Four Years On

Four years ago today Anders Behring Breivik murdered eight people in downtown Oslo and sixty-nine more on the island of Utøya.

I don’t have much to say about the events of that day, or about the Butcher of Utøya. Fjordman has covered the topic in depth before, and will do so again. Regardless of one’s political position, today is a day to send our thoughts and prayers out to the survivors of the attack, and to the families of the victims.

For those of us who are deeply involved in this line of work, and especially those who work with Fjordman and call him a friend, July 22, 2011 is a date that divides everything into “Before” and “After”. The events of 2009 and 2010 seem decades ago. Those awful months in the summer and fall of 2011 consigned anything earlier to a different era.

Fjordman was eventually vindicated when Breivik admitted that he had lied about his devotion to the Counterjihad, in order to protect the people he really admired: the Neo-Nazis. His confession was a boost for all of us; however, the media outlets that received Breivik’s letter declined to publish that part of it, nor did they report on what he had written. (The single exception was the far-left Swedish site EXPO.)

The world has never really noticed that Fjordman was unjustly smeared and driven into exile because of the deeds of an evil man who pretended to be his admirer. The media narrative today remains the same as it was on July 23, 2011: Fjordman “inspired” the murderer and acted as his “mentor”.

It is one of the Big Lies of our time.

13 thoughts on “Four Years On

  1. I once smilingly called Fjordman “The Dark Prophet of Norway”. In order to survive in his own country, he had to live in anonymity. If it hadn’t been for his courage, the outside world wouldn’t have known for many years the depredations against ethnic Norwegians by “refugees”.

    Watching what happened after Breivik showed me the price any country or human being pays for its demand to be viewed as “nice”. Norway could NOT EVER admit that, like everyone else on this earth, they pay a high price for avoiding self-examination. Instead, they find scapegoats for national wrongs and they hound them to death or to exile.

    Fjordman is only human. He fell beneath the claws of the dogs sicced upon him. Those children are dead, not because of Fjordman, but because a whole country – particularly the political elites – cannot bear to see the truth of who they are as moral agents. Norway remains a nightmare for a moral, thinking being. That’s why so many young men leave…as they are starting to do here, as America becomes a larger version of Norway’s totalitarian democracy.

    So many lives wasted, so many lies told deliberately in aid of an unjust cause – i.e., to do whatever is necessary to avoid self-examination.

    The Baron is right: for us it has become a Before Breivik/After Breivik universe. I just hope Fjordman finds peace and the comfort of his friends.

  2. “That’s why so many young men leave…as they are starting to do here, as America becomes a larger version of Norway’s totalitarian democracy.”

    Out of curiosity, where would anyone go who wished to get away from US totalitarian democracy? What country is better than the US in that regard?

    • The first thing that comes to mind are the islands in the Carribean. And even with the current turmoil, Australia has a better future than the U.S. Less oligarchy. Look at the Freedom list put out every year. Economic, speech, etc. America no longer makes the top ten but Canada does.

      Denmark wins “happiest place” repeatedly, and with good cause. A decent, courageous people.

      One ex pat from Norway is part of a community of them on the far reaches of the coast in a country in South America. He said it is the last undiscovered, let-alone place he knows. He can go back “home” if he wants, but others cannot. I believe he works on oil rigs or some of his fellow ex-pats do. They marry and settle down…just as people fleeing Scandinavia always have.

      Funny how patterns persist: Sweden and its suicide pact re taking in refugees is closely matched by the Scandinavian parts of the Midwest.

    • In Joe’s trial I tell how the Milwaukee Grand Mosque on Wisconsin avenue becomes the center of a sophisticated terror net. When I wrote Joe’s Trial in the late 1990’s I mostly used imagination and my background in the Lebanon wars. Reality sometimes exceeds imagination.

  3. There are few people anymore whom I would like to meet, Fjordman is one of them. He continues to provide news from Europe and insightful commentary, never wavering.

  4. This is not important, but how is the surname Breivik pronounced? I get most of my news from text, and I have always mentally pronounced this name as “BRAY-vick”, to rhyme with “hayrick”. But a few days ago I heard someone on the radio pronounced this surname German-style, to rhyme with “HIGH stick”. Which is the correct Norwegian pronunciation?

    • Did you not read the answers from when you asked this question on Fjordman’s post?

      • D’oh! Forgive me. (I remember previously *thinking* about asking my pronunciation question, but didn’t remember that I actually had.)
        Anyway, the pronunciation is BRAY-vick. Thanks.

    • How to tell the correct pronounce of the name Breivik is difficult because it’s not easy to find word to compare it. But Bray, as in way or say is wrong. Same with High. I guess bread (with out the “d” come close)

      • Just in general, the old Norse and the old English are closer than most would think.

  5. Some promising news from Sweden. The Sweden Democrats (SD) are now, according to the latest Sentio poll, No. 2 party, after displacing the Moderates, led by Reinfeldt. They are, believe it or not, now *one* percentage point away from being Sweden’s most popular political party. If they make it to No. 1, it will be a watershed. and will severely demoralize the extreme-leftist establishment after all they have done to demonize SD and scare people away from them. At the very least, Sweden will find itself in the ridiculous position of having as its leading party an organization boycotted by all other political parties.
    The MSM in Sweden have yet to trumpet this latest advance, for some inexplicable reason, but it is all over the sv alternative news sites. Nothing in English out there yet about this–get cracking, GoV.
    (Sentio is a Norwegian polling organization, as in the semi-totalitarian state of Sweden, local pollsters will not deal with SD.)

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