Gays vs. Islam: Who Will Win?

In my fundraising post this morning I discussed the rule of the Narrative in the post-modern world created by Cultural Marxism. The Narrative is supreme, yet it is an ever-shifting collection of ideological constructs patched together for expediency’s sake by those who would rule us.

One thread of the Narrative is “Islam, the religion of peace, harmony, and tolerance”. Another demands the celebration and elevation of various forms of sexual deviance. When these two threads clash with one another — as they must inevitably do when Islam is involved — only one will prevail. Which will it be?

A hint may be found in the following video from Rinkeby, a culturally enriched suburb of Stockholm. When a gay pride parade passed through Rinkeby, it was met by leftist (not Muslim) demonstrators, who attacked the pride participants as “racists”. I’ll bet that was a surprise!

Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling and annotations:

4 thoughts on “Gays vs. Islam: Who Will Win?

  1. I’m a friend of many gay people, have had bisexual experiences and don’t consider homosexuality ‘deviant’.

    I’m just putting this out there for anyone who, like me, became concerned about islam partly because it is so homophobic and misogynistic.

    It’s a shame that more people like us haven’t caught on to the threat islam represents, but events like this one should be awakening people.

  2. At some point these internal contradictions will force an explosion in both the body politic and in societies generally.

    Tragically there will be absolutely no room for neutrality when this occurs and the outcome I feel is impossible to predict.

    What a bloody mess……..

  3. In the hierarchy posed Islam trumps gay rights every time. Just as it has trumped women’s rights for decades now. Inexplicable, but unassailably true. Imagine if some established Christian minor sect or the Seventh Day Adventists were discovered to adopt FGM. Community outrage would be vast and the feminist movement’s response would be intense, sustained and effective. As it should be. The Seventh Day Adventists as a group would become universal pariahs overnight.

    Compare that hypothetical scenario to the reality of the practice of FGM in the UK and Australia by Muslims. Britain passed a special law criminalizing FGM in 1985 – not that this was necessary as existing laws were perfectly sufficient – and there has not been a single successful prosecution and only a tiny handful of attempted prosecutions. Not one in 30 years. [1] The law was beefed up in 2003 to cover girls being sent overseas to have FGM performed there; still not a single prosecution. An estimated 130,000 females in the UK have been a victim of this barbarity, 500 hospital-reported cases of it in March 2015.


  4. Correction: the attempted prosecution in 2014 was the first in the then 29 year history of the anti-FGM legislation and remains the sole attempt.

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