10 thoughts on “Getting the Progressive Dander Up

  1. We Brits haven’t given in yet,and nor are we likely to with good men like Pat Condell,Paul Weston and Paul Golding on side.

    • Michael i owe you an apology my friend,please forgive me i was off on one,did some more research and i for one would like to add Adam Walker also,one to many shandies last night and was keyboard boxing trolls,yours sincerely Maurice

  2. My now deceased uncle Iain always used to say that about Liberals… their instinct alwaus is to ban. “They’d ban death, if they could…” was one of his favourites.

  3. Adam Walker will never be part of the British struggle,do you think we are mugs,[obscenities and epithets redacted]

  4. Although I agree with and find amusing much that Pat says, I find, as a Christian, being lumped-in with progressive bozos and Muslim nutters not only insulting but inaccurate. Another facet of progs is that, if they realize that you are making a sound argument, to pretend that you agree with them or ‘that’s what I was saying all along’.

    • Ditto. Condell’s anti-religious bias is far more a “regressive” (idolatrous worship of powerful men and state power rather than God) value than a conservative one. True conservatives respect tradition, even when they disagree with it.

  5. I began to laugh hysterically around the 4-minute mark until I realized there is very little to laugh about….

  6. For some reason there is no sound, will find it elsewhere since Pat Condell never should be missed. A couple of commenters may disagree but it is so nice to have a clear voice saying what in your heart of hearts you know to be true.

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