Islam Belongs to Germany, and Tomorrow Belongs to… Turkey

Angela Merkel lets the German people know that there will be no backing down from the Islamization of Modern Multicultural Germany.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating this clip, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   As our former President Christian Wulff said: “Islam belongs to Germany”,
00:04   and that’s how it is, I agree with him.
00:08   And therefore we do everything possible
00:12   to achieve integration. Merkel honoured Turkey’s fight against terrorism
00:16   while the German intelligence services complain that too many German Jihadis
00:20   travel to Syria via Turkey. The (Turkish) Chief Minister’s reaction
00:24   is outrage: Turkey has done everything against terrorism
00:28   in Afghanistan and in the whole world. And we
00:32   don’t accept that we are being accused here.

21 thoughts on “Islam Belongs to Germany, and Tomorrow Belongs to… Turkey

  1. What they really mean is not that Islam belongs in Germany but that neo-Marxism belongs in Germany just as it did under National Socialism.

    It’s pretty obvious at this point, especially with comments like that the goal is to achieve some sort of uniformity between EU states so that a superstate can be formed. The Marxist philosophers seem to think that the thesis-antithesis-synthesis pattern will be followed and all of the member states will achieve some sort of Marxist synthesis that replaces local identity with “EU” identity.

    Like most people here, it seems more likely to me that they’re going to end up fracturing and destabilizing individual countries. And, without any EU military to swoop in and save they day, who is going to take advantage of that destabilization?

    It’s difficult to know if there is a well-meaning but flawed plan at work, or an outright evil but flawed plan at work. Either way it seems like the plan is flawed and is unlikely to work out in the desired manner.

    • Why is it difficult to know if there is an evil plan in this all along?

      Please keep in mind that the current NWO would have not come about if it was not for the those ‘ex-Nazis’ that brought about the Bilderberg group which has given rise to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund etc, etc.

      • Primarily because evil people due to arrogance and delusion often think they’re doing something righteous. Objectively someone is doing evil here, but it’s hard to tell if they subjectively believe they’re doing evil.

  2. My hubby tells me that Germany should have been left a smoking hole after WWII. And never allowed to re-build. It should have been turned into a LARGE national park where all the animals are kept in cages. Harsh? I used to think so but now, not so sure they were worth “redeeming”.

    So, he says to me every time Merkle or Germany is mentioned in the news: ” SEE I told you THOSE Germans are always up to no good!”

    And about Greece … “oh my heavens, he says they brought it on themselves BUT Germany helped them to do just that. The Germans SET a trap for the Greeks !”

    So when I read to him about Merkle and muslims and Turks… he says, “Well could NOT happen to a MORE deserving people. THEY BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES BY BEING SO DA–ED GREEDY “.

    • I agree about the Greece part. The “EU” knows that Greece will never balance it books and that every time they need a bailout they will be forced to give up more and more sovereignty until they have less autonomy than Guam does.

      The thing is though that they can’t get this to happen at the same rate in every country, so it seems that other countries may get wise to the plan by observing Greece and whoever is next. The real question is, will the governments of member states even care or will they be happy to play along?

      • As a British native I would refer you to the comment posted by my esteemed colleague “Themaninthepub”, outlined below:

      • The problem with Britain is its overvaluation of its pound as its system of money. If the overvaluation had not occurred, then perhaps your wildest dreams would have taken place years ago.

        Britain, like Europe, is just a step away from financial catastrophe.

    • A government isn’t a people.

      The German government no more represents will of the German people than the ‘UK’ government represents the will of the British people – or indeed than the ‘US’ government represents the will of the American people.

      A truly representative Government must always act in the long term interest of the people it purports to represents – anything else and it has to be representing someone other than its electorate.

      The German government is doing more or less what every other leading Western nation is doing – leading its people to destruction. Just as it would be a mistake to believe that the American government is the voice of the American people, so it is a mistake to believe that Angela Merkel is the true voice of germany.

  3. What do you expect from a frau who graduated Karl Marx University, Leipzig? Democracy? Nationalism? Nein!

  4. And the oh-so-sincere denunciation of any attacks that dare be made on the openness and integrity of Turkey’s commitment to stopping terrorism is really really convincing – not.

    Wait do we expect from the Turks? They’ve yet to acknowledge the Armenian (and Greek & Asyrian & Chaldean) Genocide. Can’t rush ’em though, its only been a hundred years… I’m sure it’s coming.

    In the meantime we’ll all just keep playing pretend.

    • I believe that our long term aim must be the reconquest of Constantinople. Islamic Istambul was Christian Constantinople before it was sacked by the Turks. Why is this injustice allowed to stand? Imagine the outcry if the tables were turned – we’d never hear the end of it from the lefties and their cohorts.

  5. I think the syntax of “Islam Belongs to Germany,” is all wrong. Shouldn’t the headline read: “Germany belongs to Islam”? Doesn’t that better sum up the Merkel doctrine? Isn’t that a more incisive way of Merkel announcing, “Islam owns us”?

    • Like all the other Western politicians from countries where Muslim colonies dominating their major cities, Merkel is acknowledging the Muslim threat by attempting to pacify it. David Cameron is another – after every atrocity he repeats the mantra “Islam is a religion of peace.” Who’s he trying to convince, us, himself, or the Muslims? All three I guess, but mostly the Muslims.

      • You cannot pacify a bully. They only see it as weakness and increase their violence as this works. To keep the peace – prepare for war.

      • Interesting that Islam and Nazism formed a lasting relationship from Hitler’s meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – whateverhisnamewas – so really is it any wonder why Merkel has a hankering for everything Islam, of course with a Germanic flavor!

        Has there been a more advertised Traitor throughout history than Merkel?

      • I agree. It almost seems like the takfiri Grand Mufti Cameron and takfiri Grand Mufti Obama are trying to issue fatwas to the domestic Muslims telling them that they must follow the entirely peaceful example of the gentle lamb-petting prophet Mohammad and his peaceful message of Islam. And according to their takfirism anyone who disagrees, such as IS, is a not-Muslim apostate. So, no need to be concerned about the real teachings of Islam.

        Are these leaders really so arrogant and deluded as to believe themselves to be recognized Muslim religious authorities? It would seem to be the case.

  6. Enough has been said of the treachery of the ruling class. History of the whole humankind across nations and ages has proven two facts
    1) The Term’Ruling Class’ is synonymous with the term ‘Treachery’ and antipathetic to the rest of the population who have to bear the yoke of the Elite, their ideology, actions and the results. ( so what’s surprising about modern European leaders? they run true to type)
    2) History repeats itself. ( If not a Merkel at the helm, then her prototype)
    The power and force to change anything vests with the general public. Believe in yourselves and fight back against this assault on your culture, common memory, home and hearth.
    How? For starters why not organize a Party or forum of tax payers ? The poor sods who unwittingly pay for all this criminal immigration at a cost and loss to themselves. Refuse to obey or finance the laws that destroy your home. This is called ‘Civil Disobedience’ and history shows when great numbers participate thus, draconian laws have been browbeaten.

    • That would be a good start. Then what about abolishing political parties entirely for a more people representative form of government – see – RestoreAustralia – as a starting point for a new kind of democratic governance that individuals or groups, such as political parties, are excluded from.

  7. Baron, you are so delightfully Victorian in some aspects. she’s a woman of ill repute — indeed she is. At one time (years ago) I kind of admired Merkel but she seems to be now a kind of stooge for the takeover of Europe. The Gates of Vienna! People do not know history any more and therefore the mistakes and sins of the past Will be Repeated. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it — wish I could remember where that quote comes from, but I do not doubt its truth. I tremble for my children.

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