I see my train a-comin’…

I guess I’ve got trains on the brain today. This particular freight train is wall of heavy storms heading our way rapidly, as you can see in the above screen cap from NOAA’s Nexrad radar. Plenty of rain, wind, and hail, but no tornado vortex signatures so far.

If you don’t see us for a while, you’ll know why. The blog will still be up, but we won’t be here — we’ll be wandering around carrying candles, drinking wine (or at least I will be) and watching the deluge outside, illuminated by lightning flashes.

Distant thunder is already rumbling…

6 thoughts on “I see my train a-comin’…

  1. Enjoy thunderstorms, we are expecting some shortly, in Ontario. We are truly at the mercy of God and nature.

  2. So many people are happy to see you back and to know it was not due to nefarious causes–I kept watching Vlad Tepes blog. We have just escaped a bad storm here, did dishes quickly, got candles and wine ready, but more wind than rain. The poor gardens, sigh. Reading about your troubles, home ownership sometimes is not all it’s cracked up to be, eh? That Baz is quite a PIA, but MC in Sderot, one of my favourite writers, made quick work of him or her, shallow little know- nothing. God speed dear people, may all life’s storms pass you by. You are highly regarded highly by so many.

  3. Glad to see you back. Hope the storms do not prove to be too bad. We could do with some of this here in Thailand. We are being by-passed by the rain and are suffering drought. I do not know what I will do when the beer runs out.

  4. This Peter’s also glad to see you back, and just to make you feel good, we wish so dearly we might have some of your rain–drought here on Vancouver Island.
    Missed you badly–so glad it was a minor hitch!

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