal investigation of some locality to transform its police force into an efficient and docile thought police. I know of no one who believes that the cops here have suddenly gone rogue en masse. I cannot imagine being a police officer in Baltimore or Dennison and not looking for a way to get me and my family away from the job and the place.

    What i don’t know is how we can change any of it without cleaning out at the top. And are there even enough thinking voters left to start the process?

    • The attacks on the police are nothing more than an effort to facilitate political violence. If a Marxist wants to kill anti-Marxists, you can either 1) order the police to kill anti-Marxists or 2) order the police to allow civilian Marxists to kill anti-Marxists, but not the other way around.

      This is what is going on when you have law enforcement double standards, though “kill” might be replaced with destruction of property depending on what degree of barbarity a regime is willing to accept.

    • It does need to be done but it will not be achieved by voters. If voting changed anything, they would have abolished it already.

  8. In the 70s and 80s, after morphing into and stabilizing in Yuppie conformity (not without some nagging tensions and accusations of “selling out”), the Counter-Culture movement is undergoing a slow, but sure tectonic paradigm shift: the new Protestors against the System are the Counter-Jihad.

    Ironically, the “anti-fascist” and “anti-racist” Counter-Demonstrators that come out in force in these various events (mostly in Europe, UK, and Australia) are themselves heirs to, and descendants of, the Counter-Culture of the 60s: They should be on OUR side, against Islam! But, because they perceive Muslims to be Brown People, their anxious concern to avoid “racism” trumps all other liberal values. And so, the Soft Wing of their Counter-Protest ethos reflects a transformation into Defenders of the Mainstream Status Quo paradigm of PC MC — meanwhile, the Hard Wing represent the darker heirs to, and descendants of, the thuggish Brown Shirts of Nazi yore, routinely deploying disinformation projection tactics to accuse the Counter-Jihad of “fascism” and “neo-Nazism” which, to those with eyes to see, are transparently Orwellian charges.

    • Absolutely right. As part of the 60’s counter culture, I have seen it corrupted into a New Fascism by communists and leftists.

  9. All Islamic immigration to the West must be stopped. These are not immigrants; these are invaders. They are coming for conquest not immersion. They are going to teach a better way and turn us into a Third World hell hole.

    A spider spins the same web wherever he goes.

  10. Beware the Evil axis of the Left and Islam. The Left is using the Islamo-Nazis as their storm troopers to destroy the Judeo/Christian foundation that Western civilization.

    Islam means submission. It is the antithesis of everything America stands for. There is no place for Islam in America. It is a de facto enemy of everything America stands for.

    • How many in the West belong to this “Left” who are evil and actively trying to destroy the West? I’m interested in your educated guess on the numbers.

      • How many support gay marriage?

        They don’t have to intend to destroy anything as long as whatever they’re doing ends up having that effect. Gay marriage won’t destroy society by itself, but the same people who go for that in an unquestioning manner will also do other things to undermine the cultural fabric in other ways. The cultural fabric can’t take unlimited arbitrary changes without collapsing. There are hard physical limits on what is survivable and what isn’t. If nothing else there is population sustainability, which can be either too high or too low. Other damage might result in reduced productivity and increased violence due to depression and confusion about what any individual person is supposed to do or not do to make society work.

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